Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"January 26, 2011"

Good Morning folks! I awoke very early this morning, 5:30. I had a good nights sleep now that the full moon has passed us. I toss and turn for two weeks before the full moon and than once full I sleep good again. I wonder if I am the only one like that? My son is the same way, poor Dear, he is also stating to get arthritis. I was also in my thirties when mine started. This winter has been a bad one for us.
When I walked the dogs this morning the sky was a deep indigo blue. The sun still hadn't broke through the horizon. This January has been the longest one that I can remember. It feels as though a blanket of gloomy clouds was thrown over our town and forgotten.

We've seen very little sunshine. I can honestly say that if we've had 15 hours of sun this month, I would be very surprised. It is very difficult to feel motivated when there is the absence of sun. Not to mention the cold and snow. I have no right to complain about the snow as many of my friends in the U.S. and Canada have received much more than our small town has. But still we have received much more than is usual for our small town. Our winters are usually mild. One of the things that I do like about living here. I came from Chicago so the mild winters here were almost laughable to me!
Robins nest in our yard from last spring, 2010.
While driving to town yesterday, my husband and I saw a Robin. He took it as a good sign. I hope he is right. 

As I have posted in the past, I have been keeping very busy around here. But I have also had days where I have just laid around and done nothing. Had no desire, you know? I do know that it's just temporary and that sunshine will give us all a little spring back to our step!
Even my dogs have been bored! My Pug Ruby was admiring a piece of pizza I was having for lunch!

See how sleepy she looks? This is how we all have been feeling lately! My whole family has been complaining about the gloomy days and how it makes them feel. My dog Roxy just relaxes through it all...

I have been trying to take advantage of this gloomy weather. I have completed one crochet project and am working on another. I stepped out of my box and started reading a book that I normally wouldn't have chosen. It is called "The Valley of Light" By Terry Kay.
It's a story of a traveling Fisherman. I found it much more interesting than I first suspected and am almost finished with. It has me wondering how it will end!

This little guy informed me during our lunch date last week that he now has a "Big Bed" so I should get back to working on his quilt.
At the rate I'm going, he'll have his drivers license before I finish it!
The weatherman just reported that we will be warming into the 40's for the next few days, but still, no sun.

Oh how I need some sunshine!
I decided to take the day to myself today. Tomorrow I have to go and clean and then I will probably go work at church on Friday or Saturday. I told Katie that she'd have to get a ride to church this week. I have been letting her use my car as her churches hours are different than mine. Well I'm tired of missing my own church services because of it so, she'll have to catch a ride from someone else like she did before she had her license!

If I take her, than I'll be late. If she takes me, her service is about an hour longer than mine. It's not very convenient but I am happy that she DOES NOT want to miss church!!

Well the sun has long since rose since I've started this post and it still is completely covered by that blanket of clouds. Yuck!

Well it is what it is I suppose and there isn't anything that I can do about it! So I suppose I will listen to some good music and clean!
Yes that is my therapy for L.O.S. (lack of sun)!

Here's hoping that the sun is shining down on someone out there today!  


Jules said...

Our winter has been the same. Very little sun ever! We hit 20 degrees the last couple days and it actually feels warm. That's just wrong.

I am so ready for some sun and warm temps....

Gail said...


I love how you fill your days with projects depsite the lack of sun and even inspiration. You are a trooper. we are bracing for yet another 10" of snow here and dare I say - I love cloudy days - they energize me, my Mom is the same way. weird huh?

Love you\

Rebecca said...

I have felt like Ruby LOOKS for most of the month. No sunshine here, either. (There WAS a little a couple of days ago. I was busy and didn't get out. Then when I COULD, it was behind the clouds again. Next time, I'll just drop what I'm doing and go enjoy it!)

I must tell you that I think I'm over the shingle pain. Today is my second day and I'm actually believing it. What a difference it makes. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

Had a little party here last night - parents celebrating their 64th & BIL his 50th b'day....

Get to work on that "big boy" quilt, d'ya hear?!?

Lena said...

Full moon always affects my mood. Di... And this last one was the worst! All my friends were having nightmares here... hum... weird, huh?

I'll try to send you some sun...

Lots of love! XXX

Eileen said...

My Mom was the same way with a full moon! And I always remember her saying that "The doctors and nurses working in institutions had to be on their toes"!

I am tired of Winter. All this snow is pretty when it's coming down, but I am tired of shoveling, and I am tired of slipping and sliding all over the place! And I am tired of cloudy skies.
I need me some Spring!

'Glad you're keeping busy and productive. I feel like a slug!

Today is my daughter Katie's Birthday, Jayden and I will bake her cake when he gets home from school. I'll make him to his homework while it bakes, and then later we can frost and decorate it. He's so excited!
I wonder if he'll have school tomorrow, they say snow all night long!

Okay, I'm ready to cry "UNCLE" now!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
We Indians are celebrating 62nd Republic Day today.We had lot of celebrations and events!
We are proud Indains!
Sun is shining on India!
Wishing you good luck,

Rae said...

I think there are a whole lot of people feeling the same mid-winter slump. I know I sure do miss the sun. It makes me feel better and I have more energy if I can get outdoors in the sunshine.
Ruby and Roxy are so sweet. They would be fun to cuddle with on one of these long Midwestern gloomy days.

Wanda..... said...

That look on Ruby's face says it all, like a child when they're bored, it makes me want a pug!

Di, you need to sing or listen to "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from "Annie"...or give up and eat a big bowl of delicious dark chocolate, it will raise your spirits. ♥ :) ♥

Linda Higgins said...

Oh geesh! I am feeling a little guilty because I have been complaining that the 57 degrees weathere we have been having is NOT warm enough for me! I would just shrivel up and die without the sun, the sun shines all but maybe 5 days out of the year here! well maybe 10...but OH I am going to send you some of my sunshine! YES the arthritis hates it when the sun doesn't shine!

Anvilcloud said...

I have found that reading can be a very inexpensive and effective way to escape.

Barb said...

"a blanket of gloomy clouds was thrown over our town and forgotten" - I love this line, Di! (And hope it's not true...) Soon enough, that Robin you and Hubby spotted will bring you some sunshine and spring temps (but I fear you may have another snowstorm first!). Keep smiling, Di!

Brenda said...

Dear Diana,

Music certainly helps me when I am feeling down. I turn the radio on a Christian station and it does encourage me.

It is great too, to be able to escape in a book for awhile. I usually feel guilty reading just for pleasure. Vacation and when I am a little sick but not too sick to read is cozy and fun.

We are hoping for a 50 degree day--just one pretty soon so the bees can get out of the hive. They need to be able to get out once or twice per winter so they wait for about a 50 degree day. They won't go to the bathroom in the hive. That would get pretty stressful if the winter is steady cold with no breaks now and then.

I am sorry about your arthritis.
Thanks for the book recommendation. I listed some books in the comment area of my last post for you.

Blessings, friend

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I'm thinking the same thing Jules wrote...
It was in the 20's here and felt "balmy" today...
it's crazy! When the sun shines, I feel like we're visiting a different planet... So I try to soak up the rays through the windows as much as possible.

I smiled when I saw your robin's nest from last year. When I left for work on Monday, I heard one singing in my crabapple tree... I stopped to enjoy it for a moment. It was great! hoping it's a good sign too!
Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow*
God bless you always*

Amity said...

Hey Di, we are on the same dilemma, we even thought moss are growing all around because dear sunshine was elusive since december til now...but yeah, it peeped out this morning til at 3pm i guess and now back to gloomy weather again...

It is so cold even, 20 degrees, something like that and yes, it makes us really gloomy like you outdoors fun or activities...

let's pray everything will be fine on both our ends... :)

Love you,


Dee said...

I miss the sun also AND my caffeine. I can relate to you sharing your car with your daughter and haveing to juggle schedules. My grandson's van is in the shop for repairs and he borrowed his moms car so she uses my car.:( Sunshine is very important...just 10 minutes a day in the sun will keep you a boost of vitamin D. I can't believe you saw a reasuring that Spring is on its way. We usually get Robins around late April and May. I have also been experiencing restless sleep but never thought of it in correlation to the moon. Maybe there is something.Any ideas for the quilt you are going to make your grandson? I always think half the fun is in the planning. Praying sunshine your way. Dee

Arlee Bird said...

Sun is shining brightly here in Los Angeles and it's been a mild and beautiful January here.

I like travelling, but I've never done much fishing. However, I can see where a book about a travelling fisherman could have a lot of potential if it were well written.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Shelley said...

Hello Di, we have just had another 20 cms of snow. Beautiful out there this morning though! Somehow the early morning makes up for the 'gloominess' of winter. Take care and stay busy.

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Hoping the sun will come out in your little corner of the world soon. We have had a few sunny days here...and it is warmer now. I feel like I am in heaven. I know how the gloom affects our moods. Stay happy, your sunny personality helps us all on our gloomy days...I think spring is near, especially since you saw that robin...good sign for sure!!! (((HUGS))) TT

DeanO said...

Dogs do get bored in the cold - We have two pugs and they get so sad sometimes. I noticed your favorite actress Natalie Wood - That's my wife's favorite actress - My wife loves the old classics

Lois Evensen said...

Hello Diana,

Oh, if only I could send you some sunshine. I would zip it into a zip file and when you unzipped it, it would shine out of your computer monitor and all over your room.

I got a kick out of Ruby's look. That pizza must have been good.