Thursday, August 27, 2009

" My Daughter , Ginny "


Gail said...

Hi DIana-

WOW!! Your daughter??!! She is beautiful, comfortable in front of the camera, very well spoken and delightful to watch and listen to.
Thank you so much forsharing this. I Love it.

Love Gail

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
Ginny took speech and acting in high school, that helped her quite a bit but she's always enjoyed an audience! Thank you for watching!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Well done, Diana and she does look so much like you! Does this mean you could be so cool on TV too?

Does she get to be on television very often or is she just a natural? Bet you are beaming!!!


blessings and big hugs,


Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
Ginny does a web news cast everyday and then once a week on the news they do a preview of whats coming up on her blog which is what you just saw. And no I would not want to be on t.v., well maybe if the pay was right!
Love Di

Eileen said...

This was great, Di! She really is a natural! Would she like her career to go in this direction (on camera), or do you think she'd like more the creative writing?
She does quite well at both, I would think she'd have her pick! Nice if she could continue to do both!

Thanks for sharing this, Di! Exciting!
Love you, E

Susan DeAngelis said...

Hi Di,
Wow, your daughter is gorgeous. I was so impressed, I submitted my blog!

You must be incredibly proud of her. Thank you for sharing this vid. :)

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

How great is this! Where have I been? I had no idea! They say, "The nut doesn't fall too far from the tree", don't they? I think that speaks well for YOU, Diana. You must be very proud!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Ginny does not like being on t.v. at all. She would rather be writing.She misses working in a newspaper newsroom. They just sort of threw her out in front of the camera it wasn't her choice really.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for watching the video and yes, I am very proud of Ginny. She has always been an overachiever. While it may not be her dream job, she does give it her all!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Rebecca if you only knew how true the "Nut not falling far from the tree" saying is with us! We both can get pretty silly and crazy! I'm not the only one that can break out in hysterical fits of laughter! I do miss having fun with my girl and yes I am very proud of her! Thank you.
Love Di

Dr.John said...

A couple of the students I taught debate to in high school became lawyers. Speach training does help.
Your daughter was great.

Wanda said...

I know you were proud of Ginny anyway...and this just gives you more reason to be...She is lovely
and it's nice that you can visit her blog...Hope all her future dreams come true Diana and Katie's too!.

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
Speech was a tremendous help to Ginny in helping her speak to the public. She has given speeches to journalism classes in the past. She still gets nervous but probably with more confidence!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
It's nice to be able to see her as well as hear her talk. We talk on the phone but I love being able to see her even if it's just on the computer!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Di..I'm so glad you posted this video of Ginny! She's beautiful, and she does such a great job! I love her smile...looks very natural....I'm sure she got that from her Mom...and I love the way she speaks with ease. A tremendous video....and I will want her autograph!! Terrific blog this evening, my friend....terrific!!

Diana said...

Good Evening Jackie,
Thank you for your kind words about my older girl! We both love people. I think that is our greatest common bond!
Love Di

Barb said...

Ginny is great in front of the camera - a natural! I enjoyed the clip.

Bernie said...
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Bernie said...

Hi Diana, I don't know what I did wrong but I found your post and I absolutely loved it. Katie is precious and I'm sure she knows you will always be there for her, you sound like such a wonderful mother so never doubt what you do when it's always done with love.
Ginny is adorable and I loved her presentation, and oh does she ever look like you....gorgeous! Take care my friend and be very proud of the wonderful children you have raised.......:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

SO proud to see your daughter on CNBC( Wasn't it CNBC??) WOW!! She is effortless and very comfortable in her skin and yes, camera friendly too!

Diana, parents make mistakes. They are humans after all. They do whatever they do, but at the end of it all, they don't wish their children ill. Sometimes the children notice it, sometimes they don't. The over protectiveness, the constant guarding, everything has unconditional love at the core.

I am sure your children love you the way you are :) Loads of love to you :)

Brenda said...

Hi Diana,

What fun to see your daughter! I looked up both of the blogs that she mentioned and read and watched them as well. She looks happy in her work. You are right to be proud of her!

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Thanks for watching! I did ask if she minded me posting it! I wouldn't want to get in any trouble!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
You always make me feel better about myself. Thank you for that. I'm glad you were able to see the video. If it ever happens that all you see is a black screen instead of the video, try clicking refresh. Thats what I had to do.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
It was an NBC affiliate station. A local NBC news station.
My son and his wife invited us for dinner tonight so I am assuming that he still loves me, LOL!!!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
There are sooo many blogs out there! Ginny profiled one, I think it was called Mr. Scrubby. Mr. Scrubby is a cat that has his own blog and followers! I have never looked at it but maybe I will.
Love Di