Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a snow day for us. I love snow days. It's like getting an extra Sunday in the week! I can choose to just be lazy all day or work on projects. Today I worked on projects. I cleaned my whole basement. We had a new furnace put in and there were boxes and totes everywhere. It took me about three hours but I felt so good afterword. So dirty but so good!
After the basement was done I moved upstairs and worked on another room that was in desperate need of attention.Happenstance. Yes my beloved husband and I named the room years ago. Everything gets piled and thrown in there so we named it Happenstance. With our old furnace the room was never warm. Now it's hot,so we want to leave the door open. Thus the major clean and overhaul. I put a pretty good dent in it but finally got tired out.
Tomorrow is another snow day. I may decide to be lazy or I may not. We will see!!! I hope everybody that is having a snow day is enjoying it as much as I am. In case your wondering my 14 year old daughter Kate is bored out of her mind!!! And yes I did put her to work as well.

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Ginny said...

I love your new layout, it is very pretty. Purple is my favorite color. If you find any cool random trinkets or beads or pieces I can work into some of my jewelry during your cleaning, please set them aside for me.