Monday, January 10, 2011

" Lost and Found, I Think...."

I am speaking of my mind. Brain matter. It seems that for the past two weeks or so it has somewhat frozen up if you will.

Imagine a gigantic carrot laying in a recliner. Are you picturing this with me? If you can then you will know how I have felt.
I don't know what happened but there was just nothing up there! Oh sure I made it through my regular routine, but I just felt blank.

My husband came home this past Saturday and we went out to dinner. I don't know if that's what did it but I think the gears started up once again. I can't promise that they will stay running but I'll take what I can get for now!

It seems that just about everyone here in the states is having some sort of nasty weather. It has been mild here in Southern Illinois but we are now expecting snow this evening and tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to it. I hope we have a snow day as Katie is sick again.

So I will tell you a story. O.K.? It's sort of gross, at least to me it was. This morning (Monday) as my husband was getting ready for me to take him to his truck to go back to work, I as I usually do, went to brush my teeth. This being my second brushing for the morning. 

I like to be fresh for the goodbye kiss! 

While I was in mid brushing, I noticed that in my haste, I had Katie's toothbrush in my mouth! How could I be so stupid?! Our brushes are always different colors!!!!!!!!

My first thought was rinse with rubbing alcohol, oh Lord what am I thinking? 

I told you, my mind hasn't been working properly! I came out of the bathroom somewhat freaked out and told my husband the stupid thing that I just did. He suggested that I swish with peroxide. 

So I did. The germs have been banished from my body, I will not be infected, right? Right?

As for my Katie girl, she sure has been maturing. I knew that sixteen was a turning point from observing my two grown children but for some reason I am noticing every little thing with her. I imagine that it is because she is my last child.

Today for example, she was so sick with a fever but insisted on going to school. She looked horrible but said that she had to turn in her homework and had some tests. She made it through the whole day when her dad and I thought she should stay home.

Friday I was not in the mood to cook. We had some leftovers. Katie decided to bake a loaf of bread (from a mix) cook cheeseburgers and fried potatoes. And she cleaned the entire kitchen afterwords!

O.K. I know that she wants to use my car but this is just one of the many little changes that I have been noticing. 

Kate has come a long way from this...

And this...

To this...

Ah crap, all of this reminiscing is starting to make me feel like a stalk of celery with a sore throat! Sniff, sniff....

Alright so I haven't been totally mindless. As I was at the laundromat last week, thumbing through the magazines as my clothes were tumbling round and round in the dryers I found this picture, don't worry I asked permission before I ripped it out of the magazine!

I know, I know, it's only January but a girl can dream can't she? Well, can't she????

This would be perfect in my yard. I have THE perfect spot. I have the chairs, they would need to be repainted but so what, I've got the wagon. The only thing that I don't have is the potting bench.
I think that I could bribe my husband to whip up something similar to it for me. I could probably whip it up myself.

You know that you can do anything with duck tape and a butter knife!
If you have those two things, I'm telling you, you're set.

Spring starts early in Southern Illinois. March. The Forsythia start to bloom in March!

So I am on a mission. I will slowly try to find out what supplies we will need. This won't be easy because my husband really won't want to do this. But I know how to get the info out of him. Yup.

Once I have acquired the supplies, he will have no choice. 
HA!!! He can't say "NO" to me......

I will bribe him with his favorite food. I haven't made it for a long time on purpose. By springtime he will be desperate!!! 

So that's my plan. Then I will have the perfect spot to sit and rest after I get through planting the carrots and celery!!


Jules said...

I would have freaked out about the toothbrush too......

You get spring in early March down there? You're really not that far away from me and we don't get any really "nice" days until the end of April, sometimes May!

Graceful Moments said...

Hi Di, glad the mind is functioning again! I get that way in the winter too. I had my first harbinger of spring...the winter jasmine is blooming. Not a lot of blooms but still it's something! Usually doesn't bloom until February!
I love the photos of Katie, especially the second one with your handsome husband! It is nice when daughters cross that invisible line and become human again! LOL Sounds like Katie has crossed it!
Thanks for stopping by. I haven't built a snowman this year, yet. Maybe tomorrow. It looks as if we will be covered up for at least a week. We did build a snowman last can see it in my photos on FBook!
Hope you get some's so beautiful and it helps make winter tolerable! Love, V.

GutsyWriter said...

I can tell you miss the sun and the flowers. As far as the toothbrush, I thought you were concerned about the germs you might be putting on her toothbrush rather than the reverse. Isn't that funny how our minds work as mothers?

Bernie said...

You sound really good Di, and I am so happy that you are.
Katie is doing so well and she seems so responsible to do her homework, and making a nice meal for you.....ah perhaps you are over the hard time of being a teenager.
Stay well my dear friend, love ya

Garnetrose said...

Yucky on the toothbrush thing. Why is it using someone's tooth brush seems so gross, even it if is a family member? Your little girl has grown into a lovely young lady

Rebecca said...

After reading this, I held my head as close as I could to the laptop screen in hopes MY brain would "catch" some of YOUR brain's rejuvenation....I'll let you know if it works.

Do you always do your laundry at the "mat"?

Hope you get a good snow and freeze to get rid of all those germs inhabiting the toothbrushes at your house! (It's awfully pretty when it first falls, too!)

And what an inspiring picture you ripped out of that magazine! I can't wait to see what you produce in your own backyard!

Happy 1/11/11!

Anvilcloud said...

As far as being a carrot, this is January. January and February are the official carrot months.

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, I have felt the EXACT same way! In fact I did a post titled 'Mindless' but never bothered to post it (it was mindless!).

I LOVE your inspiration picture and I think it's great to have a Spring project to look forward to. I am thinking of making our back porch into sort of a 'summer kitchen' so I will be scouting for inspiration pictures too. You've inspired me! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!!

'hope Katie is feeling better. I LOVE her photos! And about the toothbrush, just listen to Jayden "It's FAMILY GERMS so that's okay"!


Wanda..... said...

What a great post, pays to feel like a gigantic carrot or stalk of celery sometimes. Katie looks so sweet and cute in the photo with her's really a great picture of them together. Spring will come with the forsythia, but we've been getting snow all day. Schools are closed and there's more on the way.
Stay warm and take care least you don't feel like a turnip!

Diana said...

Hi Jules,
March is usually pretty nice here! The tulips, Easter lilies and daffodils start to poke through too!
Love Di ♥

Hi Vicki,
We just got a few inches but it is prettier for sure. I may build a mini snowman myself!
Love Di ♥

Hi Sonia,
Yes it is funny especially since Katie's sick and I'm not!
Love Di ♥

Hi Bernie,
I am feeling much better so far, even the arthritis. I hope yours isn't acting up right now. Katie is changing to be sure, but not completely yet!
Love Di ♥

Hi Garnet,
I agree on the toothbrush, what a stupid thing to do! Yes Katie is changing everyday!
Love Di ♥

Hi Rebecca,
I've been going to the laundromat since my dryer died. I don't mind it really, it's quite and relaxing there! I told Jake that if it came down to a new dryer or a new fence, I wanted the fence! Shows where my priorities lie!
Love Di ♥

Hi AC,
Yes of coarse I knew that! I did this post just for that reason, LOL!
Love Di ♥

Hi Eileen,
I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way! It is getting better though, hope it stays that way! I love the way Jayden thinks about the germs. Lets hope he's right and I don't get what Kate has!
Love Di ♥

Hi Wanda,
That is my favorite photo of Jake and Katie. It was taken at Frank and Amy's wedding. She was still a daddy's girl then. I know he misses those days!
We only had a few (3) inches of snow. I think that's all we're supposed to get.
You know you can't make a basic soup without carrots and celery, LOL!
Love Di ♥

Lena said...

I love the red!! I think it looks nice and fresh... how about using wooden crates as a bench??

Tons of love to you!! XXX

Rae said...

I've been feeling blah here in Illinois too. Too little sunshine and too much cold can do that to a person. I'm with you on looking forward to warmer weather and a new backyard project. I like the looks of yours. It would be a perfect sitting area.

Terrie said...

Hi Di, I love that little garden corner. Reminds me of my cousin's garden in Holland. I can't wait to see your pictures when you finish it.

Lynilu said...

I like your choice of a carrot as your veggie-self. Carrots are sweet and colorful, and that would be YOU!!

I love that garden nook! I'm inspired, too, and I have a spot in mind as well! We'll see how it goes!


Dee said...

I am glad you found your brain, it will be much easier to garden with it.Possibly you suffer from lack of sunshine, It is a legit disorder and your symptoms fit the diagnosis pretty close. With no sun, your husband gone for days, and your baby girl growing up, your emotions are sure to be saggy. Dreaming of Spring decorating will help you rejuvenate. If you have the chairs and the wagon I am sure a potting bench would be easy to come up with. I think it looks grand and look forward to seeing your garden spot when it is finished.:)

Barb said...

This post gave me a great chuckle, Di! It's so very cold here - minus temps and has only "warmed" to 10 degrees. I like thinking of that cozy little spot in your yard - esp. with RED chairs (my favorite color!). Now I'm trying to remember what Jake's favorite food is! Hope Katie is better and you haven't gotten sick...

tattytiara said...

Without dreams like those we'd never survive January!

Arlee Bird said...

Goodness! That was quite a succession of thoughts, but it was an entertaining account. That outdoor seating arrangement looks very inviting. Ah, for Spring and warming rays of sun and a good book.

Tossing It Out

Lisa said...

Hi Diane,

I'm visiting you for a change. I loved this post. My mind strays too. I would love to have the area in the photo in my yard too. I can surely find a place for it. Sounds like you should start a memoir. This was a lovely post.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I love that photo you brought home... It looks so cozy and the red is fabulous!
I wonder, too, how Mr. Toad is doing? I wonder where he went for the winter.

I loved reading about Katie's gift of time for you ~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Diana!

anupama said...

Dear Diana,
Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year!
Half asleep and half awake,I have done that mistake of using the wrong brush!:)
So nice to read the concern and caring thoughts for your dear hubby and daughter.
And I loved that-Goodbye Kiss-to keep the spring in your heart till he comes back!
Simply amazing!
That garden picture is amazing...
Let Summer step in at the rght time.We can always dream and plan big till then!
Today Indians are celebrating a grand festival-Lohri and Makar Sankranti!
Best Wishes...
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

Teacher's Pet said...

Di... I would have done what you did!! (Thinking about the rubbing alcohol...and then thinking, 'No...I can't do that!')...and a great idea from Jake about the peroxide.
How are you? Any fever...sickness..?
Oh, do take care of you, please. You are a dear friend to me...and you know that I think of you each day. I should write to you more often...It's my 'bad' excuses...but we do have the 'crud' down here...(upper respiratory infections, viruses, etc.) All four of my grandchildren have been son and my daughter and my son-in-law have been's dreadful...absolutely dreadful.
I hug you...from a distance....and that's probably a very good thing. We're trying to stay in as much as we can...and avoid the nasty 'bug'....but I think it's winning...sigh.

Linda Higgins said...

Ahhh what's a little love between a mother and daughter toothbrush sharing? No biggie! My poor daughter has pneumonia and has been sick since Christmas! SOOOO SICK! and I feel like the most horrible mother because I can't just jump on a plane and take care of her and her family! Love your post! Love the humor and your brain seems to be in jump mode! working just fine seeing that you are prepping for "Spring"! You go girl!

Amity said...

Hi Di;

This is perfect for wifey like Di and Amity! I am green with envy. How I wish I have the luxury of time to do all these and that, plan this and that, buy this and that and enjoy this and that!

Looks so perfect! Late in the afternoon, it would be nice to lounge in one of those chairs and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze with a novel on hand while sipping hot coffee or tea...:)

Amity said...

Hi Di;

This is perfect for wifey like Di and Amity! I am green with envy. How I wish I have the luxury of time to do all these and that, plan this and that, buy this and that and enjoy this and that!

Looks so perfect! Late in the afternoon, it would be nice to lounge in one of those chairs and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze with a novel on hand while sipping hot coffee or tea...:)

Rachel said...

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore throat.