Wednesday, January 19, 2011

" Light "

Hi folks! It's currently 27 degrees in my town right now and we are expecting a few to several inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow. I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Call me silly, go ahead, I don't mind, but I love when Kate and I are stuck at home together! I'm pretty sure that she doesn't feel the same way but who cares! I just try to enjoy her company while I have it.

I had a lunch date today with a member of the opposite sex and he wasn't my husband. He was the perfect date for me as we both love Chinese food and he had the most perfect manners. Not to mention the great joke that he told. He had me laughing out loud I tell you.
He speaks very well but the joke was in his special language. And while I didn't understand a word of the joke, it was in fact the funniest thing I had ever heard! He is quite handsome. I was so sad that I forgot my camera but it was a spur of the moment date after all!

It's a good thing that his mother came with or I may have had to take him home with me.....

This photo was taken in October 2010.

He is growing into quite the charmer just like my son, his daddy! He is definitely one of the lights of my life!
Tonight while recouping from my housecleaning gig with my feet up sitting in my recliner I was admiring one of my very favorite lamps. This is actually a night light that belonged to my mother. I had always admired it with it's little Hummingbird, and now it belongs to me. However I would love it if mom was still here and it was still at her house.

I think that it's just beautiful.

The next lamp is one that my husband bought for me for one of my birthdays. I had been admiring for weeks and was so pleased to receive it!

I love the bead work on it!

The next one really isn't very unusual but I still love it. Jake and I got it for a steal as it was discounted at Lowes. I think we paid $15.00 for it! It goes great in the dining room.

The next light is actually a string of lights that my daughter Ginny bought me for my birthday one year. They are made out of twigs and are actually meant for outdoors.

I just couldn't bring myself to put them outside only to get weathered, 
so I decided to hang them from the fireplace. They make great mood lighting while watching television.

Last but not least is my most valued lamp. It has been passed down through the family over many years. It belonged to my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and now me.

I've had it for over twenty years. I only wish that I knew where my great-grandmother got it from. That would be nice to know.

It still works perfectly and is VERY heavy. It is a reverse painted lamp. Jake and I have searched it with a magnifying glass and can't find any markings on it.
I intend on keeping this in the family. I don't know who will get it when I'm gone but someday after Kate is grown I suppose I will find out which child wants it the most. I am guessing that it would be my oldest daughter, Ginny as she has an appreciation for such things. But as I said, Kate isn't grown yet so only time will tell.
That was just a few of my most favorite lights. 

I hope that they brought a bit of light into your life today!


Barb said...

Your lights are all so wonderful, Di - starting with the sweet grandson. All were given to you and give you a feeling of Love. I hope you get enough snow so Katie stays home - I always loved those days, too. (Still do!) It's snowing here in CO - more powder for tomorrow.

Lynilu said...

I don't know which of the lamps I like best, as they are all just gorgeous. I do know which little man is cutest, however!! He is just precious! As for the forgotten camera, do you have a camera in your cell phone? I used to forget about that, but recently, I've actually remembered to use it when the camera was not handy, and it's a great substitute!

I'm SO glad you're blogging again! I've really, really missed you! Love you!

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
What a great post! Love the build up to finding out who your sweet date was with... so fun!
Your lamps offer you much light, Diana, but they seem to give you warmth too. The memories are sweet and dear.
If you get more snow, I wish you and Katie a great day home... I just love those days!
Bless you always,

Anvilcloud said...

I would be tempted to call it a delightful post, but I guess it was really lightful. You lit up my night anyway. ;)

Garnetrose said...

I love the lamps and I must say your date was quite a handsome young man. *s*

Wanda..... said...

Loved the lights of your life, Di, especially the grandson and your g'g'mother's lamp, which cast such a warm glow. Your post reminds me of Debbie Boone's song...You Light Up My Life!

Snow Storm here this morning too!

Dee said...

What a sweet date...I hope you get to have more. It is good to love and laugh, especially with someone so handsome. All of your lamps are nice...I especially like the one with the beads. Here in "Secret Haven" I only have one lamp..but then I only have one room :) I like the lights hung on your mantle...I love sitting in a dark room with only a few soft lights. very relaxing.

Bernie said...

Your lamps are lovely Di especially the one that was your great grandmothers, love it.
What a sweet little guy your grandson is, I had to chuckle just thinking about you laughing so hard with him over his joke. Have a great day my friend....:-)Hugs

Arlee Bird said...

Definitely some beautiful lamps. In the pictures you put up on your blog, your house always looks so homey--a nice place for a snow day or any day.

Tossing It Out

GutsyWriter said...

You really had me guessing about the guy. Being in france, I honestly thought you were talking about an adult male. Very funny, and well told.

Terrie said...

And you give yourself the "bad blogger award'? I can always count on you to shed "light" on things in different ways. That's one of the reasons I keep reading. Diana, you always seem to inspire me and I thank you for that!

Teresa said...

No Bad Blogger Award today! Light is shining in all over the place! Loved hearing about your date with the light of your life!

All the lamps are beautiful! I love the one with the hummingbird.

Also Di, you lit up my little corner of the world tonight with your blog. Thankyou for being you...light!

(((HUGS))) TT

tattytiara said...

Haha, the beauty of people who speak those special languages is that they're usually considerate enough to tip you off you as to where the punchline is!

Rebecca said...

That last lamp IS a treasure - and I suspect you'd be surprised at the $$$ value on that hummingbird one, too (unless it is a reproduction). I "hear" you when you say you'd rather have your mother here and the lamp in her house....

The mood lights are great! We have tiny white lights strung up the stairway - visible from our living room. They're on 24/7 and I ♥ the ambiance they create.

So, did the snow day work out for you???? Here it's just nasty cold!

Gail said...

Beautiful lights and meaning to the lights :-) and such a special luncheon. I loved the build up. You are a hoot.
Love you

Lena said...

Lights... They are magic aren't they, Di? :)
I love your great grandmother's lamp...
You brought tons of light and a huge smile this morning...

Warmest hugs and loads of love, XXX

Jules said...

The hummingbird one is my looks so warm and cozy.

Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely post! I just love all of your lamps, especially the hummingbird.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Sorry I haven't been by in awhile, enjoyed reading this Di, glad you had a wonderful lunch with your Grandson. He is getting quite big.

It is nice you have a couple of lamps that are more valuable to you than any gem. That does look like a heavy lamp that was your Great Grandmothers.

You have yourself a wonderful week.

Eileen said...

Oh, I did see this post on Facebook, so I didn't miss as much as I thought.
It's nice to see it BIGGER here on the blog though. So now I'm off to inspect the pictures further!