Thursday, August 6, 2009

" Please Let This Work "

O.K. I will try this again! I am using Katie's laptop that she got back from Pastor about a week ago. It didn't let me post on blogger last night so I am trying again.

Katie has been hoarding her computer for a week and I let it go for awhile. Finally I had enough and had to confiscate it from her! The mouse on it is super sensitive and it's driving me insane so you may get a post and you may not! I must have her fix this.

Monday was registration day. Katie is now officially a freshman! She is pretty excited and a bit nervous as we all were. Her first day, which will only be three hours, is a week from Friday. You can bet that I will be anxiously awaiting her return home that day to hear all of the news!

I have been tagged by Marcy with a MeMe. In this one we are supposed to reveal seven things that our children think or thought was awesome about ourselves.

Tag seven other awesome bloggers.

And let them know that they are tagged.

I don't know that I will have seven other bloggers to tag unless I retag some, so I will just do the best that I can.

Also Marcy say's that we may use someone other then our children if need be.

Last night I emailed my oldest daughter Ginny. She is 28 years old and I was pretty sure she would have something nice to say about her MaMa! She emailed me back a few comments .

Also last night I posed this question to my 14 year old daughter Katie. Truthfully I didn't expect anything good from her. But she came up with three things which I had to write down right away as I was in shock!

I tried to get my son Frank who is 31 years old, on the phone last night. He was to tired to call me back. I really didn't expect him to give me an answer as he is sort of a Yup and Nope kind of guy! But he called me back this morning and to my surprise had two things to say about his mom!

So here is my list. I will do the best that I can to use their words!

1. Katie's first answer: " You let me listen to my music in the car."

This is only because we always drive short distances. But she doesn't have to know this!

2. Katie's second answer:" You always watch my shows with me."

Yes and I have no idea why I do this!

3. Katie's third answer: " You'd let me get my eyebrow pierced if dad said yes."

Would I ? We'll probably never know!

4. Ginny's first answer: " You are an amazing cook, always creating tasty concoctions! We were well fed!"

Well I couldn't let them starve could I?

5. Ginny's second answer: " You were always supportive of everything I was interested in. I never had to convince you to let me try out for a new club or sport. You never tried to hamper my odd Punky Brewster style!

There are great forces out there that just can't be stopped!

6. Ginny's third answer: " You introduced me to some awesome music including the Beatles, Janis Joplin and Manhattan Transfer."

Well o.k. I did try there, it would explain my sons love of Led Zeppelin!

7. Franks only answer: " You always made us a hot breakfast everyday."

Yes I did, and now you know why I am sick to death of cooking!

And there you have it. See how awesome I am!! I cooked and listened to music a lot apparently.

I am going to tag:





Oh what the heck girls, I am tired and have to go to a board meeting tonight so consider yourself, all of you, tagged!

Oh and the second thing that Frank said about me in case you were wondering was that I always gave him things that he needed!

Did they think that I wouldn't for some reason?!


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

You ARE awesome! And now you know!

Eileen said...

I liked this post very much, Di! Your kids did a great job! And, as usual, I love your input too!

Well, lady, you've surpassed me! Your list sure beats my "I visited my daughter in the hospital when she almost died"! How awesome is that I ask you?! It's just a barrel of laughs living with these comedians here!

Enjoy your meeting tonight!
I'll talk to you later.

Diana said...

Oh Rebecca that's so nice but I just try to do my best and muddle through!

Well Eileen I'll tell ya, I knew Ginny would cooperate as she always thinks I'm awesome (I have no idea why!) but Katie sure shocked me because of all of the " My mother is crazy " looks that I get. And just the fact that Frank said something was a pretty big deal! He's not a talker.

Eileen said...

Oh, I forgot to say 'Congratulations!' to Katie on registering for high school! I kind of feel like it's a big deal! Does she?
Is she excited? Nervous? Both? What about you?
Love, me
PS ~ I know that 'my mother is crazy' look very well! My sister-in-law and I talk about that all the time! What's with these kids?

Wanda said...

Again a fun post from you Diana...your kids came through for you...their music loving mom who started their day with a hot breakfast...what more could a kid want! :)

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
I can't even imagine the answers I'd get to this question. You make me want to ask them, though. Yours said some pretty awesome things. I'm trying to remember if I ever made mine hot breakfasts!

A high schooler now - Good luck to Katie! (and you...)

Anonymous said...

Freshman Katie: hard and enjoy learning. Soak up the knowledge and gain much wisdom.
Diana: I know that you have to be smiling and sooo proud of the responses you got from you children. You are an awesome lady.
Smiles and love from Jackie

Jerelene said...

You are awesome...of course your kids would think that you are too!!
They are lucky to have such a sweet and good Mom!!
And, we're all lucky to have you as an awesome friend!!
Love, Jerelene

Bernie said...

Oh Diana, I love your list, and I think your pretty awesome myself. Good Luck to Katie, more fun ahead for you my friend so Good Luck to you too!......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Yes Katie is very excited and very nervous. I'm not really excited because I keep thinking how fast the time is going to go by and soon I'll be by myself. Which isn't a bad thing but I will miss Katie terribly even though she can be a major pain sometimes!

Hi Wanda,
I think my mistake was, looking back, cooking too much. Instead of teaching them how to cook. I have been teaching Katie though. Frank was lucky to find a wife who cooks great, Ginny can cook really good now but it took several years of cooking lessons on the phone!

Good Morning Barb,
You should ask them, you should do the MeMe! I'm sure you will be surprised as I was.

Hello Jackie,
I am so proud that I got answers from them!

Hi Jerelene,
I really don't feel that I was an awesome mom. But thank you. I know that there are things that I could have done better.

Dear Bernie,
I am armed and ready!

Blessings each day said...

Well, my keyboard continues to give me hissy fits!

Now it is failing to be communicating with my computer more and more often. When I first got this computer two years ago, it started doing this randomly and then about every 20th time. Now it's doing it every 5th time or two times in a row.

Sad to say, I was here last night just typing my guts out when I realized nothing was happening in your comment box!

Weirder yet is that the mouse works every time,but I thank God for that. Still, I can't type anything, not even a password for banking.

Now that you've had this pitiful long story ezplaining why you didn't get a comment from me, let me comment...

As I said last night (but it was apparently invisible cyber ink) I like how you did this MeMe, Diana, very creative and very interesting too.

This is a good way to get your children to think about good things about their mom, so you are one rocking cook! I knew we'd hear good stuff about you!

blessings and hugs,


Eileen said...

Just popping over to say 'HI!' It's quiet in the village today.
Just as well, I have lots to do today. I have the grout guy coming tomorrow so I need to clean out the bathroom (an excuse to throw out a lot and reorganize!), and I want to reorganize Jayden's dresser drawers, and I have company coming over later this evening, so I guess I'll get busy!
Have a good weekend, Di!
Post or email and let me know how you're doing with your job and just life in general.
Love you, E

Terrie said...

Alrighty then, I guess you'll just have to check my blog in a couple days to find out what my kids say about me. I hope they are half as kind as your kids.

Snowbrush said...

Diana, you can set the speed at which the mouse moves (and even how fast the clicker operates). I have an Apple so I might not be able to advise unless you do too, but you could try going to "Help," and typing in "mouse." It's really an easy adjustment to make.

Maria said...

Hi Diana! There are last days and first days all the time with children... Last day of Kindergarten, first day of middle school...8th grade graduation... first day of high school...
Congrats to Katie!
Don't work for your teachers... don't work for yourself... work as if unto the Lord (wish I really understood that when I was younger... wish I lived more like that now ;o)
Many blessings for the school year ahead!

Wonderful list of a mother who's there for her kids!

Stillness Speaks said...

Your sense of humor is amazing Diana :) Even though your children have simplified things a lot, I can imagine how much effort goes into bringing up children. You've done a fabulous job so far Diana, and are still doing so much! How is your work going along? Hope you're taking adequate care of your health and are eating right and on time..Loads of love

Garnetrose said...

Sounds as though you are a super duper Mom!! Good to read the things your kids said.