Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well it's another new year and I can't imagine it being worse than the last one for me. I do realize that it can get way worse than last year. But I'd like to believe that it will be better. When I was younger it was always a somewhat exiting time. New year, fresh starts and all. But as the years roll by I just feel more and more discouraged. I always had dreams of all the things that I wanted to accomplish in the new year. Than the older I get , the less and less I am able to do. Weather it be from my body not letting me do the things I want to do (which most of the time is the case), or my finances not letting me do what I want to do, it can be so discouraging. Keeping a positive attitude can seem like an insurmountable task. Most days just doing simple tasks seem impossible. I know this all sounds so depressing. Not to fear, I do still have some dreams. It just seems as though I am running in place and getting nowhere. I keep praying. Maybe it will be "A HAPPY NEW YEAR" after all.

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