Friday, September 4, 2009

" Do You Sing While Driving ? "

The other day as I was driving home from the house that I clean weekly, one of my favorite old Motown songs came on the radio. I don't remember which one it was as there were so many that I enjoyed.

It was a beautiful day. I had the windows down and the radio turned up as I was singing away to the old tune.

Growing up in Chicago , singing while driving was very common place. I think that it was because it was such a large city with so many different people. Many people, myself included , would be driving down the road singing away to their favorite tunes.

We moved to southern Illinois twenty years ago. I haven't been back to Chicago in about nine years. It was for my grandmother's funeral. I still miss the city. And I still dearly miss my grandmother.

Moving here for us was the true definition of "Culture Shock ". The pace was much, much slower than what we were accustomed to. One of the most vivid memories we had took place when we first moved into a house that we had rented. We put a call into the local cable company to come and hook us up. We were told that sometime within the next two weeks they would have someone out there to hook us up. No day. no time. Just sometime. Leave the key under the mat , is what we were told. We will lock up when we leave.
What ? You mean that you won't be here today or tomorrow by noon? Sometime ! What time ? What day ? Leave the key under the mat ! This is a joke right? We never would have dreamed of letting a stranger in our house while we were gone ! Not being from Chicago.

It was no joke. And that was our first experience with Culture Shock.

One of the other things that I noticed upon exploring the semi rural area to which we had settled was that other drivers did not sing while driving. Now I am sure that they must be here somewhere . But I couldn't find them. So I started to feel slightly embarrassed by my in car song stylings .

I stopped singing in the car unless there was no one around to see. Yes looking back I think that it was sad. But it's all good now as I have since gone through menopause and it has broken the chains that bound me ! I don't care anymore what people think about me as I sing aloud and along with the old Motown.

I have asked some of my family members this question. Do you sing aloud while driving in your car ? My daughter Ginny said yes. When I asked her if she sang aloud while at a red light she said , it depends on who's pulled up next to me!

My husband who drives a gigantic semi truck everyday says that he too sings aloud, he's so high up that no one can see him!

My son Frank says that he sings aloud while driving but not at a red light.

My daughter-in-law Amy said " Hell Yeah!" I even use my cell phone for a microphone and head bang while singing ! The last part was just a joke but she definitely sings aloud while driving. And at a red light.

So apparently , everyone here in southern Illinois that sings in their car while driving is my family. At least they aren't embarrassed.

So , do you sing while driving?


Eileen said...

I don't drive, so I can't say that I sing while driving, but if I did drive, I'd sing while driving! I sing along to songs ALL THE TIME!
I was singing along to 'These Eyes Are Crying' just now on your video (with Ginny singing?)! And the song is still going through my head now and I'm singing it! See, I don't even need music!
Funny though, I HATE karaoke! Go figure!

And I know what you mean about 'culture shock'! I get it every time we visit relatives down South, or when we used to visit relatives in Canaan, Conn., and we got it when we first bought a summer cabin in upstate New York (very small-town atmosphere and mentality), and we got it BIG-TIME when we lived in St. Paul, Minnesota for a year (and St. Paul was considered city life)! It's a little disconcerting at first! And then I wonder what these poor people from outside city-life think when they come to New York City! Talk about culture shock!

Great post, Di! I loved it!
Love you!, E

Eileen said...

PS ~ And I do use spoons and forks as microphones sometimes!
But I still hate karaoke! I do it just for me, I hate an audience!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, Yes that was Ginny. You can't tell that she's not shy can you? Why don't you drive? I wish I didn't have to drive. I like when Jakes home and he chauffeurs me around. Jake and I both love to sing but discovered that we are lousy at Karaoke! We sing all the time and Katie hate's it! But you know I've always felt that singing is one of our greatest gifts from God. Even if it's off key! Love Di

Bernie said...

Hello my sweet funny friend. Oh yes I sing to everything and it in the car, in the shower or just doing my house work and what is so funny is that I can't carry a tune in a basket.. Someone told me I sound like a very old Kity Wells who is about to be put on a respirator and the truth be known I really sound worse that that ah but doesn't stop me from enjoying the music.
Have a great weekend my friend and as always I'm sending you many, many hugs......:-)

Tranquility said...

I always do so when I am very happy :D or the song is a current craze! It is SO much fun!! And the stress goes out the window!

How are you doing Diana? Hope you aren't overworking and tiring yourself too much! Take care and loads of love :-)

ethereal-lily said...

I feel singing should be done every where! really, i do.. and it feels great. Sometimes we don't even realize ourselves so busy at it :)


Gail said...

Great fun post!!! And hell ya - I, We, sing in the car. LOUDLY!! We don't care who can see, hear, whatever........singing frees the spirit. :-)

Great post
Love you

Barb said...

Hi Di - The singing in the car phenomena only began for me after I had Grandkids. Before that - way too shy. Or, maybe I'm so old now, I don't care what anybody thinks!

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I do believe that God intended for us to sing. I wish my Katie would sing as she has a beautiful voice but I think she is too shy to use it! Maybe some day she won't care either!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend , it's raining here but we are enjoying just bein' lazy!!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
I am being enjoyably lazy today with me feet up! You are right about the stress going away when singing. I think that everybody should sing while driving, it would be a happier world. I hope you are having a fun and pleasant weekend!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Lily,
It's a shame that people feel shy or embarrassed to sing out loud. Even when off key it makes one much happier. Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I love that you don't care who see's you singing in the car! I think that the people that live in this area are stuffy. It's the only reason I can think off for them not wanting to sing! Jake and I don't care who see's us either. Hope your having a good weekend Gail!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
I think that getting older is very freeing! After I became a grandmother , I wanted to be known as the crazy grandma and I am!
Love Di

Dr.John said...

Don't drive any more but when I was younger I sang Bible camp songs while I drove. My kids hated it but learned to sing along.

Dr.John said...

I don't drive any more but I used to sing Bible Camp songs on trips.

Wanda said...

Years ago on long car trips...from Ohio to parents entertained us by singing...I found myself singing quietly to myself in the grocery store today...

Ginny is really cute Diana!

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John!
I'll bet that they still remember all of the words to those songs!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Thank you, Ginny is cute inside too! I'm trying to remember if I ever sang in a store. I really can't remember. Probably not since I don't like to shop very much. Except at this one thrift store that we have here. I can walk around there for hours! Love Di

Being Pramoda... said...

HI DIana,

I too like to sing while driving ..but yar, take care when u drive and sing..ANd enjoy ur lifee..:)

Good post..:)

Maria said...

Awesome post, Diana!
I S*I*N*G in my car too! The best time is when I'm alone on a long drive. It's my 2 hours of fame!
I laughed out loud about breaking the bonds ... Definitely now that I'm in my 50's!

I do look up sometimes thought to see who's driving the big trucks ;o)

Loved the video too... so much fun this morning!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!
All the best, Maria

Diana said...

Good Morning Pramoda,
I am careful! You too be careful when you are singing and driving! It keeps my anger at other drivers away when I sing! Love Di

Diana said...

Good Morning Maria,
Are those bonds loosening for you yet, if not they will! I guess all of us bloggers should start our own town and then everybody would be singing while driving and what a happier world it would be!
Love Di

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I USED to sing in the car....You've got me wonderin' now......I guess I often listen to talk radio when I drive now. So less singing, I think.

My husband was raised in S. IL. South of Springfield about an hour. Are you anywhere close to Modesto or Palmyra (two REALLY small places)!

Hope you had wonderful times with your husband. I missed that post until today.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Diana
Loved the car singing and yes I do sometimes sing my head off in the ambulance when I am driving home. The other day I pulled up at some traffic lights and was singing and a car pulled up beside me a two nurses saw me and started laughing and blowing me a kiss! Naturally I loved it! They did not hear me because they would have blown a raspberry instead.
I can sing in the shower when there is nobody around or in church when I am surrounded by people - nowhere else would I dare do so, except behind the wheel!
I'll try to pop over more frequently because I love your blog.
Thank you for your kind comments at various posts ~ I realise now that the village is very very large indeed! LOL - God Bless ~ Eddie

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
My husband used to listen to music more but now he listens to old radio shows when he's driving. We live about an hour and a half south of Palmyra.
I hope you are having a good weekend. My husband left this morning and I've been cleaning all day. I'm tired and done for the day! Tomorrow more cleaning and laundry, not very exciting but necessary.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eddie,
Somehow I knew that you would sing while driving! I can envision you doing doing so! And I can see why the nurses would blow you kisses as you are just too sweet!
I am very glad that you enjoyed my post Eddie, the video at the end of the post was my oldest daughter. She is not shy! I will visit you soon!
Love Di

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I sing when I am happy...maybe I should start to sing when I am sad...

Actually, I love to sing, sometimes on walks with Molly, in wide open fields, I burst into song, but not usually when I am within earshot of anyone.

I did Karoke one time in public, my niece talked me into getting up there with her, and as soon as we started singing she sat down...I was too mortified to stop, so I just kept on face and all. It was kind of exhilerating though.
Loved your post today Di, and I hope you are feeling better.

Diana said...

Hey Teresa!
That's funny because I too burst into song at the drop of a hat. I will get crazy with it. I think the most fun about it is seeing the mortified reaction on Katie's face!
Love Di

Susan DeAngelis said...

Di -- this is the most awesome post ever! "These eyes..."

I get caught belting out tunes in my car all of the time -- it's like my only little stage, where I have no fear or shame.

Adore the post... xoxox Sue

Diana said...

Hi Sue,
Isn't that true , it's almost as good as your own little recording booth! Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

I hum an sing a lot, but I seldom drive alone these days, so I don't belt it out.

Diana said...

Hi Anvilcloud,
It's fine that you don't drive as long as you keep on singing!
Love Di

Terrie said...

Yes, I absolutely sing while I am driving. In fact, I am becoming more like my mother every day. She had a song for every something you told her. It was quite amusing. And, I used to be a karaoke fan. We had friends that had a home theater with videos to the karaoke tunes...but they moved and I haven't done it since. And, I have a song in my head at all times.

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I wonder if it bothered you when your mother sang! It drives Katie insane when I sing!!
I tried karoke and am terrible at it! Love Di