Monday, September 14, 2009

" All Dolled Up " A Second Chance Story

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that my fourteen year old Katie , is not your average girly girl . When she was little she had some dolls , but just a couple of favorites. She did have lots of barbies , but has long since moved beyond the doll stage of her life .

Katie was more into dinosaurs and video games .Once when she was little I had found this particular style of doll that I thought was irresistible . I bought them for her . She did not share my fondness for these girls . She told me today that they used to scare her . Now I feel bad .

As time moved on and Katie's dolls were packed away , sold at garage sales and confiscated by her niece , I just could not part with these three particular dolls . There was just something about them . I think I felt sorry for them . Especially since their clothes had long since disappeared .

I didn't have a lot of doll's growing up . I remember having two Barbies one baby doll and a Chatty Cathy . And they too have long since disappeared . So I kept the three naked doll's. They have been on my dresser for several years . And I do pick them up and look at them , feeling sorry for their nakedness .

Oh did I mention that they are not what some would consider " Pretty " ? I think that may be why I have an attachment to these girls . They are just average looking . Just like me . Just like most real girls .

Over the past few months I have been reading a blog called " Terrie's Spot " written by Terrie . Some of you may know her sister Linda from " Linda Lu's BTDT ( Been There, Done That ). After awhile I discovered that Terrie is a very ta
lented seamstress. A doll seamstress . Terrie makes beautiful doll clothes and I believe she will custom make something special if there is a need .

If you go to Terrie's web site " All Dolled up " ( click for link ) you can see all of her beautiful work and the fine detail that she adds to her clothing line . She makes dresses , sleepwear , sportswear and more .

I had mentioned my three naked orphan dolls to her . The dolls that Katie didn't want. I think that she felt sorry for them as well . I can sew but had never made doll clothes . And let me tell you , I don't think that I could af
ter seeing the three outfits that I received in the mail today for the three girls .

The detail that Terrie put into the outfits is truly beautiful !

So now the three little , ordinary looking girls are no longer naked ! Thanks to Terrie. And if you ask me , I think they even look happier or could it just be my over active imagination ? What do you think ?

They do look are happier ! Now I have only one problem left . I think that it is time that the girls have their own names as well as clothes !

Please visit Terrie's web site . " All Dolled Up " , it will make you feel like a little girl again!

Thank You Terrie !


Barb said...

Those girls are definitely dolled up, Di! They'll want a place of honor in your home now so they can show off their new duds!

Terrie said...

It was my pleasure, Di. enjoy!

Eileen said...

Terrie did a beautiful job! Your dollies do look happier! It's a miracle!
Now, you'll have to think about christening one of them with the name 'Milagros' (you can call her Millie). And I don't think they are ugly at all, with or without clothes they look beautiful to me!
I would have bought them too!

Kudos to Terrie for her handiwork and kudos to you for not shunning them!
Love you!, E
PS ~ Does your granddaughter ever ask to play with them?

Anonymous said...

What a loving thing for Terri to do...and a loving post from you, Di...
I love your dolls...and they do look happy!
Love to you,

Maria said...

Oh What a cute post today Diana!
I LOVE dolls! This was so sweet... ~rescuing well loved toys~
And Terrie's blog... Definitely going over to check it out!
I have a little Barbie collection (nothing pricey... just fun) and it makes me smile to see them 'lookin' good'
I really enjoyed this, Di

Wanda said... won't believe this...I have those 3 dolls...of course mine don't have custom made clothes, but they are exactly alike...I will have to post them sometimes...I had originally bought mine for...get this....g/daughter Katie when she was little...the dolls are still here and they are Mine now...I love them.
Your Katie is something like my Katie.

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
I took the girls and put them in my bedroom so that I can look at them before I go to sleep. I am feeling even more attached to them now! I really never was a doll girl but I do love these three!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
Thanks again for your lovely work!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Funny that you mentioned the names. I chose their names. The bigger one in the middle will be named Faith. The little one on the left with the dark hair will be called Hope. And the little one on the right with the light hair will be called Charity.
Sarah has never asked to play with them. She has other dolls here but most of the time she likes this one that I bought in Mexico. When you flip her over and pull her skirt over her head there's another girl. It's like two dolls in one.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
I am very grateful to Terrie because as silly as it may sound, the dolls do look happier and they have names now!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
My mom is a doll collector, well she doesn't anymore but has a collection. I never really cared although I do think they are beautiful. Maybe that's why I couldn't let go of these three. They weren't beautiful but deserved to be loved just the same.
Love Di

Diana said...

Wow Wanda that is a coincidence for sure! It's funny because I could never figure out why Katie never played with them. I remember trying to get her to play with them but they always ended up buried under other toys. I only found out today why she didn't like them. Jeez I could have traumatized the poor kid!
I would love to see a picture of yours. Did you name them? I named mine finally today after all these years. If you read my comment to Eileen above you will know there names! Love Di

Gail said...


I love this story SO much. I love the doll clothes - they all look so pretty and happy. I, like Katie was not a big fan ofdolls. I like frogs and tree houses. My Mom bought me and my sister ice-skating dolls in full outfits, skates and all about 50 years ago. My sister still has hers, in the original outfit, with the original box and still wearing the white skates. My doll has a torn dress, no skates, and her hair is all askew. My Mom kept my doll all these years. When I got "Hope-the tree" she brought me the doll and she is placed on an inner branch in her torn outfit. My Mom said she represents that there s hope even after 50 years being ignored. :-) Now I will go tothe doll site and try and have a new outfit made for her. I have a picture of her on one of my posts and I will look to see which one so you can see what she looks like. Thank you SO much for sharing this wonderful story of hope.

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Di I love this story of the dolls, they are precious....I think Terri was wonderful to send those lovely outfits on to you....such thoughtful people in blogland..and they do look much happier all dressed up. Enjoy your dolls my friend after all your a doll yourself......:-) Hugs

Being Pramoda... said...

hey...nice dols..:)

i used to have so many dolls in my father believes that a child learns the most from the dolls with which he plays...:0 i like dolls too.. i have a collection of them ..:)

Thanks for the post ..say hi to katie ..:)

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I am pretty sure that you can find on outfit for that doll on Terrie's site. And she can custom make outfits as well. I am curious Gail, What is Hope the tree? I wish I knew what happened to my baby doll. I had her for years and am wondering if she is buried in the basement some where. I know that I had chewed off all of her fingers! Don't ask, I don't know!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Yes I am grateful to Terrie for taking pity on theses girls! Last night I brought them in my bedroom with me so I could look at them and they did look happier! Thank you Bernie! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
I would love to see your doll collection. Maybe someday you could post a picture of them!
Katie is sick right now but I will tell her Hi!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Faith, Hope, and Charity!
Great job, Di!
Love you!, E

Gail said...


The post about "Hope-the tree" is dated 11/20/08/

and the post with the photo of the ice skating doll (at the bottom right) is called "March Storm" and dated 3/2/09.

Let me know what u think after you read these, k?

Lve you

JennyMac said...

SO dolled up!

And I had only one doll growing up but I love love loved her.

Blessings each day said...

You could probably write a children's book based on this lovely tale you wrote here!!

So sweet that you kept those dolls and that they have been cherished and now have something extra special like custom made clothes and loving names! Terrie did a beautiful job on their clothes.

blessings with loving hugs,


Diana said...

Gail ,
I will read those past posts soon. I have Katie home sick and am a bit overwhelmed right now with her , the house, and I have to clean two days (my house cleaning job) , and work at church this week! I'm having a little trouble keeping up! But I will check them out soon!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jenny,
I could not help myself with these three dolls!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
I wish you could see the detail better but the camera operator is not the best if you know what I mean! It was fun telling the story! Thank you! Love Di

Dr.John said...

Now that they are all dressed up they look pretty nice.

Garnetrose said...

I was never one who liked alot of dolls when I was young but I do like some now. My youngest liked dolls but she had one that was very pretty however, it did scare her. I guess it made her uncomfortable. It is very lifelike and it had very realistic eyes. She said she felt the doll was watching her. I keep some of her dolls in my sewing room but she has several at her home. We are saving them for her daughter.

Jerelene said...

How sweet that she made the clothes for you!! Very Sweet! I love your little girls had dolls like that too.
They do look much happier now that they have new outfits...what girl isn't happy when she has a brand new beautiful outfit? I see that you named them...What lovely names!
This was a SWEET and HAPPY post!!
Hugs! Jerelene

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Most definitely...they DO look happier. The names are just right! And I agree with need to put them into a book. Heck! A SERIES of books!

I've always been drawn to "homely" dolls myself. There was once one called Poor Pitiful Pearl! I liked her. I used to circle her in the catalogs around Christmas time. My mother didn't pick up on it for some reason, so I never owned her :(

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
They do look pretty spiffy don't they! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I have often felt silly to have feelings for an intimate object. But I guess I'm not the only one! Maybe I will do a story someday, I have thought about it, just scared I guess! Love Di

P.S. Maybe you should look for a " Poor Pitiful Pearl" doll on the internet.

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I am glad that you liked the names. They just seemed natural to me. I wonder if your girls liked those dolls? Love Di

Tranquility said...

That was so very kind of Terri to make your dolls clothes that fit perfectly and look so good :D

Outward beauty doesn't last. What's beautiful inside will always be beautiful outside :-) And you truly are beautiful. Loads of love :-)

Gail said...

Hi DIana-
I decided to answer you over here to the two comments you left on older posts. :-)

First, of course you can copy and share "THE GOD MEMORANDUM" with your pastor. I am so happy you appreciated it . It is form a book titled, "The Greatest Miracle In The world", by Og Mandino. It is an excellent book, in paper back and quite in expensive. The God memorandum is in the book!! I have used it at my work for a group focus, often and it always is so amazing.

And Yes "Hope- the tree" is alive and well and thriving. DId you see her pictures? ANd I would love for you to send something that means "hope" to you - so it can be lovingly placed on her diamond dust branches. and recorded in her boook of who-what-when-and why each itmen represents!! :-)

my email is

write to me when you have a moment and I will send you my address. Bernie sent me things to hang on Hope'!!

I am a bit tired today, I had a difficult visit with the neurologist-- it all turned out okay but nothing is simple. sigh.....

Love you

Linda Higgins said...

Oh that sweet sister of mine! She told me she was doing something special for you! That is just my sis, always thinking of others! If you start putting them to bed and covering them up at night...well then you will be like my mother! She always had a crib in one of the bedrooms because with 7 children she always had a new grandchild...but..the clincher was ... she also had some baby dolls that she ordered from magazines, they were adorable...but..she would actually put them to bed in the crib at night and cover them up and in the morning, go in and sit them up in the crib. She was just to dang cute with her dollies! we never thought anything of it...Just knew she was loving and cared for her dolls! LOL She said dolls have feeling to ya know...just

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks now I don't feel so bad for having feelings for these inanimate objects! Love Di