Monday, September 28, 2009

" This , That and the Other "

I'll tell you it's been some wild times around here the past few weeks. Everyone's been sick but I do believe that has all passed now. Thank God ! I do love my family but two solid weeks with no alone time was starting to get to me. Today will be my first day alone since September 11 th and I do have plans !

The photo above and below shows the storm clouds that floated by our home on Saturday afternoon.

It all turned out fine though as all we had was some rain.
That evening my husband and I saw a beautiful sunset on our way to church and of coarse unlike clever Jackie, I left my camera at home. I was not pleased with myself !
But our service was very pleasing and as usual my husband thanked me mid-service for making him go. It is not that he doesn't want to go , he just hates leaving the house once he's home. You see he lives in his truck two weeks at a time and just does not want to leave the house once he's there . I totally
understand this but I do have to remind him from time to time that he has a wife that likes to go places with her husband as most of the time I am alone !

This is his home away from home.

So I am sure you can understand him not wanting to leave his house. He is truly a very hard worker. He works about seventy hours a week for his family. However he did have the whole week off. He was over his virus in about three days and I'll tell you he got into a cooking mood and I loved it ! He made dinner three nights in a row . My husband is a good cook. Not so hot at cleaning up after himself , but a good cook !

I had talked with my son Frank , on the phone yesterday morning. It was such a beautiful day here that I was wondering what he and his family were up to. We chatted a bit and he told me that he was going out to my mother's house that afternoon to help her with some work on her house. My son works even when he's not at work ! Can't imagine where he got that from !

Any way I heard his wife Amy , say something in the background and Frank said "Did you hear Amy ?". I told that I didn't hear her and he s
aid , " She wants to know about those decorations." I told him that I had decided that they could use them. I said use but I probably will just let them keep them . They have a lot of years of decorating ahead of them !

I heard relief in his voice as he said " Mom you can come and help if you want.".
Truthfully , I don't want to. I just can't keep up with things anymore like I used to. And the idea of one less time consuming job to do does sounds good to me.

Besides I think that this house will look super fabulous all decked out !

Ever single one of you had great ideas and good points. I could redirect people to their house but they live almost fifteen miles away . Most of the people that go by our house live in town where we live.

And while I am still feeling ever so slightly apprehensive about it, sometimes we just have to let things go. I can do that for all of the excitement that it will give my grandchildren . And my daughter-in-law is very creative s
o I know she will do it up right! You can be sure that I will go out there and take photos to post !

Now Christmas is another story . I have three times as many decorations for that then Halloween. I don't do the outside of the house anymore but I , for the most , part decorate every room in the house . Those I won't be giving up for a long, long time.

However I have had to stop myself the past two years from buying more as I don't even use all that I have anymore ! But you can find the neat
est Christmas stuff at the second hand stores . And most of it is very old. So I have a problem controlling that urge !

I don't have as many fall decorations as I would like to have especially since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Maybe I can start to focus on that now that I will have more storage space !

One last thing about the last two weeks. I don't know if I had mentioned that our little Roxy wasn't feeling well either. She was lethargic and throw
ing up for three days. So Jake and I took her to the vet. Two doctor visits and one vet visit in two weeks ! Our vet who is super fantastic and truly loving with all animals checked her out thoroughly. He asked if anyone in the house had been sick recently and well you all know the answer to that !

He told us that they had taught him in veterinary school that dogs can't get sick from humans and vice versa , but that after eighteen years of practice he has seen it happen enough times that he believes that it can. So he gave her a shot of antibiotics and something else for her stomach. Also a tube of something to g
ive her twice a day for three days.

She seems to be doing just fine now. I am starting to feel relieved as I just don't think that I could handle losing another animal . I was very upset about the whole thing. Katie asked me why I didn't act that way when she was sick and I explained to her that she could tell me what hurt her but Roxy couldn't. She was cool with that!

So here is the little orphan dog that we took in and she is so well behaved and loving.
I have to say that she is honestly the best dog I've ever had . Ruby is also one of my favorites but she is a spoiled little princess and very jealous. B
ut she too loves Roxy !

This is sweet little Roxy.

And this is the spoiled little drama queen, Ruby !

Today it is sunny , breezy , dry and about 70 degrees outside ! I am loving it, and I am praying that you all are having the same wherever you may be !


Teacher's Pet said... be home alone...and to not have sickness....I know that you are feeling such relief....not that you don't miss your hubby...but I understand your feelings, completely. He is a dear...preparing meals...and sounds like a great cook!! He's a keeper!!
When I started reading your blog and I looked at those clouds, I thought they were gorgeous...not knowing that they were storm-making clouds.... they are beautiful to me.
I'm glad that Roxy is feeling better. You have beautiful dogs...and you did them justice with their photos.
I came here before your blog showed up on my dashboard...looking for you...missing you...and I see that you have just sometimes takes time to show up on my reader. I am thinking of you, Di...and I am so glad that I met you. You are sweet...kind...and a loving person. I wish we lived closer. Hugs to you from Jackie..

Teacher's Pet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teacher's Pet said...

That removed post was me (Jackie)...sigh.
I published it twice (chatty gurl, aren't I?)

Eileen said...

Oh, those first pictures looked like you were really in for it with those storm clouds! So glad it turned out nice.
We had a very rainy day yesterday, but today was beautiful! It's getting dark now, it looks like rain, but I don't mind rain at night. I actually didn't mind the rain yesterday either, the kids all came over, and also my brother-in-law and nephew, I cooked a meal in the slow-cooker (got it all done before church in the morning), and it was really a nice, cozy day.

I'm so glad everyone is better by you now!
And I'm glad Roxy too is on the mend.
And I'm really partial to Ruby as I had a pug for a pet too! I loved that little guy!

Di, I think you'll end up happy that you let the kids have the decorations, but you'll most likely feel bad about disappointed neighbors that come by to see your house all decked out. But I'm sure that the enjoyment of your kids and grandkids will make up for it!
Let me know how it all goes.

I'm the same as you with the thrift shopping, especially if it's anything vintage looking! I can't tell you how many vintage Baby Jesus' I bought on ebay one year! I was obsessed! I won't even let myself go on ebay anymore!

Di, do you ever go on the road with your husband? Is it allowed? Would you have to have a truckers license to accompany him?
Does he have a compartment to sleep in his cab? I think that might be fun to do once in awhile!

Good to hear from you, Di!
Love you!, E

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Yes I do miss my alone time. I can remember a time when I hated being alone and now I love it! I love family and people too just that I have learned to enjoy things that I like to do when by myself!
My reader does the same thing Jackie, a lot of times I just check anyway. I always forget to press the refresh button on top, sometimes that helps the new post show quicker!
It was a busy day today but I haven't forgotten about you and will check your blog soon! Thank you for your kind words Jackie, you a wonderful friend too.
Love Di
P.S. Don't worry, I can be quite chatty myself!

Dr.John said...

Glad you worked out the Halloween thing. Hope the dog stays well.

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Don't you love the slow cooker meals? Throw it all in there in the morning and forget about it! Rain or not you sound like your day was a good one with your family! I sound awful but I got familyed out after two weeks!
I went thrift shopping today Eileen and bought a perfect condition round, wooden, two tiered end table from the seventies. It's perfect for next to my recliner to hold all my junk! Also bought a small round padded foot stool so that I can put my leg up when we play board games at the table. It hurts too much to keep it down. I got both for $11.00 !
To answer your question, yes I can go with Jake but I have always had kids since he's been a truck driver. About three or four years ago Katie used to go with him. That's when he was only gone a week at a time. It's a rough life. I don't think I'd want to go. My first problem would be finding someone to care for Kate and the animals. She could stay with her brother but we have six pets and they have seven so that we be insane for them! My next problem is the medication that I take, I have to run to the bathroom every 15 min. for about two hours every morning. He does have an extra bunk bed. Showers cost $5.00. Too costly to eat out. He lives on sandwiches and cereal and there is a lot , a lot of sitting and waiting. I don't think I want to do it. However I have thought about it someday when Kate is gone and there's no more pets. I just really don't think I could handle being cooped up that long! Oh and I hate traveling by car or truck. Planes are good! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John!
I think that I made the right decision. Only time will tell! Roxy is still doing well and hopefully will be alright! Thank You.
Love Di

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

My oh my...sounds like you're back in the saddle again. I know what you mean about some "alone" time....
and I would like to know some of the things that Eileen asked about the trucker's life (and the trucker's wife!)

Hope you ALL stay healthy in the coming weeks.

When do YOU start decorating for Christmas? I'm kind of like you - got many, many, many vintage/thrift store decorations. Unfortunately they're stored all over the house and I can't remember where so never have had everything out in one season. I need to write down where WHAT is!

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I think I answered most of the truck driver questions above in my comment back to Eileen, except that no I wouldn't need a truckers license (CDL) to go with.
I start decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving! Truth be told there are some that I leave up all year, mostly in my Kitchen! Just a few. Love Di

Eileen said...

I am busting out laughing at Rebecca saying she 'loses' her decorations all over the house! I DO THE SAME THING!!
I was just saying that I'm going to get a notebook and jot down each and every single thing I put away each season and also where it's located! I have lost outdoor cushions somewhere in this house, I've lost decorations for each season, I've lost beach towels, beach bags, and bathing suits!
But then I'll just happen to come across things during the wrong season of course!
That is so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Thanks for answering all my nosy questions, Di!
And I can understand you not wanting to go along in the truck, it doesn't really sound all that much fun after all!
Talk to you soon.
Love you, E

Eileen said...

PS ~ I forgot to say GREAT THRIFTING!!
I love the sound of all your finds! Post some pics when you get a chance!
Oh, how I wish we lived close to each other!
Wouldn't that be so much fun to hunt for treasures together! I'd love it!
Love you!, E

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
So glad that everyone is finally feeling better, including Roxy. I have never heard of a dog getting sick from people, but I am sure it can happen. Your doggies are so cute!
Glad you made a decision regarding your decorations, sometimes that is the hardest part of letting go, at least it is for me.

It has turned cold here now, and the wind has been blowing for the last few days. I guess it really is fall, I was thinking we were living in Arizona there for awhile.

How is the job going? ((((HUGS)))) T

Bernie said...

So glad to see eveyone is on the time is beautiful and personal time alone is a real treat. I think you have a great balance.
Once in a while a week with Jake might be fun just not to often. Be a nice break for you say Di in a few years when Katie can take care of herself and the animals....which by the way are so sweet.
You sound like you found some really good "finds" shopping, I love hearing when you, Eileen or any of my blogging friends are able to do that, I must be looking in the wrong places, no correct that I am shopping in the wrong places.....LOL
Take care my friend, stay well and have a wonderful Tuesday....Hugs

Diana said...

Oh Eileen And Rebecca,
I am sorry to say that I am very organized. I can tell you where everything is in my house! The decorations are easy because I have a huge basement and I just store everything in giant tubs marked Christmas, Halloween etc. Plus Jake and I go through everything once a year. I just don't understand why my husband has seven yes seven boxes filled with glasses and cups in the basement. He will not let me get rid of them and I have no idea why. We never use them, ever!
You both gave me an idea about posting someday about being a truck drivers wife and being a truck driver.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
I am feeling better and better about the decoration thing. The kids will enjoy them as much as I have and I won't have to mess with them anymore!
My job is going much better since I had the shot. But I am still limited as to how much I can do. Just not as much pain which is a Godsend!
Right now it is about 55 degrees. I love it. I will have to buy some filters for the furnace soon and am waiting for my son to bring some wood for the fireplace. I know I am strange but I love the coziness of fall and winter and all of the time I have to do projects. Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
It's strange but we have at least a dozen thrift stores here. And we live in a small town. But I have a favorite one that I can just wonder around in for hours. The prices are great and they always have new (used) things every week. Some of the things they get in there are very unusual. That is more fun for me than shopping for new. I guess that old saying " One man's junk is another man's treasure " is true in my case!
I hope you are feeling better Bernie! Love Di

Brenda said...

I totally understand you and your hubby! My hubby works really hard and travels every week. When he comes home, he often says, "What are we doing tonight?" His favorite answer is, "I don't have anything planned." When we go somewhere, he usually drags his feet but then loves it and thanks me and honestly believes that he wanted to go and was totally in favor of it! Seems like a short memory to me.

Gail said...


Great post. I am glad to know your family is on the mend and Roxy too. Your dogs are adorable and full of character, Gee, I wonder whee they get that from??!! :-)

Your husbands 18-wheeler is good looking. I feel your pride. :-)

I wanted to tell you that one of my friends gave me the book 'Post Secrets". I thought of you and Ginny warmly. :-)

Love to you

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
Yes my husband is totally happy when I say there is nothing to do. Unfortunately he is gone two weeks at a time so there is almost always something that needs to be done around the house. He doesn't mind too much as long as we don't have to leave!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
You will have to let me know how the book is. I wonder if they might have it at the library?
I'm glad you like my dogs, they are spoiled! But lovable!
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

Put your feet up and R.E.L.A.X :) Your husband is such an amazing human being, you are very very lucky to have him :)

Even though they don't talk to us, our pets know exactly what's happening and our sadness and illness affects them too, I'd like to believe. Now that everyone in your household is well again, there's nothing to worry. Loads of love to you :)

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
I did have a lot of housework to catch up on yesterday but it is nice to do it with no one in my way!
Love Di

Wanda said...

It's me down here beneath the whole village Diana...I can hardly breathe...I sure didn't see your post sorry your husband ended up sick least after feeling better, he cooked for husband doesn't cook (well popcorn if that counts) but he does clean pretty good.
I love my quiet alone time too Diana...that's one reason I get up so early...It has turned a little cold here today, makes me think of the holidays coming...almost time to put up the old witch...and a string of ghosts. We don't get anyone but grandchildren here for Halloween. I usually decorate with the wreaths, angels and a few white CHristmas lights for Thanksgiving and then do the rest right afterwards. Your son's beautiful home will lend itself well to decorating...can just imagine a scary haunted look.
Sounds like you and Eileen could probably make a fortune doing a yard sale yourselves...
Take care of yourself and family (pets included) and then make time for quiet time Diana.

Diana said...

Hello Wanda,
I will take your bottom spot for you now! It turned cold here last night. 46 degrees this morning. I went to Wal-mart and bought some furnace filters earlier. I'm still not wanting to turn it on! But it's now 12:30p.m. and it's 60 degrees in the house so I'm thinkin' on it!
Guess I'll just throw a blanket on for now and take a nap!
Love Di

Wanda said...

Di...I forgot to mention the Poke Berries contain a seed that is toxic to mammals but not birds...but some people eat the plant when it first comes up in the spring...Remember Elvis Presley's song Poke Salad Annie...that's what it is...I have never eaten it though. I was spelling it wrong too! Not POLK!!!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Thanks for letting me know, I might have tried making a pie or something with it! And yes I do remember that song. I guess we will continue to trim it down! Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

HI DI! I am doing the catch up thing again. I spend a lot of time at the office reading blogs. I can't imagine not having this job so that I could do this! lol I am pretty blessed to be able to just come to work, get paid to do a job that requires about 8 hours a week and the other time I just read blogs LOL but the boss says he needs a full time person to help with "other" administrative "stuff". Cool I say...just pay me. Even though I would rather be somewhere else....I feel blessed to have this job...hey, is there any other way to answers questions besides going back into posts? I don't always pull them back up...

Being Pramoda... said...

hey Diana..alone at home...with full of health...and romantic makes me go for some spizy food and to blogging ..:)

70 hrs per week is such a long nice of him. yeah, a real hard worker he is.

Here wheather is also little rainy and cloudy..:) enjoying it ..

Nice pics of roxy ...:) ...

Enjoy the moments..:)

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
I love your job too! If I could find one like that here that didn't involve walking and standing for hours on end, I'd have it made! Ah but we live in a small town and it's hard enough to just find a job!
I don't think I quite understood your question, Linda. If you don't want to go back to old posts you can just answer on the latest post, if that's what you mean. Of coarse you would have to let people know what question you are answering or it could get quite confusing, or perhaps this is confusing itself, MMmmmm?
Well just email me if you want to
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
The Monday didn't quite turn out as I expected but I will post about that. Are you happy to be back home?
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Hope you see me as your post is from Monday and maybe you will post today and not see me...YooHooo...I'm Waaaay down here, Di!

You need to take more pictures of Ruby with a cute and maybe even Roxy with a scarf??? Glad to her that she is A Okay. So Ruby didn't get sick at all?

You have made me 'crave' going to a thrift store!! Wonder if I casn do that today? On Saturday, the young people's group at our church is having a yard sale at the church so I will be going to that, but now I don't know if I can hold off long enough...

My beloved late husband Mario used to love to cook every once in awhile and he would do a good job of it too. Michael just likes th eating part.

I just thought of the fact that our blogging could help us locate and 'catalogue' missing holiday items. That would be wonderful as I am not too fond of finding Christmas itmes at Easter and vice versa.

blessings and happy hugs for healing,


Diana said...

Hi Marcy! I see you!! Yes the church rummage sales are the best! I always, always find something there. And you should go to the thrift store they are so much fun! I have the most fun when Ginny is here, she loves them too! Wish we could go together! Do you have a lot of thrift stores in your area?
Love Di