Wednesday, December 23, 2009

" Seasons Greetings "

Hello everyone. I feel bad that I haven't kept in touch with all of you. I wanted to let you all know that I am all right. I have a new look thanks to my daughter, Ginny.
She is home for the week and this has been a help and a comfort to me.

The last few weeks have been very hard on me. Many of you have already experienced what I have been going through, so I know that you understand how I have been feeling. It truly has been a roller coaster of emotions. I thought that it may ease up with a little time but discovered that it has actually gotten a bit tougher with Christmas approaching.

All the while life goes on and there has been loose ends to tie and business to take care of. All of your lovely comments have helped me so. I don't want to drone on and on as I love you all so much and want you to enjoy this wonderus time of year.

I am going to post something that will hopefully make you smile. I got the idea from Eileen at " Ummas World ". I hope that she doesn't mind. My daughter Ginny, put it together for your entertainment and I must admit that when I saw it, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Before you watch this, I have to tell you that my son in this video was the one that made us laugh the most. He is super conservative. This would be totally out of his realm. But when he see's it, I think it will make him laugh as well.

Love to you all and I do hope that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas.

The site won't let me embed it, but all you have to do is click on this link or copy and paste it in your browser and you're on your way to a hilarious video!


Sniffles and Smiles said... have been in my prayers...and yes, the holidays are some of the most difficult!!! And the first ones are the very hardest!! So, you can count on me to be praying, praying, praying for your peace and comfort...that God will wrap you especially in His love...Know that I love you...and wish I could do more!!! My heart is with you!!! ~Janine XOXO

P.S. I've already told you, but I'll say it again...your new look is simply gorgeous!! So rich!!! Love it! ~J.

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
So good to see that you are posting. This must be a roller coaster time - especially with Christmas. I have been thinking of you, hoping that your memories bring you acceptance and peace. I know you are in the love of your Family. Take Care. (I wasn't able to open the site.)

Bernie said...

Oh Di I am laughing out loud, this video was great and I love seeing you all look so happy even though it's pre made.
So glad Ginny is home, I do hope Jake makes it through the bad weather. I am leaving for my nephews in the morning but I was so excited when I saw that you had posted......I love the look of your new page.
We had the most wonderful happy day today....everyone had fun at my going to do this every year but oh I do need some rest.
Have the best Christmas possible sweetie and I will talk with you when I get home. My love to you and all your family....:-) Hugs

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I love your blog collage... it's fabulous!
Your elf dance made me smile and I'm so glad to see that a little light is shining ~ making your spirit brighter.

Peace & Joy to you, Diana and to your family.

Linda Higgins said...

FINALLY! sorry to have scolded you earlier! We all miss you and your fun sense of humor! Every day is a new day, remember that. Another road, another chapter. I just lobe jibjab! I have created myself and bob in several, then done some of my grandkids and my kids and sent it to the. They love it and the grandkids just laugh and laugh and replay it over and over again! Have a wonderful Christmas my friend! warm hugs!

Tranquility Speaks said...

I love the new look of your blog Diana. I was thinking of you when I wrote my last post. Even though I haven't experienced anything like this first hand, I can sure understand what you're saying and with the biggest festival of the year approaching, I can feel exactly how you're feeling. I wish I could just hug you till you feel a wee bit better.

Since this video made you laugh, you might want to rent a few videos like Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin, just for a little bit of distraction.

Have a peaceful Christmas Diana. I wish you the best

Wanda said...

Good morning Di, that was good to see, not only very funny, but reassurance that you are being open to life and small joys. We did this too one year, and it is hilarious to see someone who is quiet and reserved, up there doing such things!

I just commented on your previous post late last night, as you were working on this one I suppose! I stated how much I liked the new look. It's nice to see you and your family's faces as your blog opens and of course Roxy and Ruby!

Have a comforting, loving Christmas with your family Diana!

Diana said...

Thank you everyone. The new look was mostly Ginny's doing. I just picked out the background. I wouldn't have any idea how to do the header. She did it while I was away at church to surprise me when I came home.
Jake will be home in a little bit. I will be happy to have him here with me. Sarah spent the night so we have a house full of girls right now!
I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I will try to have a more upbeat post after the holiday when everyone has left!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

I am so glad that you were able to do this and have some fun and laughter. I, too, have been through loss, and the holidays, and special days are the hardest.

Allow yourself some time, and then cherish the good memories. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Gail said...


It is SO wonderful to see you and hear you and that you are still enjoying your wonderful sense of humor. I bet your Mom REALLY appreciated that quality about you.
You are so beautiful Di - honor all your feelings and I am so glad Ginny is thee to help and comfort.
Love Gail
peace and blessings

Jenny said...

Hi Di, I know your holidays will be filled with memories...hope many of them are shiny and bright. Hugs and prayers.

Anvilcloud said...

Lots of hugs and warm wishes to you. May you find some joy in the loved ones who will be present around you..

Jules said...

Have yourself a wonderful Christmas with your family.

need_a_latte_mom said...

Just remember while opening your gifts tomorrow that there is only one gift that was offered to all and it cost one individual his life. Accept the ultimate gift, the gift of life through Christ Jesus. Don't leave this gift unopened.

Great to see you back!
Hugs to you!
Merry Christmas!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Merry Christmas my Friend, asking God to send one of his Angels to watch over you and be there for you.