Wednesday, October 17, 2012

" Hello Friends ! "

Good evening from Southern Illinois!
It's a beautiful Autumn evening here, windy yet mildly warm with a storm on the way. I went outside and sat on my front porch earlier to take some pictures of the pretty fall trees around the house.

This one was taken of the trees across the street.

The corner.

The next one I took from my upstairs window.
The building is the top of our garage.

It's getting darker outside now and I can hear the rumbles of thunder  off in the distance. I have already brought my weather radio downstairs in expectaion of it going off later.

I can hear it from upstairs but don't like having to run upstairs to fetch it so it's already handy!

As I was walking the dogs around the yard yesterday I thought I had better take a few photos of the last of the bloomed flowers in the yard. They are still going strong but I don't expect that to last much longer as I'm sure a frost will be visiting here soon.

The Lantana's still have gorgeous color!
Although the leaves are stating to yellow.

The Ice Plant. 
This was a close up.
They are quite big actually about four to five feet in diameter.

I have two of these pretty yellow perennials.
I don't remember what they are called but I do have it written down somewhere.
They look very delicate to me.

The next one is a combination of Petunia's and another plant that I forgot the name of ! My husband loves this plant and calls it a Snowball flower!!

Oh my!! My dogs Ruby and Roxy are having a fit !!
It's thundering and lightening out now and they don't like it at all.

Ruby runs around and barks at the thunder...

And poor little Roxy sits as close to me as she can and just shakes
and shakes !!

Not a very good photo of little Foxy Roxy but it does show her scared face. Poor little thing.

I will finish up here so that I can cuddle her.
That's what's going on in and out of the house.

I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 tomorrow morning for my left hand Carpel Tunnel release surgery. It's a quick and easy surgery, about 15 minutes.

My right hand is almost completely healed now and the numbness is completely gone from that hand. So if all goes well, I should be all healed up for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving Day.
Ready to cook and entertain. I can be very entertaining you know!!

Another thing I'm looking forward to is crocheting again. I really miss it.

Oh there goes that thunder again. I better close the windows and calm the dogs. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
I'll be back soon, God willing.


DeanO said...

Beautiful pics...I've got to rake. Best wishes for your surgery and continued healing. Amazing how quick the times and seasons change

sandie said...

Such beautiful flowers! I am surprised they are still in bloom!
My chihuahuas are afraid of storms as well. I feel bad for them when we get bad weather.
Hope your surgery goes well , I will be thinking of you.

Jackie said...

Beautiful fall colors...and your flowers are gorgeous, too. I agree with Jake...I love the snowball flowers a lot. I've never seen anything like those. Beautiful!
Thank you for posting this evening; I felt like I've just had a lovely visit with a dear friend. I'm sorry that your pups were frightened by the storm...but glad that they have you to comfort them. Take care of you tomorrow...and all days after that. I know that you will be glad to be back crocheting! You do such a great job, Di. I treasure the crocheted pieces you've made for me. I use them every evening; I keep them on my nightstand.
Best wishes to you as you go through the surgery on Thursday; you'll sail through it with flying colors, I'm sure.
Love you,

Gail said...

HI DI - great pics of Autumn in full of color - and of your adorable dogs all crazy over the storm. Thinking of you today with healing thoughts and love,.
Love Gail

Annmarie Pipa said...

gorgeous color!
great to hear your hand is progressing so well!!
good luck today!

Ginnie said...

Good luck tomorrow, Di. The way you're going you'll be a completely new person soon ! I love the pictures of the trees. Ours haven't started to turn yet.

Dee said...

I pray all went well with your hand today. It was good that you got out to get some pictures of the thing about Southern Illinois is your flowers are all so colorful. Who knows Frank and I may move that way one of these day to be near the grands. we would kind of be neighbors.:)

About Last Weekend said...

Love the piccies of Ruby and Roxy what great pets they are!

Cinner said...

Hi Di, your blog looks beautiful, sending best wishes your way and prayers that you heal fast and are able to do the things you lo ve to do very soon. hugs.

Anvilcloud said...

I think the yellow ones are coreopsis, sometimes called tickseed.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Diana,

I hope some of your flowers made it through the storm. Ours are all gone here. Well, we have a few rose buds ready to bloom since we haven't had a hard frost yet, but everything else is gone.

The leaves in your neighborhood are gorgeous. Fall is so beautiful, isn't it.

I hope your hand/wrist/arm are all doing well! :)

Huge hugs from over here in the East a couple of States,

A Lady's Life said...

You have a wonderful yard to take pics in. So much color. I hope your other hand is done and you can go back to doing all the things you like to do. I know how hard it is not to be able to do the things you love.

Amity said...

Hi Di!

Missing you much..:-) I guess we got a lot of things to catch up with each other!

If I were in Illinois, I would not be writing poems that much...or rather I would be writing poems about the beautiful Illinois in all splendor of the four seasons of the year, be it spring, summer, winter and autumn...

You must thank the Lord He put you in a lovely place...-)

I noticed another surgery of you're such a very strong woman who could brave all those pains of undergoing any kind of surgery...

Get well soon!



Tranquility Speaks said...

I read the posts above this Diana! I came in late as always, but am happy to see that you're well again. God bless!