Sunday, January 23, 2011

" Superbowl Bound !"

Well folks the Green Bay Packers did it! They are Superbowl bound.
This makes my husband very happy, me too and our oldest daughter Ginny. She watched the game in North Carolina! 

So hopefully my husband will be able to make it home for the Superbowl which will make him very happy. I'm not a huge football fan but I do enjoy watching it with Jake.
A Blogger friend of mine is having a cute giveaway.
Her name is Rae and you can find her over at
"Weather Vane"

We don't live too far from each other and I love the fact that she's feeling the same as I am about this month of January!

Something else really cute that I found yesterday!
Check this out ladies...

This would look so awesome on my bike!
You can find the pattern here

I don't know that my hands could hold up to this having arthritis and carpel tunnel but I SURE WOULD LIKE TO TRY!!!!
I think that they are really cute.

That's all I've got for today folks, I just wanted to take a moment to share a few thing with you.

My husband will be leaving tomorrow and I will be around then to visit all of you. Until then, have a wonderful evening!


Ginnie said...

Crafty people can come up with the craziest things. I'd like to see those bikes in motion.

Anvilcloud said...

Once upon a time I was quite football mad, but I've lost it. I put on the game for a few minutes but couldn't get interested. Sometimes life is like that.

Rae said...

Congrats on your Packers winning. I was pulling for the Bears, but am happy for the Packers win too. Now on to the Superbowl!!

Jules said...

Way to go Pack!! We are so excited around here...

Barb said...

I'm sorry Di, but my husband would absolutely blanch if I told him I wanted crochet on my wheel! What about when I go through mud? Hope you are well. Still snowing here...the Grands just left.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Go GreenBay...
The house was wild today... lots of good food... Mac and Cheese with Peas on the side {Green bay colors for Jason's Birthday celebration} I also made ham.

We held our breath for a while there but...
Wasn't Raji AWESOME!
Here's his celebration dance again on YouTube:

loved that!
*have a wonderful week, Diana!
smiling with you*

Amity said...

I am no football fan dear and you must be happy majority of the family are...:)

Is that a crochet work? That must be fun to do...I love crocheting too...

have a great week ahead... :)

Graceful Moments said...

Oh no! We will be on opposing sides for Super Bowl! I am a huge Steelers fan...since the 70s! Congratulations to Packers for winning their division. My sister and her husband are big Packers fans so we are going to have some fun sibling rivalry going on for next two weeks!!! Go Steelers!! : ) xo Vicki

ManPreet Kaur said...

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Rebecca said...

Not a huge football fan myself...Once the Colts were eliminated, I would of liked to see the Bears in the Bowl.... Oh well. I'm glad your Jake and Ginny are happy.

Re. the wheel design - VERY clever. I'll let it to the more dexteriously gifted though....

I hope to blog today. I've been battling a bit of the blahs lately. Maybe I'll get a jump start by going over to check out the giveaway.

Stay warm! Have a terrific week!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
I love the spirit behind the game-football.
Hey,I have never seen cycle wheels decorated so beautifully.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Eileen said...

Well, I am not a big football fan, so I didn't bat an eye last night when the NY Jets lost to the Steelers. And Ray is more of a Giants fan anyway, so I don't think he felt all that bad either. (And that's another thing I don't get, the bad blood between the Jets fans and the Giants fans ~ they are both New York teams! I guess I just don't get fan loyalty).
Anyway, I'm glad the team you are rooting for got into the Superbowl! And I hope they go all the way for you!

LOVE the bicycle wheel decorations! It reminds me of when we would put cards in our wheels, and there was some kind of plastic decorations too, I can't remember what they were called, but they were prettier than baseball cards, very 'girlie', and they made a nice noise too!
Cute post, Di!
And now I'm off to see if I missed anything else here, Blogger has been horrible and I haven't been able to visit blogs for days and days! And I lost another post to my own blog somewhere out in cyberspace! Ugh!
And it's bitter cold here today! My face actually hurt outside today walking Jayden to school, and I had to really bundle him up with snow pants and everything, and he wasn't cooperating!
I am just full of complaints today! Aren't you glad I stopped in for a visit?! hee-hee!
PS ~ My verification word is 'cranksp', very appropriate because I am a 'crank' today!

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Like Eileen, I am not much of a football fan either. I watch a bit of hockey now and then. I went to my boys hockey games in California, they still play ice hockey. Glad to hear your team won though!

The only teams I cheer for now days are the biggest loser teams on the biggest loser. I love that show and I love to see people getting control of their lives...

Just wish I could get a proper handle on my own.

I think the bike crochet thing is cool and very girlie. I would never have the patience for it, looks like an awful lot of work to me.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Grumble grumble grumble... ummmm congrats on..... the *#&$^$% Packers winning....

Grumble grumble grumble.....



Arlee Bird said...

I've never been much of a sports fan. The rest of my family are sports nuts. I'm the black sheep of the family.

Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
Tossing It Out

Lena said...

I love football! I spent my entire afternoon glued to the TV set...
(Even if my team went home a while ago...)
I think I need a bike!! I would most certainly try my had at those cuties if I had one... *sigh*

Tons of love! XXX

Andrea said...

I am stopping by to thank you for your faithfulness to follow and read at Arise 2 Write. GOD BLESS YOU! Your comments and visits are cherished!


Teacher's Pet said...

Di.... Hello my friend! I think that I am the only person in the USA that didn't watch the game on Saturday (was that when it was on??)....and won't watch the Super Bowl. My hubby will watch it...but I'll be out with my camera somewhere. :)))
BUT...I do hope that Jake makes it home to watch the Super that you can watch him watch it. (Did that make sense? If it did, we are sisters!) :)))
When you mentioned Ginny and N.C., a lump came to my throat. I miss N.C. so much....but our home up there is completely snowed in...and we couldn't drive there now if we wanted to. The people on the mountain where our home is are stranded "in"....and can't even be airlifted out if they needed to get, they are hunkered down for this collllld spell in the Western North Carolina Mountains. That doesn't keep me from missing them, though. I could be snowed in with the best of them! (Health willing...)
I pause now... and say a prayer for your arthritis and your carpel tunnel, my friend. "Please, dear Lord....touch Diana...relieve her pain, Dear Lord. Let her feel Your healing touch, is my prayer for her. Thank you, Jesus, for all You have done for us...and all You will continue to do. Amen."
I love you, Di.... I'm right close as your e-mail or telephone.
Much love,

Jerelene said...

Hi Di!
Those are pretty neat..and I bet they look cool spinning around too!
Has the weather been playing havoc with your arthritis? It's about to do me in..literally. I hurt so bad!! Between it being so cold and damp..I can hardly get around. I'm being referred in with the rheumatologist that my Mom and Sis I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say..
Your blog looks so pretty! I love the header especially :)
I will check out your friends blog..I love blogging around :):)
Stay warm dear friend...
Love and hugs, Jerelene
PS...keep me in mind if you make any trips to Evansville, I would love to meet up sometime :) Wouldn't that be delightful!!!

tattytiara said...

Oh those are cute! What a fun project.

Linda Higgins said...

Wow Di those are some fancy spoke do-dads, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have the patience to even do all that work for my bike spokes, and it looks hard to do! OK now I want to see your bike all decked out, maybe start on it for the forth of July or something! hehehehe

Dee said...

Hi, Looks like your blahs are lifting even more.. so many bloggers are having a hard time..I have been busy with medical stuff or I would be blogging more.I should show the knitting/crochet project to my would make a cute gift for my grandaughters bike. I am not much of a sports fan myself but enjoy watching others watch it. Now I am heading over to the giveaway...catch ya soon. :) Dee

Wanda..... said...

The bike wheel dressings do spruce up the bikes, but that clean look wouldn't last long here in the country...all that brightness would be dull after a ride or two! I'm afraid too that the birds here would attack the yarn for their nests!

Nezzy said...

Here's sendin' ya a great big CONGRATULATIONS on your teams great win. We had both games on Sunday but I have to confess...(they say it's good for the soul)...I read durin' the game and pause only for the commercials. Whew, there...I'm so glad I got that off my chest! Heeeheheh!!!

Enjoy your day sweetie and may God richly bless it!!!!