Thursday, July 8, 2010

" The Big Build Up "

It has been very hot and humid. Not surprising for this time of year! And while it isn't the weather that I prefer, I suppose acceptance is my only alternative at point!

However this is putting a strain on all of my plants, flowers and water bill! I usually water in the evening as lately it seems to take me so long to get moving in the mornings.

But since my new tenant "Mr. Toad" has moved into my yard, I have taken to sprinkling water over his area in the mornings as that is when he seems to like to show himself ! I do believe he likes the water and the company. Although this may just be my over active imagination at work again!

Can you see him blending in with the rocks?
Maybe this will help...

Our ground has been so dry, I've been praying for rain. Not only for the plants and crops but in hopes that the temperatures and humidity might drop a bit as well.


This afternoon I had to go to church to meet with our accountant. I am the church secretary and most of my job consists of data entry. 
The problem lies when I make a mistake, which isn't too often, in the data that I enter! You must know that I despise working with numbers and I also do quite a bit of bookkeeping as well!


Despite this fact I have been the secretary there for nearly seven years now, and I really do love my job. That makes no sense what so ever but truth is stranger than fiction!

While waiting for our accountant to arrive I went outside. That's when I saw it. The huge black cloud just east of where I was standing.

Could it be? Dare I hope? 
I was feeling excited now as I walked back inside of the church.

Our accountant, just as I knew she would, found my mistake fairly quickly. I felt the fool as I thanked her profusely, and we both went on our separate ways. Now if I can only remember everything she told me!

As I was on my way home, the cloud followed me. 
Oh come on! Just rain already!

When I got into the house my one little dog Roxy was shaking and panting. 


And then lightening! And then thunder and lightening!

Oh please let it rain, I was just too tired to wrestle with the giant, super industrial strength hose that my husband picked out so that it would last a lifetime!

Now it's getting very dark. The wind is blowing, the thunder is clapping and the lightening is lighting the darkness of the storm to come, 

 Then I heard it!

Pit, pat!   Pit pat.   Pit pa..



And that was it. I'd say there was a good twenty or so drops.

It's been very hot and humid. Not surprising for this time of year! 


Shelley said...

Ahh the cooling rains - pitter patter we will welcome them. Here the leaves are turning over here as the winds pick up. Always a good sign when the leaves turn their faces to accept the drink of rain.

Lois Evensen said...

We got the little quickie rain here this evening, too, but not enough to make our plants happy. It just was enough to be able to smell the wet warm sidewalks and soil.

I remember that smell from when I was a kid in the summer and we would move our card table where we were playing Monopoly or Rummy or Canasta from the back yard to the garage with the door open.

I hope you get more raindrops overnight. Perhaps it could be like Camelot where it rained from 3 - 5 PM or some such time in the middle of the night.


Diana said...

Hi Shelley!
Too bad it was a false alarm. I love a good storm! Thanks for visiting! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Oh Lois, I can remember the days when I could handle that kind of heat! Not anymore. I used to play Monopoly too, we still do occasionally! Love Di ♥

Wanda said...

We received a drenching downpour this evening, then just a mile or so out of town...completely dry. Hope you get more rain tomorrow Di!

Anvilcloud said...

We've been watering quite a bit this week. Fortunately, we are on a plat rate system. We really don't overdo it though. Really.

I have been treasurer of several organizations, which is also a bit odd. I don't mind the job, but I am not a precise person and am prone to entry errors.

Bernie said...

We get rain every evening Di and I love it as it cools things off for bed. It has been really hot today but I had appointments then a late lunch with my friend and every building was air conditioned. I love the heat, A/C and the rain. Your flowers are lovely Di, and I am enjoying Mr. Toad....big hugs sweetie....:-)

Barb said...

All those black clouds and you hardly got any rain! It snowed and hailed here today, Di - I'd gladly ship some to you. Mr Toad looks quite comfy there in the Hosta shade, leaning on your rock border.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Morning!
I loved all the tiny colourful blooms.They look so pretty.
The eagerness for raindrops is felt through your words.
It will be arainy day,today.
Happy to know you are the church secretary.
Let showers bless you!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Lynilu said...

I'm praying for rain for you, too. I know how hard it is to live through those dry spells. And those dry thunderstorms are just teases!

Cinner said...

Diana, a rain would be nice for you, like Bernie says, we get rain just about every night. hot though, I do have a small air conditioner so I can sleep or I would really be outa sorts. I like MR.Toad, he blends in with those rocks pretty good. take care my friend, don't overdo it...I know easier said than done. hugs to you.

Donna's Book Nook said...

I can't believe it--only 20 drops?! We had been very dry and humid as well, and got a downpour last night. Very thankful!
The pictures of your flowers and plants are beautiful!

Brenda said...

I love your little toad. I found him by enlarging the photo before reading on. . . I do hope that you get rain soon . . . Showers of Blessings.

Gail said...


Very hot and humid here too in CT so oppressive. We are on high alert for fires to start.

I SO Love Mr Toad and your caring for him and relating to him. :-)

Stay cool - rain is coming

Love you
peace and hope.....

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Hope your mistake did not cause you too much stress. I also hate/love bookkeeping. One thing for sure is that when you are doing it you don't think about much else. You have to concentrate.

Hope you get some rain soon. I have not had to water my flowers at all lately since it seems it rains every night here. I like that, since it is so nice during the day, and stormy when you sleep, and you awake to such freshness, and WATERED PLANTS.

Thanks for your pep talk on my blog...I appreciate your comments. ((((HUGS)))) TT

SabiSunshine said...

I am glad you accountant got your mistake earlier. LOve those pic you posted specially the purple flower.. i love the flowers and makes you always feel fresh.

I am glad to be your friend.

Sabi sunshine

Wanda said...

Oh Diana ~~ I want a toad in my back yard... how cute he is! Over the past year, we have several kinds of birds that visit the feeder daily.... but I would like a toad!!

You pictures are lovely!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Di, its same situation here in india in some places..
we hav heavy rains at times an immediatley it ssoo hot..:) freaking.!!

best wishes fr ur family..

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Di, I hope that got the rain that you needed, and that your Temperatures have lowered. I watch on the news about the Heat and Humidity in the East. Everyone could use some relief.

Blessings my Friend.

Rebecca said...

Dry here, too. We did get more than 20 drops or so last night, but I'm not sure we got as much as my friend Donna a few miles SE of us....

Your flowers (and toad) show signs of tender loving care. Be sure to water YOURSELF while you're outside tending to your yard and garden!

Garnetrose said...

we are getting rain. I am glad it will cool it down some. It has been so hot here and is supposed to cool down. I am glad you were able to find theproblem so quickly.

Amity said...

Hi Diana;

Sorry for the long absence. I missed your place. It's just that it's hard being a working Mom and when hubby is also miles away working to give his family a decent life and be able to send his kids in a decent university. My daughter, the eldest in a brood of three got sick so I have to go to the city where they are studying in college and bring her to a doctor.

And the travel from my hometown to the city is a taxing almost 12 hours. But am back home now and happy that my daughter Kaye is recuperating fast.

Your post here reminds me also the feeling of wanting a good downpour in our country. The temperature here in our place is almost baking-hot. I'd rather be in the confines of my room where an AC could relieve the feeling.

You hate numbers? I do, too! But when it comes to computing bonuses, I would love it to be more than 5 digits...:-)

Have a wonderful weekend Di, hope the rains will come pouring soon in your place and not just a good twenty or so drops!

Amanda said...

it's been very hot and humid here too, which is somewhat unusual for my area... well the oppressive heat for the length of time it's been at least. I love how you have mr. toad in your garden and your picture captures of him!!! so lucky you were to get a thunderstorm and some rain... we are desperate for some rain or something to break this heat a little
have a great weekend diana =)

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am so glad it rained :-) It's raining here as well these days and I love to get wet in the rain and feel droplets on my face :)

I'm happy to see the toad in his very own toad inn :)

Maria said...

Good Morning Diana!
Oh I do hope it's raining where you are, Diana!
Last night we went to bed with cooler temps {70's) and rain...

To think you had all that build up and just a few drops... With the oppressive heat and humidity we really need a break.
I told Amanda, that maybe the humidity was good for our skin...
but it's been too many days of it ... I don't know how our FL friends do it!
Wishing you a cooler weekend and some REAL rain to wash the heat away!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I hopeyou soon got the downpour you were looking for. No doubt Mr Toad was looking for some moisture too although it sounds as though you keep him well-sprinkled.

arlee bird said...

Love the photos. One thing I do miss in Southern California is thunderstorms. But on the other hand I guess having them would mean humidity which I really don't like.

Tossing It Out

Jules said...

We've actually had more rain this year than normal. I do like how green everything is but it also makes my lawn grown more than ever!

Hope you get some rain soon, that was just a tease...

Jerelene said...

Hello Diana :)
We got a lot of rain and storms here last night. I was thankful for the rain.
I LOVE your little toad house. You are very creative!! I love the little videos too...too cute! You have a lovely speaking voice and a beautiful singing voice too!!
Your blue flowers in the first picture are gorgeous and your flower beds with the stone are very pretty :)
Love and hugs...Jerelene

Mar said...

Hi Diana. Too bad about the raintease. We had a huge downpour last Friday from 7am to noon. So some places got flooded. No more moisture since. I have a hint for you to keep your plants roots moist. All those plastic bottle that water and soda come in, just cut off the bottom, after rinsing them, and make a hole in the ground near the plant(s) and insert the bottle neck down for about 2". What you will have is a water reservoir that you fill up and the plant can access through the soil around it. The reservoirs are really good for hanging and potted plants. You can fill these up and watch how fast they empty. That has worked for many years now. Just try a few and see the difference,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wish you and your sweetheart could have seem my Bugdance. A good laugh is good for the soul. Mar

Graceful Moments said...

We had no rain the entire month of June with highs in the high 90's. This week we have gotten two inches of rain and while there is no rain in the forecast today, it is cloudy and very humid.
I love your little toad and the fact that he brings you so much joy. Truly the little things in life bring much joy.
The photo of the storm cloud is beautiful. It certainly looked like a heavy rain cloud...sorry it was all bark and no bite. I am offering up a prayer for rain for your plants and little critters that will have them praising the Father in the form of a resounding "Ahhhhh!" Happy Day. Love, Vicki

Diana said...

Hi Vicki!
I think that we have had the same weather as you. We did have a bit of rain the night before last but it's just been horribly dry!
Starting today (WED.) we're supposed to be in the triple digits with the heat indexes for the next week.
Thank you for the prayer for rain, I've been doing that myself! I've actually wondered about a rain dance!! Love Di ♥