Friday, August 28, 2009

" The Villagers Gather for Celebration "

Yes this is a special day in the village. Today is our founders birthday ! Happy birthday to you Marcy !

A Birthday Poem for Marcy

Marcy is as sweet as can be.

She is here everyday you see.

We rally around to hear all the village news.

And there are many jokes and amusements too.

Today is her special day you see.

But do we know quite how old she can be?

Ah it doesn't matter what age that she is,

Because after all in this village we're all kids !

As for Marcy and her special day,

Somehow I know, she's going to play!

Oh Marcy we love you and this much you should know,

You are very special and we all love you so !

I hope your special day is filled with love, hope, peace and all that God's blessings can bestow upon you!

Love Di


Eileen said...

I love it and I know Marcy will too!
God Bless Marcy and God Bless you too, Di!
Love you, E
PS ~ My verification word is dersert (reminds me of dessert and all Marcy's 'sweet' posts!)

Blessings each day said...

WOW...too sweet...I feel so humbled and so honored and so grateful that God brought you into my life, Diana...THANK YOU so much!

many blessings and grateful hugs,


Wanda said...

Hello again this morning Diana...
I just left here a few moments ago...we both did poems for Marcy's birthday!
See you later,

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem from a lovely lady...
I'm so glad that Marcy has you as a friend. You are truly a good friend, Di.

Gail said...

Hi DIana-

Lovely tribute :-)

and Happy Birthday to you Marcy.

Love Gail

Tranquility Speaks said...

A very Happy Birthday to Marcy! And that was such a nice ode to the birthday girl :D

Bernie said...

Well done my friend, I feel so blessed to have Marcy and all of my friends in blog land....Have a great day my friend and don't work to hard.......:-) Hugs

Brenda said...

Hi Diana,

I don't like to be so publicly ignorant but have wondered from time to time, what are the "villagers?" I am assuming that it is a blogging group? Are you all friends or do you have a common theme? And Marcy founded the group? When? And Happy Birthday, Marcy!

Jerelene said...

Great Job Diana...the poem was awesome!!!
Marcy is just the best isn't she?
Wonderful Birthday post :)
See...Eileen notices word verification too :)
I'm so glad I'm not alone!
Love and Hugs to you....

Eileen said...

Oh, YES, I notice the word verifications and a lot of times they want me to type NOT NICE words! I know it's just 'random' letters, but how come I get so many random letters that sound dirty?!

And, Di, would you please let Brenda know that she's a 'villager' too whether she likes it or not! She comments here, that makes her 'one of us' (poor thing!)!
Who did 'found' the group? I know for sure Marcy is the Mayor without even taking a vote!

I stopped at Brenda's place for a bit, very nice blog! And she can whistle!! Very impressive!

Talk to you later.
I have to go change my clothes now (I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet and a jar of gravy came crashing down all over the counter, all over me, all over the floor, into a drawer that I had opened and into boxes that were in that drawer! And slivers of glass everywhere! Why did I bother to try and clean today? Ugh!)
Love you, E
Word Verification: okedi! I love it! Okey-dokey, Di!

Barb said...

Well - Marcy is blessed - you've given her a lovely gift, Di. I think I'll have to visit her personally to say Happy Birthday, too!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, And everybody!!!
I sent an email to Brenda to let her know about the village. I guess we know who the village idiot of the day is today!! Only kidding, you know I love you Eileen. What a mess! At least your not going to serve the gravy to anyone. Or are you? Da Da Da!
No cooking for me today people. I am going to eat at Frank and Amy's!
Love Ya, Di

Linda Higgins said...


Maria said...

Sing a song of Birthdays
Full of fun and cheer
And may you keep on having them
For many a happy year. . .

What a very special post for Marcy!
~So Very sweet~
All the best to everyone! ~Maria

Susan DeAngelis said...

Happy Birthday Marcie!

What a wonderful poem, Di. You are a special friend.

Love Sue

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey diana..

Very nice poem..

:(..hey my wishes to ur gill,..hehe..(Wrt to previous post) ..

And this a nice b'day gift that one can get..

With best wishes..


Ann of Green Cables said...

Hi! Just catching up on your posts. I think your poem to Marcy is great! Hope you are feeling better and stronger about being a 'quitter'. <3