Saturday, July 24, 2010

" Don't Look, I'm Naked !"

Well as you can see here I am a bit NAKED!!!
My background has disappeared!

I am feeling a bit vulnerable people so please don't take advantage of me!
The truth of the matter is that I can manage some things on the computer but I have never done my own blog background.

It intimidates me. Yes it does. I remember a time in my life when I wasn't afraid to, whoa wait a minute! Now that I think about it I have never been one of those "I am not afraid to try anything" people.

Fortunately for me I have my very own personal web designer. She can work miracles I tell ya and, now get this, 
she understands HTML!!!!!!!!

She is really good at it and the best part is that she does it all for free!
No charge, just for me!
Because I am so special.

Well, I am also her mother.

The problem is that my very own personal web designer is on vacation. 
She is on vacation with her little sister.

Her sister who just so happens to be my very own teenage daughter. You remember, the one that only thinks of me as her "You are just a thorn in my side mother!"?

So you see for now I am helpless. Oh sure I could play around with Blogger and their backgrounds. But if I mess up, well lets just say that I am perfectly willing to wait for my very own personal web designer to help me out free of charge.

I can wait if you can wait.

But in the meantime, would you mind covering your eyes please!
Thank you!


Lynilu said...

It's just a little difficult typing with my eyes covered, but I'm doing my best. And I'll pretend there is nothing wrong till your personal IT person is back. Keep writing and hopefully no one will notice. I hope you can type as well as I am with your hands busy covering your, uhmmm, nekidness.

Diana said...

Lyn I am typing with a pen held between my teeth as I am holding a sheet over myself!
Love Di ♥

Sabi Sunshine said...

hahahaha funny post ,, howits possitble to do that i am trying my best to type with my eyes closed and see how it workd i do like this post a lot hopefully i did ny best

Sabi Sunshine said...

hahahaha funny post ,, howits possitble to do that i am trying my best to type with my eyes closed and see how it workd i do like this post a lot hopefully i did ny best

Diana said...

Thank you Sabi for keeping your eyes closed!! Love Di ♥

Gail said...


you look good naked!!! :-)

love you
peace and hope....

Rae said...

Nope, I am not looking - I promise. Lucky you having your own designer. Actually, I like the bright sunny yellow background. Oops! Sorry I accidentally peeked.

Diana said...

Well Gail, I think that I look better naked than with clothes on!!
Guess I'm just not a fashionista!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Well Rae, some of us just can't help but looking! Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

No, I won't look but my eyes keep searching for those pretty flowers and something red.....I am not worrying about mine anymore, I am just leaving it alone for now. Have a great Sunday.....:-)Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie!
That's exactly what I do when I get frustrated!! Besides, I have plenty to keep me busy around here!
Love Di ♥

Maria said...

Hi Diana! Your blog still looks great, because we come here to see you!
even though you make us read with our eyes closed!
Love all those comments :o)
Have a great weekend, Diana!
Save a little time for rest on Sunday ♥
Love, Maria

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
It's been a very strange week. I think I know why, just hard to explain. Although if I could, I think you would get it!
Love Di ♥

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey come on Diana :-) Even this is good. Beauty also lies in simplicity! And what matters in your blog more than the background is the stuff you CAN do- your writings! Love the person you are :-) Loads of love :)

Donna's Book Nook said...

You are too funny!! Your title certainly got my attention! Great for you that you have your own personal background designer. I do too (my sister) but I haven't changed my in forever. Maybe it's time, but my designer is pretty busy!

anupama said...

Dear Diana,
Good Evening!
Enjoyed the lighter moments.Hope you were busy with your plants and church services.
A change is always welcome.
Wishing you a lovely night,

Lois Evensen said...

You are so funny! I'm just glad to be able to log on with a real connection today so I can see your blog! I missed being able to do that for the past 6 days while at sea. Fortunately, I could do email and text things, but anything that involved pictures, well, forget it! Those sorts of things timed out before they would load.

I'll stop back soon when your resident expert makes some "clothes" for your blog, but it looks just fine to me the way it is now, too. ;)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hi Di, You are too much, OK I'll close my eyes until you get your Background back.

For some reason when your blog loads, your background is there, but it disappears as soon as it loads.

Anyway like Maria, I come to see you and read what you have to tell us.

OH, go see the blog, there is the latest MfM posted. I think you'll get a chuckle.

Terrie said...

HI Di, I decided, after searching several sites and hundreds of blog backgrounds, I would try the new backgrounds found in Blogger. I actually found one that is ME. I don't think I will be changing this one anytime soon.
Question for you, is Ginny a web designer or does she just know how to do your backgrounds? If she is a web designer, I would love to chat with her about my website. Not my blog page but my doll website. I want to keep my header but the rest of it is way too boring and typical pre-designed webhost blah! Let me know.
Hugs to you

Amity said...

Ha ha ha...we are on the same dilemma and yeah I also have a personal web designer for my blog and he does it for me for FREE...:-)

I am very thankful to my very dear and close blogger buddy for trying to solve all my blog miseries in just a ping on his window...:-)

He designed my latest blog you know!

We can wait and would enjoy your nakedness meantime...:P

What a catchy title dear Di!

Good morning...:-)

Amanda said...

What a catchy title, and what an awesome post!!! I loved this! How awesomely luck you are to have a daughter who understands html!!!!
Your blog still looks awesome though =)

arlee bird said...

Am I missing something? Or did it get fixed? Everything looks fine to me. Was there a different background before? Shows how observant I am. Ask my wife. She could get new furniture and if it wsa still where the old stuff was I'd probably never notice.

Tossing It Out

Barb said...

Well - of course, I HAD to look! Good luck when Ginny is free to help. You apparently aren't alone - just came from Bernie, and she is having problems, too.

Rebecca said...

You're really fortunate to have your own personal web consultant!

I played around with the new blogger on my main blog (since I can't think of anything to write.) It's kind of fun, but I CAN'T figure out how to get the underline out of my post titles OR how to change the color of their print! I DID figure out how to center it, though!

Linda Higgins said...

hehehe, don't be intimidated! You can do this, you see that cute little sign in the left hand side of your blog that says, "cutes blog on the block" well they redesigned their web site and mine dissapeared too for a few days, so you just have to go to the web site and choose another background. REally it is easy peasy! scroll theough all the different designs, then click on the one you like, it will bring up a (script) rigt click to highlight the "scirpt" then minimize that sight, open up your blog...with me so far???you can do this di! the go to the customize button at the top of your blog, ok I think I have already overwhelmed you haven't I? hehehe easy peasy! it took a while for me to learn...let me know if I can help you through this difficult time...or just wait for your daughter LOL...hugs...

Wanda..... said...

How did I miss this naked post, it's not because of what I was afraid I might see! The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, Di. I don't think I will look for another, live with it a little bare, at least I'm not naked!

Dee said...

Yikes...this is a shocker.Thanks for the warning. LOL. I wish I had a web designer and a computer that was dependable. Hear me whine..poor me. :-)

Teresa said...

Someone recently told me I see things through a "Spiritual Lens" so you don't look naked, you look like an angel.

I am finding a lot of things frustrating these days patience...with myself or anything else.

Wish you were here to have a glass of wine or two with...I think I need a Roller Coaster ride about now too! Any excitement would be might be time to ROCK THE BOAT!! I have not done that in awhile...

((((HUGS)))) TT

Happy Days said...

Diana, just wanted to thank you for joining "Happy Days". Much like yours, I am just telling of everyday life. We have a wild and crazy life sometimes!! But, I wouldn't have it any other way, would you!! Will have to read your older posts when I get more time. I do appreciate you joining, and hope you enjoy Happy Days! ...debbie

Graceful Moments said...

I really thought I left a comment here...I think I'm losing it in my old age.
I don't think this looks naked at all. Of course, my blog is such a plain Jane that I'm not one to judge.

It probably is something simple like going to Cutest Blog on the Block but I would just wait for daughter to get home from vacation. It's always nice to let the kids know we need them!

Hope you are having/did have a good time with your husband during his vacation. We are having a stay-cation this year at Veranda Beach (front porch) and Backyard Shores (swimming pool and deck.)
Love & Hugs,

Garnetrose said...

Thanks. I needed that. *s* Great post.