Thursday, December 3, 2009

" Odd Yet Interesting "

Just a short post tonight.

This week we went to church to decorate for Christmas.

There were several trees and a Nativity to set up.
This is Katie and her friend Natasha,
doing their part.

Then we took a trip to the hospital as Katie sprained her
wrist whilst roller skating in P.E. class.

Along with three others. One who's wrist was broken.

I should never have signed that darned permission slip.

Kate is not in a very graceful stage lately.

She is still able to talk on her phone however, texting
has proven to be a bit challenging.

On the bright side, her new splint matches her new quilt
quite well don't ya think ?

Remember paper mache? Sure you do.

Remember how messy yet fun and magical it was?

Katie's art class was able to experience the fun first hand.

The first photo was the project that Katie worked on.

This next one gave me a sweet tooth.

I know, I have been having too many of those lately!

And this one I thought was monstrously

The things they do with paper mache these days!

It was an interesting Art Show to say the least!

On the way home I took a photo of the little downtown area
where I live.

It was an odd yet interesting week.

Sort of like these photos!


Bernie said...

Nothing odd about your week or your photo's except poor Katie spraining her wrist....and her splint matches beautifully with her lovely quilt.
Loved how you and the girls helped out decorating at church, and I think your little town looks very pretty....I must go out some evening and take some photo's but it's going have to warm up a lot first....Take care, luv ya..:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

Hi Di,
Katie is looking older and favors Ginny more than ever. Sorry to hear about the wrist, at least it's the left hand (that is if she's right handed)

Did you make the doilies in the first photo Di? They are very pretty and have nice designs...I have a few my grandmother made. I learned the basic steps from her, but that was all, then I became a teenager with other interests!

Enjoy the up coming weekend!

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I plan on taking more photos around town soon. I am waiting for Ginny to come home (17 more days!) we always seem to find some trouble to get into!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Yes Katie is looking more and more like her big sis. She's changing so fast Wanda. She is turning into a beautiful young woman and it is making me sad. I am being selfish I know. It just that it was so hard when Frank and then Ginny left home,I feel sad when I think of Kate leaving.
Yes I did make the dollies in the photo. They were always my favorite things to crochet.
Love Di

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Di...
I'm sorry that Katie sprained her wrist. I think a sprain can be just as painful (sometimes even more so) than a break. Her splint does go well with her denim quilt. You did such a good job with the quilt...something she will have and cherish forever, I'm sure.
I can't imagine teaching a class on roller skating! I wouldn't want to even think about it. It sounds risky (as a teacher) to me....whether a waiver was signed or not. Too much could happen...and in this case, already has...sprains, breaks...sigh. I am hoping that Katie mends quickly.
I LOVE the papier mache photos. That is my kind of project. I used to enjoy doing it with my students...and they loved it immensely. Great shots that you took.
I love the night shot of your town. I can't get night shots as good as that. You did a great job.
I hope that you continue to take care of yourself, Di. Know that I'm thinking of you. I send you many smiles and lots of warm hugs.

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Kate is doing o.k. although the pain does get bad at times, but she's a tough girl. I do agree that the roller skating, however excited the students were about it, was a bit much. They don't even wear any protective gear.
Katie told me that she did most of the paper mache as none of the others wanted to touch it, what little babies!
You are being too nice Jackie, Kate and I came to the conclusion tonight that my camera is just not as advanced as I like it to be. But it does take basic photos,so I can't complain!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Sorry to hear about Katie's wrist!
How was she about it all? Did she mind having to go to the hospital?

You always have something going on in your life, seriously, never a dull moment!

Really sweet of Katie and her friend to help out with the decorating, especially when you say she had no interest in helping at home anymore.

Your doilies are all so beautiful! Well, you know how much I admire your creations!

And talk about creations, those paper mache projects are awesome!

The Christmas lights strung across your town look nice, they do that in our town too (the merchants get together and pay for it).

'So happy for you that your Ginny will be home soon.
I'm excited for you!
Love to you, E
PS ~ I am still laughing out loud every time I think of your comments to Marcy, especially the one back in March about you following yourself on your own blog! Di, you crack me up!
Did you see that Snow White dubbed us 'The Three Stooges'? Wanda cracks me up too!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Yes the hospital has a parking spot with our name on it! Only kidding!
Katie was fine about it, she's a tough girl, but it hurt her very much!
I have many doilies that I have made and would love to make some more. It just kills my hands anymore.
I must get going, I have to work at Curves today, last minute call to come in. So I must get ready.
Love you Eileen!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Do the hospital staff know your family on a first name basis now? Too bad you've made so many friends there, although friendship is wonderful, hospitals are not always the best place to have them.

Your doilies are gorgeous and that was my first question when I saw them but Wanda beat me to the punch.

Katie's splint is actually bad it has to be used because of a sprain...did she ask them to match it to her lovely quilt??

blessings and hugs,


Dee said...

Sorry about Katies wrist, I hope it heals quickly for her...My week has been odd and interesting also. One of those ...good news followed with bad news..then more good news followed with bad news..weeks. :~/ I like your header picture. Very nice. I should get brave and change my blog someday..I am just comfortable with it as is, but it is boring.

Gail said...


OUCH!! Hope Katie's sprain heals up quickly. I so enjoy the various things you get in to in a week - fascinating. :-)

Love to you

Linda Higgins said...

It seems like the fun NEVER stops at your house Di! hehehe. BTDT ya know. So glad that time of my life is over, now all I have to look forward to is the aches and pains the cold weather brings and of course having my huhoney fall asleep in a second the minute he sits still! But the good thing is, I get a lot of crocheting done while watching tv and listening to him snooze! hehehe.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Christmas is going to be here way before I am ready. Hope Katie is feeling better soon. The only thing missing in your photo of your Downtown is a bit of snow to make it festive.

Teresa said...

OMG! I think I know exactly how Katie feels...must be the week for broken and sprained wrists!!! I did it too! Not fun at all! Hope you feel better soon Katie!!! ((((HUGS))))) T

Jenny said...

Oh gosh, poor girl! Hope she mends quickly. The paper mache was neat! Creativity is always charming!

Anvilcloud said...

It's not difficult to have a sweet tooth this time of year. And/or a salty one.

Teacher's Pet said...

P.S. Since Katie did most of the papier mache work herself, she gets
an A+. Tell her that the Reese's one is absolutely wonderful!!!
A great job on that, Katie!!!

Ginny said...

Hi Mom!
Poor Katie. Did she tell you we went roller skating when she came to visit me? She loves to roller skate. I do too, but only for five minutes, then it gets boring. Could you imagine if I took her ice skating?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You DO lead such an interesting life!!! Love the paper mache!! Also love the new header photo!!! I'm guessing that this is of your Christmas decorations...and I can only imagine how beautiful your home must be at this time of year!!! You are so creative...I'm sure it shows in every detail!!! Love you! Janine XO

Barb said...

What a creative art show! And Di - Katie's cheese puffs weren't anything like a Reese's - admit it! So sorry Katie sprained her wrist. Hopefully, she's not left-handed. I hurt my wrist when I was about her age - the first time I set skate on the slippery rink! How long must she keep the cast? Your Holiday Header is lovely.