Monday, September 7, 2009

" Happy Labor Day "

Well things today aren't quite like they used to be but if you have the day off , I wish you a pleasant day! I remember the day's when everything was closed and the actual laborers had the day off too. Today stores will be open and all of the minimum wage workers will be working.

My husband is working today. Which for us right now things being the way they are , is a blessing ! I too plan on working . I was able to get half of my house cleaned yesterday and will work on the other half today along with a few loads of laundry . My Daughter-in-Law , Amy , did invite Katie and I out there yesterday for a B.B.Q. but I had my mind set on cleaning. The arthritis in my knee finally let up a bit so I was behind on my own home.

I made a large pot of potato soup on Saturday. The picture below shows what was left after Jake and Katie got through with it. And by Sunday morning it was gone!

I can never make enough potato soup in this house. And speaking of potato's . I am going to be making a huge bowl of potato salad for our potluck at church next Sunday! We are going to try to have an outdoor service again. It was too wet out the last time we tried. Our church has a potluck once a month. I love the potluck's , always good food and desserts ! I am hoping that next Sunday will be beautiful as there is something very special about having an outdoor service.

Saturday morning I made some Chapati bread. Thanks to Tranquility from " Rendezvous with Stillness " for turning me on to the recipe. Early last year I had cleaned house for a Hindi family that made Chapati everyday. I loved and missed it so much . Tranquility found the recipe for me and there you go. Katie and I ate it all yesterday and she wants more today. It is a cross between a pita and a tortilla . Very good with just butter or.....

For breakfast with scrambled egg , chopped turkey ham and tomatoes !

Katie and I had chopped chicken breast , cucumber , green pepper , tomato with some Caesar dressing and shredded cheese on Chapati for an evening snack!

Katie wants to try it next with butter , cinnamon and sugar ! Whatever floats your boat! Mine came out a little tough compared to what I was used to . Perhaps I over worked it. I will keep experimenting .

Yesterday during one of my cleaning breaks in which
I stretched out on my recliner , I turned on the T.V. and what did I find ? " The Way We Were ". With Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford , both at their very finest . And Robert Redford , well just very handsome indeed !

Several years ago I had this movie on VHS , before the DVD days ! My older daughter Ginny borrowed it , permanently !

Well at least I know she has good taste !

It is another dreary , rainy day here in southern Illinois . Nice and cool too. Perfect day to finish my housework and do laundry ! I think I will make some apple , cinnamon muffins for Katie this morning.

Tomorrow we will all go back to our usual routine's and school . My husband left Iowa this morning and will be in Georgia tonight . He has been driving in fog this morning. I hope he doesn't have to drive through too much rain today.

And I pray for safe travel for him and all who will be traveling today.

As for me......

You will excuse me while I dress to mop my floors , Won't you ?

Happy Labor Day to you all !


Gail said...

HI Diana-

Oh what a great post, and 'Happy Labor Day' to you. Your food photos looked so yummy.
I am washing quilts and our flannel robes and flannel shirts we use as the cooler weather arrives.
I will hang them outside to dry - I love that fresh dried smell. And then I am headed over to my Sister's/Mom's place. We added an apartment on to my sister's house for our Mom - this way she is never alone. :-)
Have a lovely day - even though yu are cleaning!! And I trust you are wearing a similar outfit as the one you posted. :-)

Love Gail

Anvilcloud said...

Diet Coke is an excellent breakfast beverage. :)

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
You know I will be dressed to the nine's while mopping!
That's so nice that your mom will have her own space. That's so important. You and your sis are fortunate to be able to do that!
Jake left and forgot to take his flannel shirts with him! Oh well hopefully it won't get too chilly within the next two weeks!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Anvilcloud,
I used to have a diet coke every morning with breakfast but have now switched to water. But yesterday I didn't eat until almost noon so I splurged!!! Love Di

Wanda said...

Hello today Diana...You've made me want to look up the recipe for Chapati bread...and I love potato mother made it with dill pickles, while my MIL made it with sweet relish...I prefer the sweet relish type with a blend of mayonaise and mustard...and eggs and onions of course. I think we all have food on the brain lately!
Especially Eileen's post today!

Glad your knee is better...don't mop too long you wear heels while mopping or just dressy flats to slip and slide in?

Bye for now,

Diana said...

Oh Wanda there you go being silly again! Of coarse I wear heels silly! Why doesn't everyone?
I use sweet relish with a blend of mayo, miricle whip, and mustard. just the right balance, not too sweet. Also bacon, H.B. eggs, onion, celery and dillweed, just a touch.
Yes Katie has food on her brain right now!
Love Di

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
It appears my little game only resulted in all of us having food on our brains! Somehow, I think it may have backfired. Is Chapati bread like Nan Bread? That made me so hungry, and I want some so bad I am even willing to cook. (Now that is desperate!)

Have fun cleaning...put on some of your favorite music and a big smile...but try not to overdo it. I am so glad your knee is feeling better, we sure do need our knees. I am keeping your hubby in my prayers too, and pray for a hedge of angels to surround him on his travels.

I really enjoyed your post today Di, it was fun and reminded me that I too need to do some cleaning around here and some decluttering too...the walls feel as if they are closing in on me. I am probably not moving anytime soon that I know of, so like Wanda suggested, I should think "cozy" and not "cramped". I do however need to do some studying today so I can get write for my Driver Training License. ((((Hugs)))) 555

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
I have never heard of this Nan bread that you speak of!
I am working very, very slowly, tired today. Save all of that decluttering for a yucky day Teresa. They will be coming. It's a good day to study if your not working.
Love Di

Anonymous said... can't be cleaning your house! Your house has to be clean. You clean your house twice a day...and I KNOW you do it in heels. It's soo YOU!!
Oh...would you share the recipe for the bread...puhleeeez. I know that if Stillness gave it to you, it is authentic.
Your meals looks delish.
I'm going to the refrigerator and plunder (do you know that word?)
I am thinking of your hubby as he travels to Georgia... The sky here looks good so far. I haven't looked at the radar state-wide..and don't know which part of GA he will be in...but I pray for a safe trip for him...wherever he goes...and as he travels home.
Hugs and love to you,

Tranquility said...

Oh Diana!! That was SO SO SO sweet of you to actually follow the recipe and make chapatis :D

It does come out better with practice. I took a long time too before mine came close to edible :D

I was asking Bernie, if she had you email ID. I wanted to send you a detailed email on what I do when I make chapatis. So you don't get it wrong.

Diana I can't tell you, how happy it makes me feel to see you enjoy a dish we make everyday. Loads of love to you :D

Bernie said...

Hi Di, loved this post and as usual I am now hungry and going to raid my fridge.
Thanks for your e-mail, I love you. I also gave your e-mail address to Stillness, I knew you wouldn't mind.
I made honey cinimon muffins yesterday and I have ate 5 of them since yesterday's breakfast....oh but they taste so good.
Hope Jake doesn't run into cool weather but I know all his warm clothes will be ready for him when he returns home.
Have a wonderful day my friend, don't over do's raining here as well.
Hit to Katie....:-) Hugs

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Diana,

Nice post..:)

Happy labor day to you too..:)Well, it is always enjoyable for me when I have to work more..:)

Some yummy yummyyy dishes...:)..share the recipes with me too :)

Thanks for this post..Have a nice time..:)

Diana said...

Well Jackie let me tell ya, I started to clean and then just became to tired. Those damn heels! Anyway Jackie, it's dog hairs and cat hairs and people hairs there's always hairs that need to be swept and swiffered! And I have not done that for awhile. And it's starting to look like I'm doing it today either!

Just spoke to Jake and he said he can't legally make it to Georgia tonight (Can only drive ten hours at a time) but he will be there to deliver in the morning. Didn't ask him where though.

I will send you or post the recipe that I have for the Chapati. But I am going to try Tranquilitys method first to see if it comes out better. She say's it takes practice. Still Katie and I ate it all and enjoyed it!
Love Di

Eileen said...

GREAT POST, DI!! I loved it! I loved all your cooking, I especially loved potato soup! One of my very favorites (my sister-in-law always makes fun of me saying, "Of course you love potatoes, you're Irish!"), and I loved the bread, it looked very good! I love pita bread and that's what it reminded me of!

I can't believe how good you are about cleaning and how you look forward to it! I'm just the opposite, no matter what project I have planned around the house, if someone invited me to do something else I would very happily put it off! You are so good!

I loved all your pictures, especially the one of the Angel keeping Guard over the roadways. I pray your husband is safe and sound in his travels too.

Okay, I spent most of my day out of the house having FUN again, so I'm forcing myself out back to clean up and put away lots of stuff for the summer and then I'll do the same for the backroom too.
We all had a big lunch out so I won't have to stop to plan anything at all for dinner. Although, now I'm kind of in the mood for potato soup!

Love you lots, E

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
I got your email and I will try your method next. Katie and I enjoyed it very much and it is a nice change from tortillas. A little more substancial too. I will let you know as soon as I try it again!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I bought Jiffy brand apple cinnamon muffin mix and it wasn't sweet enough for me. I added chopped nuts but if I had known it needed extra sugar I would have added some. Oh well thats what I get. I usually buy Martha White mix. There are still 3 left which there wouldn't have been had they been sweeter!!
I decided to forgo the cleaning and just relax today. I guess I did too much yesterday!
Jake is headed to Georgia so hopefully it will stay warm there for awhile. After that I don't know where he'll be headed yet.
Love You Bernie!

Diana said...

Hi Pramoda,
I am sorry that you have to work today unless you don't mind working! I usually don't mind. It keeps one busy!
I will post a recipe for the chapati after I get it perfected a little. I am going to try Tranquility's method next and see what happens. But it was very good. Love Di

Diana said...

Well Eileen you finally came home! Glad your back. But it looked like you were having so much fun and all of that good food to boot! I am thinking that I might have enough leftovers for dinner tonight. I am too tired to cook anymore!
That potato soup is the only soup that I use a recipe for and it has lots of bacon in it!! Bacon! Bacon!
I didn't end up cleaning much but am still doing laundry. I didn't sleep well last night and just am too tired today!
I'm glad you had fun Eileen. Happy Holiday!! Love Di

Teresa said...

Sorry to hear you are tired, but I am glad you gave up those heels and decided to put your feet up instead. Gee Whiz, all this talk of food makes me want to eat, eat, eat...(not that I don;t already)!

Nan bread is an east indian bread that you can get in restaraunts here.

I have been cleaning, just because it is a yucky day! It is gloomy and rainy today, and my place is closing in on to do something, (having a hard time finding Molly)

((((HUGS)))) 555

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
I know that "closing in" feeling very well. That is when I will either clean or crochet or something! Even rearrange things!
I took a nap and am still tired. Think I did too much yesterday! Oh well tomorrows another day!
Love You, Di

Dr.John said...

Laboring on Labor Day somehow doesn't seem right.
But clean away.

Eileen said...

Dr. John is FUNNY!

I forgot to say that I LOVE 'The Way We Were'! It's one of my favorite love stories!
People say to me, "How can you say that? They don't end up together!" But some of the most beautiful love stories I think are when the couples don't end up together!
I also loved 'Once' and 'Gone With The Wind' and 'The Bridges of Madison County' and 'Casablanca'!! None of those couples ended up together and I think they are such beautiful, romantic stories!

And, thanks for your comment on my Anniversary post! You always make me laugh and you always make me feel better!
Love you lots, E

Diana said...

Oh Dr. John I must clean, it is one of my callings!
Love Di

Diana said...

You know Eileen the end of that movie is my favorite part. It's because of the excellent acting. You can see and feel every emotion they are trying to express with their eyes, the looks and the unsaid words. The , what could have beens, and the should we's? And especially that love that never died and never will! Yes the end to me is the best part.
I also loved " The Bridges of Madison County" , I think I have that on VHS!!!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Di!!!! Thank you for stopping by while I am still on my break!!! But yes,you are right! It won't be much longer!!!!...I can count the days with my hands now...And I can't wait to get to know you better!!! I do so LOVE your make me smile...and tonight? You make me ravenous!!!! Oh, I ADORE potato soup...may just have to break out my soup tureen, and make some!!! Love to you, and see you soon! ~Janine XO

Maria said...

Diana...after reading your posts I always want to smile, laugh, bake up something delicious, clean my house... then smile and laugh a little more :)
Hope you enjoyed the weekend!
*Also love the traveling angel for your husband...

Diana said...

Hi Janine,
Sounds like you better get cookin' , on the blog and in the kitchen! Hey maybe we should all post our recipes for tater soup. It would be interesting trying different ones! Looking forward to reading you!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for stopping by to laugh! Don't get carried away with the cleaning. I am too obsessive about it our so I've been told by certain family members. All of them actually! It is something that I pray about. Really! I always ask for the help to ignore it and just relax. It works for a little bit but not too long.
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Hello Di! I have a delicious receipe for potatoe salad that I tried about 6 years ago and I have NEVER made another traditionsl potatoe salad since! Everyone loves is so much more! I prepare red potatoes (small ones) with the skin on them, cut them into 4th's boile them, (leave the skin on) add a cup or so of choped celery, a slivered red onion (maybe half) and then the best part...pour a prepared envelope of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing over it! MIX and serve. Don't pour the dressing over it until just before serving! So simple...I jazz it up a bit with a few seasonings, (personal liking). Glad that hubby could be home with you over the holiday weekend!

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
Here's the funny thing. I do not like potato salad at all. I make it for Jake as he say's it's the best he's ever had. Katie too. And now they always want me to make it for church. My favorite potato salad is German potato salad. Served hot.

I do love red potato's with the skins on and ranch dressing so I may try yours and see if I may like that one! Thank You!
Love Di

Barb said...

Hi Di,
You and I were on the same wave-length this weekend (well - as far as the soup - not the moping of floors!). I made a big pot of potato corn chowder Friday and by Sunday it was gone. Even the 2 and 3 year old Grands loved it - little Neve saying it was "delitous." Hope your knee is better after the shot. I wonder if your cool, rainy weather has flared your arthritis? Don't overdo! Sending smiles your way...

Terrie said...

Love the cartoon and boy, you made me hungry. That bread looks delicious and I would love the recipe for your potato soup. I remember my mom on her knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor with a dress on. My, I am so glad that times have changed, at least in that way and that I have my floor steamer to use instead of a mop.

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I remember when my kids were small washing the floors on my hands and knees. But it was a small floor and I had lots more energy then. It's probably why my knees are messed up! I will post that recipe soon. Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Ooooo I love potato corn chowder! I have never made that one though. Why don't you send me the recipe,

Yes the damp weather and right before a front comes through the arthritis hurts a lot.
Love Di

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Good to be "with you" a bit this evening. Glad the pain eased a bit. I'm jealous of the cleaning you got done!

The potato soup looks delicious. Soups of ALL kinds are really sounding/looking good as we move into autumn.

Glad with you that your husband is working and praying for his continued safety.

I was disappointed that I couldn't host our Red Hat club in my yard this afternoon - but the rain made it impossible. I just took the dessert to the restaurant and we enjoyed it there.

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I'm sorry about your rain. I know how disappointing it is when you have things planned and are hoping for a nice day.But I hope you had a fun lunch anyway. I enjoyed your last post about it. Maybe you could fill us in on this lunch.
Once a year, usually in the fall , our family has a soup dinner. Everyone makes a different soup and brings different types of bread to go along with it. We have salad too. It is so good sampling the other soups! We will be doing this very soon as my mom is strongly suggesting it!
Love Di