Wednesday, September 9, 2009

" Am I Terrible ? "

It has occurred to me as of late that my soon to be 15 year old daughter will be starting drivers education soon. I am reminded of this fact not simply by her age or her , as of late , constant talk of " When I get my license.... ".

No I am reminded of this fact as we live in such close proximity to the high school that almost every school day for the last ten years , the driver training cars with their large " Student Driver " signs stuck to the sides of the cars , drive right past my house .

I started to think about Katie driving , perhaps nervously , right past her own house. I started to wonder if I would be an embarrassment to her if I were to lets say , stand on the front porch waving excitedly , jumping up and down , with a ridiculously hideous outfit on , while yelling as loudly as possible " Hi Katie , sweetheart . Mommy loves you , be careful now and make sure you pay attention , I'll be waiting for you !!!"

There are endlessly funny options in this situation. And of coarse I really wouldn't purposely , publicly embarrass Katie . But think about the fun that I could have.

Am I Terrible ?


Gail said...


Not terrible at all. And I hope you do exactly as you wrote. :-) I think when our kids are a bit embarassed by their parents antics it builds character!!

Love you and your great sense of humor
peace and fun

Barb said...

Diana - Yes - Terrible! Definitely a no-no. However, on second thought, just mentioning the possibility to Katie might encourage her to bring you your coffee, fetch your slippers, put in a load of laundry - the possibilities for blackmail are endless...Leaving on a hike now (with a smile on my face).

Terrie said...

I would have loved to come up with that idea when my kids were in school but then, they all managed to take their driver training course at 5 am but Barb has a good point. You just may reap a few benefits from the near mention!

Diana said...

Hi Gail, Barb and Terrie,
I just had another idea! I can run out to the street when I see her coming. I will be dressed in my robe and slippers waving her brown bag lunch saying " Katie , you forgot your tuna sandwich, sweetie!!!!" LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!! Oh this is to fun, I love when I crack myself up!!!
Love Di

Tranquility said...

Diana why in the world do you think you will be an embarrassment to your daughter!! All that I can see in this is unadulterated love! What you look like makes no difference to what you feel for her. You have done everything in your capacity to be a great mother. Not every child gets this much of love from his or her parents, so in the regard, Katie is VERY lucky. Loads of love!

Diana said...

Oh Tranquility you are so sweet! Katie knows how much I love her, I'm sure. She is just at an age where she is coming out of her shell, so to speak. I tend to get a little silly and laugh at all kinds of things. Katie doesn't mind when we are alone. But when her friends are here I must put on my mature mother face and keep quite! She will grow out of it. Frank and Ginny did!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Not terrible to think about! Very funny in fact!
To actually do it? Yeah, kind of falls into the terrible category! But, oh such fun to think of!

I had a friend who told her sons if they were one minute over their curfews, she was putting on her rattiest bathrobe and slippers, putting her hair up in curlers, washing off every bit of make-up (but making sure that the mascara was left running down her cheeks), getting in the car to hunt them down, and once she found them, she was going to scream like a banshee at the top of her lungs at them!
Her boys were NEVER late by a second! They never once broke their curfew!


Eileen said...

PS ~ Is that ivy stenciled on your dining room wall? I have a thing for ivy!
Love you, E

Bernie said...

Di, I laughed out loud when I visualized your doing those things.. too funny! Nah, don't embarass her but oh to think of what you could the lunch thought....have a wonderful day my friend and keep enjoying Katie as much as you do. I know I have said it before but she is blessed to have you for a mom.
Luv ya......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I'm getting ready to leave so I will be quick. It is Ivy on the wall. I stamped it on there and hand painted the vines. Going to get a shot, AAArrrrrggggggg!!!!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

You could get even more creative and paint a large sign that says "THAT'S MY BABY MR./MS. INSTRUCTOR. BE CAREFUL OR I'LL COME OUT HERE DRESSED LIKE EILEEN'S FRIEND THREATENED TO DO WITH HER KIDS...NO, YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!" The down side of this is that Katie would probably run away from home, never speak to you again or need years of therapy!

Guess the real answer is to do what I did...just pray your guts out!

blessings and hugs and prayers that the shot is not so bad,


Anonymous said...

Oh COULD have such fun with this...and I love the blackmail idea that Barb had.
Yes!! Endless possibilities...
And you know what? I can see you out there in that robe and slippers...with that Mommie voice...Yep, I can see you doing that, Diana. You are sooo funny....and fun!! I'm laughing too hard for this time of the day...What a lucky daughter Katie is!!

Anvilcloud said...

You are definitely evil in a good sort of way. :)

Wanda said...

Diana, Katie would either think you were a fun mom with a sense of humor or a crazy mom with issues!
You do come up with wild thoughts...maybe that is a good way to keep a teenager in line... threaten to embarrass them with your own antics...

Keep us smiling Diana!

Diana said...

Oh Bernie this was so much fun thinking about. So many fun possibilities ! I would never do it but I was laughing thinking about it!
Love Di
P.S. You can however, bet that I will be watching for her!

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
I will be praying. Praying for the instructor! I think Katie will do fine she is a smart girl!
I went for the shot, it didn't hurt. Just a little swollen and sore right now! I am icing it with my feet up. Katie has been very good at waiting on me! Thank you Marcy for being so sweet and praying for me.
Love Di

Diana said...

O.K. Jackie picture this. It is about 10:00a.m. I stumble out of the door and down the front stairs letting a can of beer fly out of my hand just as Katie is driving by ( I'm cracking up right now )and I start yelling KATIE ( you know like Brando in Streetcar)! This is so fun! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi AC,
You know I do believe your right!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Wanda,
Katie would definitely think I was crazy ! Actually she is smart enough to know what I was doing and would be sooo mad at me!!!
But come to think of it I have threatened to embarrass her in the store when she was misbehaving. I told her if she didn't stop, she would be so embarrassed. And it worked!! Love Di

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Diana,

Not terrible at all...

Dont worry..ur love towards her keep her successfull:)

My best wishes to both of you.

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
You know, we parents have to have some fun too!Thank you.
Love Di