Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day - Part III

Yes we are having yet another snow day. Its unusual for our area to get as much snow as we have. I'm not as excited about it today as I was yesterday. My son had to come yesterday to shovel my driveway for me. My husband was stranded in a truck stop in Indiana. It took my son almost three hours to do it. I felt so bad he was all red faced and sweaty. But the good part was that he brought my granddaughter Sarah with him and we had a good time. She once again referred to me as her crazy grandma and I love that!! Poor little thing played so hard in the snow as you can view on the previous blog ( Snow Day - Part II) She was soaking wet but didn't care. When she came inside I put her clothes in the dryer and her aunt Kate made her hot chocolate. We also ate Mac and cheese. How much more special can you get??
Today I hope to accomplish some more tasks around here that I wasn't able to do yesterday. All of these free days are great for getting things done as well as getting nothing done. Right now I am feeling lazy but soon I will be tired of sitting and want to get up and move. I really have been missing working out. I was just starting to get back into it when the snow started. My club closes on snow days. But on a good note I've been doing a lot of physical work these past few days. Just doesn't feel the same to my muscles. Well people I am going to see what I can get into!!

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