Friday, October 5, 2012

" What Have I Been Up to ?"

Well I will tell you! First off I had my stitches taken out on Wednesday, YaY !! The hand is doing very well in fact I am looking forward to getting the left one done on the 18th of this month, October.

Now I'd like to say that I've been feeling much better but in fact I seem to have caught a little bug. It goes something like this:
My son and/or granddaughter caught a bug. 
My son and /or granddaughter passed it to my grandson who in turn passed it to Katie my teen who then shared it with her dad whom I suspect shared it with me or perhaps Katie shared it with me.
Or my grandson and/or granddaughter shared it with me and I kept it a secret unbeknownst to me and shared it with my husband and/ or...

Oh never mind, I think you get it!!

So anyway I was feeling better today so I decided to get out the ladder from the basement, clean and rearrange the shelves above my kitchen sink. Something I've been needing and wanting to do for some time now. I took down several old nick knacks and put up part of my tin collection. So now it's all clean and looks like this...

I like the change. Hey look out my kitchen window and you can see all of the Morning glories growing on the fence!!
Here's a better picture that I took this morning. I can't believe it's October and they still look so beautiful!!

I took so many photos of Morning Glories this year. I'm ashamed to say that I took more photos of them then I did the grandchildren!!
Oh well, I will probably have them overnight this weekend so maybe I can get some photos then.

Last weekend, when my husband was just starting to catch 
"The Bug", we spent three days helping my son to move. He rented a small yet very cute house. This is actually the first house that he has lived in alone. Sort of strange that he owns two houses, both of which are being occupied by my DIL and her family. But I think this is good for him. Good to get away from all of the constant memories. I pray for him everyday.
He may be 34 but he is still my first and will always in my heart, be my baby.

On the second day of the move, I was sort of useless being one handed and all. Oh I helped pack some kitchen things but paid dearly for it later on!! So anyway I had earlier (Thanks to my son) in the month, discovered a NEW THRIFT STORE !!!

Yes you heard me right, and let me tell all of you thriftaholics out there, this is the best one yet!! I've been twice so far and have spent over twenty bucks there. If you are a true thrifter, you know that means I came home with some good buys.
Here's just a few of the bargains I found...

This cute little necklace opens to hold medications or secret
scrolls!!! $ 1.00

Old canning jar and pretty vase, $ 2.50.

Large fruit bowl, I paid $ 6.00 for this which I thought a bit high but I really needed a bigger fruit bowl!

Since we will be having Thanksgiving dinner this year I wanted  different set of salt and pepper shakers. I have an older pair but the kids love to play with them so I picked these up for $ 1.50!!

I already have two or three gravy boats but I thought this set was more suitable for Thanksgiving Day.
I believe it was $ 1.50. It's probably hard to tell from my photo but it's nice and big.

I've been doing a lot of thrifting this summer. I'm going to end this post with some of my other finds from the past few months.
Lord help me, I think I'm addicted !!

One of my favorite finds. This really is an old tin.

I added some new/old hankies to my collection. When my daughter Ginny visited this summer, I gave her a few of the one's she really liked. 

This is one of my favorites. It's a perfume amulet. I wear it all of the time.

Oooops!! My two cats, Pixie and Dixie.
I didn't get them from the thrift shop! My mom actually gave them to us several years ago, Hi Girls!!!

Pretty blue plant mister.

Oh Dear!! I don't know how these found their way to my house! I promised my sweet husband that I wouldn't buy anymore Christmas stuff but they matched my snowman collection!!!
Sorry Sweetie!!

Look closely in the Autumnal picture frame.
That's me, Hi !!

I found this at the "New" thrift store. It's obvious I hadn't dusted or cleaned it yet! It's a napkin/flatware holder. I thought I could maybe put some other kitchen do dad's in it.
It was cleaned today!!

I did buy more things while thrifting this summer.
These were just the latest.
Thrifting is like therapy to me and apparently,
I needed a lot of that this summer!!

Until next time, enjoy the weekend.
Fall is here!!!


Rebecca said...

I really like that old tin AND the handkerchiefs. Glad you found you a new thrift store to explore!

Speaking of which...I don't think I visited ANY this week!

Hope all of you are feeling better soon - and so happy to hear your hand has healed so well.

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, you posted just before I got off-line! Yipee! I get two-for-one tonight!

Thanks for showing all your beautiful thrift finds! I am trying not to buy anything, so I will live/shop vicariously through you! 'Especially love the hankies and, ~ well, I just scrolled through your post again, and I love it all!

And I've always liked your kitchen, but I like it even more seeing your wood ceiling! Gives it such a nice, homey feeling! And you are so good, re-doing your shelves, and with your hand just recovering! I haven't even done my little kitchen window sill in so long! Your morning glories are really beautiful! Thanks for posting all this. LOVED IT ALL!

Jackie said...

Like Eileen, I was excited to see your blog just before I got off line! Hello, my friend.
Your kitchen is soooo neat...and lovely. I enjoyed looking at each and every photo you put on your blog this evening. Your thrift store finds are GREAT...and you know that I love love love the photo of your kitties.
Your morning glories are beauuuutiful!! Such pretty colors, Di. I know that you enjoy looking at them each day. I would too!
I'm so sorry that you and your family had that nasty ole' bug...and I'm glad that you are feeling better now. Continue to take care of you.
The love that you have for your family is evident...the love for your son, your daughters, your husband and your Grands...You are an incredibly loving lady. I'm so glad to call you my friend.
Love you much,

Lynilu said...

Wow! That musta been some thrift shop!! You really got a lot of great things there!

As for the sickness, my dad would have said, "the whole fam-damily" caught it! Hope you are all back to complete health very soon.

Take care!

Anvilcloud said...

Bah! After resisting everybody else's bugs for a quite awhile, I succumbed.

But really: an old hankie collection?!

Gail said...

HI DI - love your kitchen shelves and all they display. Lovely and so 'homey'. Gad your stitches are out, not so glad you all had "the bug". We did too!! Better now. And your thrift store find is perfect. I adore all your purchases. You sound wonderful.
Love Gail

Lois Evensen said...

I'm glad to hear the stitches are out - sorry about the "bug." Hopefully, that'll be the only one to deal with this winter.

LOVE all the good buys you found! Such fun! :)


A Lady's Life said...

I love thrift shops It's amazing what you can find there.
I am glad the stitches in your hand came out.
My wrist is healing Sometimes I forget it was ever hurt Maybe one day it will all be fine. The ligaments take a while to resettle.
In the mean time I was happy to make another doily and a sweater for my dog which she loves and now I am knitting another pink scarf I want to decorate this one, Make little pockets at each end, flowers and some kind of finishing all around the edges.It will look different from all the scarves one buys in the store.

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

Hello Di and first I would like to thank you for your kind words on my last post. Also, thank you for sharing more about yourself with me. I so hope you are feeling better and I am sorry you have had to endure so much. I admire that you love life even with your medical problems. I guess we all have our burdens. I loved your post and I LOVE you 2 necklaces, the perfume one and the medicine one. They are sooooo pretty. You have found some great things this summer and now I see you are getting ready for Fall. I wish you much health and happiness and I so hope your hand feels better very soon. Hugs, Beverly

Barb said...

Dear Di, Glad the "bugs" have almost left your house. You spend a lot less $$ at the thrift shops than you would at a psychologist. I like the pic of you taking a pic in the leaf frame. Your Morning Glories are glorious. I had to rip mine out - they were taking over the tiny side garden at the Denver house. Don't climb ladders - that's dangerous!

Leslie said...

Such a lovely home and your fall touches are perfect!

Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Annmarie Pipa said...

hope everyone is well by now!!
you found some fun stuff!! good for you. I am going this week, looking for Thanksgiving things...

About Last Weekend said...

Lovely post, your morning glories look so romantic and i'm glad your hand is getting better!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like those thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers. Glad to hear you are doing pretty well.
Just wanted to say Hello!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Those Morning Glories are so pretty.
I'm glad to hear your feeling better.
I love finding good stuff in thrift shops!

Dee said...

Sorry about the love bug visiting your far I have been lucky. I really like the turkey and pumpkin salt and pepper shaker. I would love to have some of those colors in them in my apartment. the vase caught my eye also. Good thrift finds. I love the display area above your kitchen sink and I LOVE your ceiling. I hope your son can find some peace and move is hard for a mom to see them have struggles. I am glad you re healing so well with your hand and pray the next one will be even quicker.

Lisa said...

Hi there. ;) Haven't visited in a loooooong time. I love your finds, especially the hankies and box. I wish you the best with your family.

Ginnie said...

Hi Di: I like your new template. Very autumny (is that a word?). I was once addicted to Thrift Shops too but I buy very little lately. I love the idea of recycling.