Wednesday, August 19, 2009

" A Safe Place "

I remember blogging quite some time ago about my son Frank and his wife Amy's house. It is over one hundred years old and was the original "Bank of Waltonville", the tiny town that they live in. As a matter of fact , the town is so tiny that there is no longer a bank in the town. But back then there was a lot of mining going on and I suppose the town had a need for a bank.

I finally remembered when I was there this past weekend to get a photo of it. With their permission of coarse ! Not to worry, the locks have been disengaged so no one could accidentally get locked in there! The door is very hard to close as it is very heavy .
The walls that line the inside of the safe are made out of 10 inch thick concrete.
Unfortunately they have never found any money in there but they have found some very old receipts from long ago business owners.
The safe itself sits inside of a pantry or closet type room with a door so unless the door is open you can't see the safe.
They asked that I not post a picture of the inside as they use it for a tool/ closet/catch-all room. I understood. Just open one of my closet doors!
I think it would be very nice to have a safe place in my house. Don't you ?


Blessings each day said...

I see you had no time
To make a rhyme
So here's one of mine
That will do just fine.

A safe in a house
Is quite a sight
Makes it feel quite snug
And wrapped up tight.

blessings and snug hugs,


Ginnie said...

What an interesting house! Your son and his wife must be the adventurous type ... I love it.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope your daughter in Raleigh is not melting in this heat.

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
Everytime I try to rhyme
I come empty
Time after time.

I am sorry my dear. I haven't
given up yet. I just don't seem
to have it in me!

Love Di

Bernie said...

Hi Di, now that safe would hold my jewelry and to have it all in one place would be great....this is quite a find.
I love old homes, they have so much character and just knowing all the history of it is fantastic.
Are the ceilings high? Loved to have the money and the energy to fix up a house of this age, I think that would be so much fun.
Hope you are doing well today my friend.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Ginnie,
Visiting your post was my pleasure. I am going back there to read some more.
My son and his wife were more adventuresome when they bought the house. Although they love it I don't think they were quite prepared for all of the work involved!
My Ginny has only complained about the heat while she's driving as her a/c in the car doesn't work. I hope that doesn't make her drive faster!
Thank you for visting Ginnie!

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
The ceilings are very high, they are 12 or 14 feet. My husband can't remember. They have since been covered over by a false ceiling. It's a shame because the original ceiling still has all of the old fancy tin tiles on it. But as central heating came into modern times, they had to run the duct work over the ceilings. So someone in the past covered it all up. Unfortunately my son can not afford to have all of the duct work moved so that the original ceiling can be exposed again. Plus part of the walls, not just in the safe itself, are also 10 in. thick!
Frank had to rewire the whole house and redo all of the floors. It is two stories and was once used as Doctors offices. I will post more someday. The front entrance is very interesting too. It still has boot scrapers at the bottom of the stairs!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Oh, you know this house is right up my alley! I would love to live in a house with all that history!
Thank you for posting this, Di, and thank your son and daughter-in-law!
And YES, I of all people understand about not wanting to show the clutter room (I now have the basement, two rooms in the attic, and two closets full of clutter)!

I'm bound and determined though to be clutter-free within two years (I figure it will take that long with all I've accumulated here, plus I have so much of my parents stuff to go through too)!

Let's bean Marcy! She says we only have to post a poem if it's fun for us, and then she reprimands us!!
Why, I oughta...!
Well, she was kind enough to do the poem for you, so I'll cut her some slack!

Talk to you later, Di.
Love, E

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Jayden will soon be in school all day,
This will give you time to play.

If I were there I would help you,

as cleaning and organizing is what I do!

Ya think Marcy might be happy NOW!!!

Love Di

Dr.John said...

Yep! I'd like one of those as long as I didn't have to remember a combination.

Wanda said...

Hi Diana...Don't worry, there wasn't a post OR a poem from me excuse = computers were down...
I remember the post of their home, in our small town, the original bank is an icecream parlor now and the vault is still there for viewing.

I've been with my grandsons all just now coming to the village since earlier this morning at 6:00. Their school starts after Labor Day.

Take care,

Gail said...

Hi Diana-

Fascinating, has all the makings of a set for a great Nancy Drew mystery. :-)
Love to you

Terrie said...

I love it! It would be so cool to have a safe like that in my house to keep all my prized possessions in except for the fact that having worked at a bank, I have smashed my hand (broke my wedding ring and bruised my hand badly)and another unmentionable (so I was trying to catch the door with my body before it closed and locked so the slow poke teller could put her drawer away) in that heavy door before and I probably would decide the door needed to come off and a regular door put in it's place... but then that would defeat the purpose of a safe, wouldn't it? But I do love old houses and unique conversions!

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
I still have nightmares of trying to remember my locker combinations in high school. I always had trouble with them!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I hope you had a pleasent day with your grandsons! When I went to school we always started after Labor Day too. I have no idea why they start so early here when it's still so hot.
An ice cream parlor sounds like a real good idea right now!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh my gosh Gail you should have seen that place before they bought it when we first looked at it. It was so filled with junk. There was a path of stuff to walk through. They have done so much to it since then. It doesn't even look like the same house inside. It was creepy before, but you could see so much potential. I think we all loved it.
Love Di

Diana said...

Well Terrie with all of those bad experiences with the bank safe, I certainly wouldn't blame you for wanting to take the door off! But your right, that would defeat the purpose!
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

That's the thing with old constructions. The structures have so much strength and were so good quality that they have weathered everything and are still intact. These days there is always a compromise in the quality. The buildings that the Britishers built in my country and still so good and were built so aesthetically :)

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Now THERE'S a story! It reminds me of the time we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast somewhere south that used to be a jail!

I'm thinking of you as you adjust to the quiet house and extra time on your hands. Enter gently into the "new" schedule and don't overdo. Be sure to do something nice for yourself, too. You "do" for a lot of other people.....

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
You are so right about the way they built houses today. They are almost like cardboard boxes unless of coarse you have loads of money and can have it done the way you want! We can dream!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
So far I have been really enjoying my time. I haven't left the house in two days. It's kind of nice. But I must go clean today and work at church tomorrow. It's nice not having to take Katie to school and pick her up. It free's up a lot of time!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana!! I love that photograph...and had to smile when you said that you asked permission... Sometimes, I forget....but forgiveness is good, right!! :)) I would love to have that in my house....imagine what treasures one could store in there....
Smiles and hugs,

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Yes I felt I should ask permission before invading their privacy! I think the safe would make a great Panic Room! Except you'd probably run out of oxygen in there!
Love Di

Maria said...

This is incredible...never seen anything like it! Thinking of what it would be like to have a walk-in-safe downstairs! When I tell people PLEASE don't go down in my basement to get something for me (because it's such a mess and I don't want them to see it) I would rest knowing that it's under lock and key!
...been car shopping with my oldest... she's currently driving a '96 and doesn't want to go through another winter with it...
what a challenge ...everything is so expensive...
I can't believe they have to junk the 'clunkers!' I'll take one!
The Best to you always, Maria

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
They don't have a basement. The safe is next to what is now the kitchen area. It's a very large open space because it was a bank lobby!
I agree with the clunker thought. It's as if we are being forced to purchase weather we can afford or not. I do understand the whole green thing yet there are many that can only afford clunkers. Well by the time Katie starts driving mine will be a clunker!!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Hi there Di! I loved your last few posts about you sweet daughter going back to school and you NOT crying and your wonderful shopping experience with her! I have spent much of my day just catching up again on posts...I am so grateful for this job that allows me to do just that! although my boss may not agree, good thing he isn't reading any of this! hehehe. SWEET pics of you and hubby. Can you believe that summer is over! 2 strokes! wow! I just got some news that I dreaded and knew would come...back on the cholesterol meds...for life, levels are around 299...NOT GOOD! Don't want to have your experiences and they could be right around the corner...and hopefully not the coroner!

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
I went through three different meds before I found one that didn't make me feel like crap 24/7. My cholesterol is still high but I'm tired of worrying about it. One can only take so much. I take nine different pills everyday. I am so done with medicines. If these don't work then the rest is in Gods hands!
Love Di

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