Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Blah, 2011

In case you haven't guessed from my blog title, I have the January Blahs! The January Blues. Funny isn't it ? It sounds like a song title. I wonder if anyone has ever written a song about the "January Blues".
Here it is only the 5th of January and I feel as though it should be the 25th at the very least. To me, January feels like the longest month of the year.
I have been keeping myself busy to thwart off these ho hum blahs, but nothing seems to be working. 
I've been reading an excellent book called "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck.
I've been crocheting but had to stop to give my hands a break. The arthritis is playing havoc with my body, thank you January!
I took all of the Christmas decorations down, packed them up and put my house back to it's previous state. It is clean, nothing else to do!
Yesterday I lit an incense, turned on some Jams on the satellite radio while working on the January, February and March, church calender.
It made me feel like I was transported back to the 70's.
It's been sunny for two days which has been a blessing when suffering from the January blahs, but rain is coming, I feel it.
My oldest daughter Ginny told me all about a new hobby that she and her BF have taken up. It's called Geocaching. All you need is a GPS, car, and some gas if you can afford it. You can read about it here
.  Or you can read about Ginny's experience with it at her new blog  "Ginny Goes Geocaching".

If only I had a GPS, this sounds like fun. I can see a few of my blogging friends doing this, especially you Dee!
My son and his wife spent a couple of days alone in a cabin, they should be home by now. I hope they had a nice relaxing time.
Katie has been driving on and off. So far so good! She must have the January blahs too as her room has been spotless for days!
I have a free day today so I will have to find something to get into!
I have to admit that my mind has already been transported to springtime. Daydreaming. A great January pastime. Don't you think?

Notice how BLAH this post has been? I will have to visit everyone else to see if anyone else has been as BORED as I have been!!!
I hope not, I hope that everyone is out there having fun!
Happy January BLAH, 2011 !


Rebecca said...

I've taken up reading more, sudukos again, trying to arrange coffee/tea with friends a couple of times a week, playing the piano a little each day, and keep pecking away at sorting & decluttering the house.

It is the "ordinary" things that are keeping me busy. I try to push myself to do them in a little extra-ordinary way. I don't like winter AT ALL! I'm still so dosed up with over-the-counter pain meds for shingles that my joints haven't had a chance to hurt :)

Take care, friend. You're not the only one with the blahs!

Anvilcloud said...

The Christmas lights are off, and we have settled into winter. I find February harder though. That's when I get a little weary of winter.

Cinner said...

This year I have been so excited about January, I guess the new start, new plans etc. I get The February blues sometimes...daydreaming is a good pasttime though. I hope Spring comes fast for you. have a big hug from me. c...feel better soon.

Lena said...

Your post is everything but blah, Di...
Winter does that to you... Makes you want to hibernate...

We don't have that here and as I couldn't wait for last year to be over, I'm filling my days with tons of activity...

Enjoy the calm... (While it lasts :))

Loads of love, XXX

Jules said...

I usually have the "winter blahs" not just in January. I don't start perking up until about April around here.

What are you crocheting? I crochet but I just don't know what to make anymore. I make prayer shawls for our church to hand out but I am kind of burnt out on them right now.

Brenda said...

Hi Diana,

I immediately went to your daughter's blog and the website to read about Geocaching. I do not have a GPS that works for hiking but it sounds like lots of fun--especially on a sunny day with grandkids. You enlightened me today.

Sorry about the blahs. I have been dragging my feet at getting back into my volunteer schedule of tutoring and leading a small group on Monday evening and my Bible study. I want to be a recluse and stay home and just piddle around. Maybe we all want something that we don't have. I had not read FB or blogs much for a couple of month and am enjoying catching up on friends now. My hubby had to leave yesterday for a business trip and will be home on Saturday. I felt sorry for him. It was fun to be lazy in the morning and drink a cup of coffee and read. Now I need to figure out how to turn my battery back on. It is somewhere in my head but I cannot seem to find the switch. I am hoping for a few more slow January days.

Andrea said...

My husband and I ushered in the New Year with respiratory crud. I am trying NOT to have the January Blah's, but is is a little tough when I feel soooo yucky!

Hope you feel better soon!
Big hugs, lots of love, and prayers,

Gail said...


C'mon over - I have a nice wine selection, the wood stove offers a warm and welcoming glow, I have home made marinara sauce ready to defrost - and we can eat and chat and laugh and cry and watch girl movies. k?
Love you lots

Eileen said...

This was not a boring post at all, but I do so agree with you JANUARY IS TOO LONG! And the thought of the long, cold winter months dragging on is such a 'bummer' too! Ugh!
I am sick of this cold, ice, and snow already!
I only look forward to the end of the month for Jayden's Birthday, other than that, this month can't fly by fast enough for me! February at least is short, then the long March again, but at least you can see the light at the end of that tunnel with Spring right around the corner.

I have been feeling so 'blah' too! Nothing really wrong, just the winter doldrums I guess.
I will have to start some painting projects to occupy my time. I have some furniture I want to paint, so maybe I'll get into that over the next few weeks.

Nothing much to blog about either. Although I did just do a 'blast from the past' post yesterday and it has now DISAPPEARED! Blogger! Ugh!

Oh well.
I hope you feel better!
'Been missing you, but I so understand!
I'm off to read 'Ginny Goes Geocaching'!
Love to you, E

Lynilu said...

I think January is blah because the period from Thanksgiving to New Year is SO overdone. Between the commercialization, the crazy number of parties and get-togethers, and the general frenzied pace, we are left with those blahs. I'm actually working on a post now that says "why do we do this?" I'm actually pulling out of my slump earlier than usual, and YAY for that!

Hang in there, Di! Hugs!

Graceful Moments said...

I always have the winter blahs! They don't seem to go away until around March 21st or so! I suffer from SAD and also from a bit of arthritis so not a big fan of winter weather. I do enjoy the days when travel is prohibitive and I can curl up with a good book...they are just too few and far between.
I am going now to check out your daughter's blog and find out about this geocoaching thing! Sounds very interesting.
Thanks for dropping by today and sharing. I think there are many of us in this mess at the moment and I don't see it getting much better anytime we must muddle through and trust in Him! Love you to pieces! xo Vicki

Graceful Moments said...


Teacher's Pet said...

Di.... I have my ups and downs type of days. I wish we lived closer, my friend. I understand how you are feeling.
You have my e-mail address, and I would love to talk with you. You shoot me an e-mail, and I'll call you! How's that!!!
Hugs and much love,

Wanda..... said...

I went through the "Blahs" the two weeks Husband was in the hospital, but things are better now that he's home. I'm sure you will perk up Di....your posts and e-mails perk me up. Wish we could all share a pot of coffee and long talks!

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I have been keeping very busy! I think I just need to get out and away for awhile! Be careful w/ those pain meds,I sometimes push myself too hard when I take them! Glad to know that I'm not alone! Love Di ♥

Hi AC,
My mother never liked Feb. either! But because it's shorter, I don't mind it so much plus our spring starts in March here! Love Di ♥

Hi Cinner,
I read on your blog how filled your January is! There is just NOTHING going on here! Not to worry, I will crochet some more!! Love Di ♥

Hi Lena,
I was just thinking about how January makes me want to hibernate! It must be nice to be someplace warm!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Jules,
I just finished making an afghan for my DIL's sister's baby due next month.
I am now working on something secret! After that I want to try sewing some purses, something I've not tried yet!
Love Di ♥

Hi Brenda,
Doesn't that Geocaching sound fun? I would love to try it but don't have a Gps.It's perfect for families too. I would love to do this with Katie and her friend, I think that even the teens would get into it especially if she's driving!
Love Di ♥

Hi Andrea,
I understand! We all had the flu around Christmas. It was not fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon, Blessings! Love Di ♥

Hi Gail,
If I could afford the ticket, I'd be on my way! It sounds exactly like what I need!!! Perfect! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I have some chairs that I want to paint too! Seven to be exact! Don't know if and when I'll get to that!
I'll bet you can do that Geocaching with your hubby,Donald and Jayden!
All you have to do is go to the website, sign in, enter your zip code and you get the coordinates! I swear if I had a GPS, I'd be dragging Katie with me! Although I think that she'd get into it!
We'll make it through this LONG January together!! Love Di ♥

Hi Lyn,
I agree with you about all the excitement and then the let down! I also get tired of being stuck in the house. I want to be outside again!
Love Di ♥

Hi Vicki,
I always feel like we're just hanging on. But I know that things will get better, they always do. I also think that winter just makes everything a little harder. Being stuck inside, unless you happen to live somewhere sunny! Love Di ♥

Hi Jackie,
I will be emailing or calling you soon. I may be alone all weekend! Well even if the girls are here it's just the same as being alone!! We can catch up! I'd love that.
Love Di ♥

Hi Wanda,
I already emailed you, just seeing your comment here today perked me up! And yes, coffee would be great!
I missed you! Love Di ♥

Barb said...

Hi Di, I have a Blog friend who's into Geocaching - he sometimes does it on his lunch break from work! I actually love January, but then, I love the cold and snow. Not much help to you, I guess. Sometimes, I wonder where the time goes - I have more to do than time to do it - I always have a list of books I want to read, for example. I know lots of people get the winter blahs - just not me! Good luck in conquering yours.

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
I used to love winter and the snow as well. I don't know what happened, I sometimes think it's residual from my mom being gone! I have lots to do just tired of being stuck inside. We have no pretty snow, just cold and damp which makes me hurt!
From what I understand, Goecaching can be addicting! Love Di ♥

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I love looking at the pretty white snow in the wintertime, but don't like the cold. It's funny, I don't like steamy heat either...
Last year, I bought a lamp timer for my bedroom. I plugged a low light lamp in it and it automatically comes on at 5:30am. It spreads a soft light in the corner of my room and it helps me feel like I'm not waking up in the middle of the night. It really helps my overall disposition in the morning.

I'll have to check out the geocaching... it sounds very interesting!
Take care, Diana!
smiles to you ~

Bernie said...

Hi Di, I am sorry you have the blahs, like Gail and Wanda I wish we all lived closer so we could support each other - a nice visit with a good laugh is what we all could use. Hang in there sweetie - 4 months and Spring is here and you will be outside playing with all your flowers.

editor said...

interesting article.Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
We don't have pretty snow here, I sometimes think that's part of the problem. It's just dirty and dead looking! We don't get much snow here as a rule. That lamp sounds really nice, I get up between 5:30 and 6:00!
Love Di ♥

Hi Bernie,
It would be great if we could visit, that would pass the time so much nicer! The good thing is that our spring here usually starts around March. I am looking forward to being outside again and gardening!
Love Di ♥

Hi Editor,
Thanks for dropping by!
Love Di ♥

Dee said...

Diana, I also am working on kicking the blahs out of my mind....prayer seems to be my best answer for it.I think geocaching would be fun and may try it one day. Not sure how it works so I look forward to checking out Ginnys blog. I pray the Lord will put some sunshine back into your heart soon my friend. Dee ♥

GutsyWriter said...

Please come over and help me write my book proposal and synopsis before I leave for Paris to see my dad and Copenhagen on Jan. 13th, and attend a conference in San Diego for agents and editors on Jan. 28th. Not enough time. Wish I could relax more, paint and knit. NO TIME!

Ginnie said...

I'm like AC. I do fine until February gets here. That has always been my worst month. At least you're keeping busy and that's the ticket I think,

naida said...

I hope the winter blah's wear off!
I can relate, its like the holidays are over, everything is dying down now and January is bleak and cold.
I recommend renting some funny movies :O)
Hope your hands feel better soon!

Garnetrose said...

I love winter but i do get the blahs at times. I try to do more reading and quilting. Just keep busy I guess is the only answer I can give. Sounds like you do a pretty good job of that.

I was looking at seed catalogs and dreaming of all the flowers i want planted this spring. Another way of beating the blahs for me.


Arlee Bird said...

Funny you should mention the "blahs". I was just thinking how kind of down I was feeling now that the holidays are over. I guess it's mostly after traveling for three weeks and visiting family all over the place and now I'm back home and it's over. Things feel kind of sad and empty in a way.

My mother apparently doesn't know how to pronounce blog and will always tell how she read my "blah". I don't think she making any particular statement by saying that.

I read The Christmas Sweater over the holiday at my mother's insistence. She's a big Glen Beck fan. I'll be reviewing it in the next few weeks along with the other books I read.

A good friend of mine in Tennessee has been geocaching for the past few years and often sends me pictures and accounts about his adventures.

Your post wasnt' blah at all. I rather enjoyed it since there were so many things I could relate to.

Tossing It Out

Lois Evensen said...

Hi, my friend,

I'm glad to get on line to be able to see your blog. You with the blah's??? Nah, knowing you, you've always got a project going although I do understand how easy it is to feel down when the weather is cold and the sky is overcast.

Beck's Christmas Sweater is an excellent book. :)

I hope February is more exciting for you. Gee, we'll have Valentine's Day soon! That's pretty neat!


Ellen said...

Oh but your blog made me smile lots, giggle even Lols!! Had that too over here at my end. :-) January blahs -- nice name to call it. Mine was an on-off thing. One day I get it and then something in the day comes and lifts me out of it. Thought it ended there but nope... it was back again to haunt me. :-)

I guess it was just simply missing the experience and memories of the lovely times of the holidays that passed. Family bonding, the surprises, the delicious dishes, well wishes from lovely friends and people, the laughter and the fun... I was missing all that because it had become all too quiet now. Am guessing it's for sheer loneliness than boredom that's making me feel this way. :-)

But it will lift, as sure as the sunrise is in the new morn. Maybe I'll try learning how to crochet... but for the arthritis. Oh yeah I have that too Lols! Well, will think of something else. hahah... :-)

I like your interesting blog, Diana; it's something like an oasis -- coming out of it refreshed. Thanks for this pleasure. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Ellen :-)

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Diana....
I'm checking back in with my sweet friend....hoping that the blahs are behind you...and sending you love and hugs and great big smiles. You are a sweetie....and I love chatting with you. Know that I love you, my dear friend.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

The blahs don't usually hit me until then, I'm COMPLETELY ready for winter to be over!!! You make me smile as always, dearest Di!!! What a fabulous sense of humor you have!!! I'm so fortunate to know you!!! Love you so!!! Just stopping by to tell you that here!! ~Janine xoxo

Barb said...

Checking up on you, Di. Hope you have thrown off the Blahs! Be well.

Terrie said...

I know exactly what you mean by the January Blahs. I always seem to get depressed in January. This year though, with the puppies, I have not had time to think too much about it. My orders continue to come in the pups continue to poop and pee everywhere so at least my mind is off the blahs.

Linda Higgins said...

blah blah blah blah, and I am with ya sista! January is awful, it is the let down of all the hype and then putting it all way...Lets call January something else...why not, someone decided to change the Astrological charts and add a 13th! What the heck????