Monday, July 5, 2010

" A Very Quite Fourth of July "

Our family didn't make any plans for this years Fourth of July celebration. You see my husband had to leave for work at 4:00 a.m. Monday morning.
Being the older folks that we are, we opted to go to bed at 8:00 p.m.!

However we did grill out on Friday and Saturday. Lit a few firecrackers and bottle-rockets. Whoo- Hoo!! 

Last year we went to see the fireworks show at the airport but besides having to get up early on Monday, we both weren't in the mood for the crowds and the heat. Katie didn't care either way so it was just a quite evening for us!

I had to get up with him to drive him to his truck so since I was up so EARLY, I went back home had a bit more coffee and as soon as the sun rose I was outside working in my yard.

It was a beautiful morning. Shady, cool and slightly breezy . Perfect conditions for gardening as I knew the temperatures were going to be very hot today. By 10:00 a.m. the sun was already too hot to keep working so I packed all of my tools up for the day and went inside.

But not before catching a bit more video of Mr. Toad. He wasn't out at first but once I started to weed in his area, there he was underneath the little red flower again. I had just previously watered there. I think he likes that.

Now before I post part three of "The Exciting Adventures of Mr. Toad, I must tell you some exciting news. One of my blogger friends, 

Brenda from " Rinkly Rimes " was inspired by Mr. Toad enough to write a little poem about him!
He seems to becoming famous already! It is a very cute poem that I know you will like so please pop on over there to have a read.
Thank You.

And now I give you part three of "The Exciting Adventures of Mr. Toad"!

 I know, I know. This is just more excitement than you can handle in one day!

But wait.....

There's more! And I know that this will just make your day!

It is part two of part three! Confused? It's o.k., so am I !

Don't worry about the poison ivy deal, I get it nearly every year. I tend to go a little crazy ripping weeds out. Yes I wear gloves, no I don't wear long sleeves, it's too hot. Is that stupid? Well of coarse silly!

And I promise not to bore you much more with Mr. Toad! I have been working on other things as well. He's just been a welcome distraction!

Please if you aren't too fed up and bored with this toad adventure please HOP on over to "Rinkly Rimes" to read Brenda's poem about 
"Mr. Toad"! It goes really well with today and yesterday's post.

I hope you all had a very Happy Independence Day!!


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, yes, Mr. Toad is a very important part of my day now! :) I love the videos and took a look at the darling poem, too. ;) I'll stand by for the next installment.


Garnetrose said...

What a cute poem. Cute little boy too. Looks full of mischief.

Barb said...

A Toad of few words but obviously quite happy! I think you have a little Friend there, Di! I'm not telling Lucinda that you're taking videos of him - you know what she'll be demanding if she finds out! Ouch about the poison ivy - I used to get it so bad but there is none at high altitude (thankfully).

Jules said...

Mr Toad is just too darn cute. I would scream too if he jumped at the camera...

Connie said...

Who thought videos of a toad could bring so much Joy :) and I was singing that very song to my husband while we were puttering in the garage today! It is the simple things that hold our attention. I have a splendid variety of birds that I watch from the dining room.

Graceful Moments said...

I love your Mr. Toad stories and videos. Enjoyed your singing, as well. Mr.Toad is quite handsome. I just knew he was going to jump at you and was all ready for the scream and the camera dropping. I'm sure you're glad he didn't.I did hop over to Rinkly Rimes and read all about things from Mr. Toad's point of view. How cute! I have some more catching up to do, so you might hear more from me in the comments section of some earlier posts. Love, Vicki

Wanda said...

I think Mr Toad really, really likes you Di! Toads here just come and go!
I'm going over to read the poem now!

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
I love your video's of Mr. Toad...It lookes like he is smiling at you. I have insects in my garden, that's about handsome toad waiting out there for me. Maybe I should build a Toad House and he will come...and then if I kiss him he will become a Handsome Prince! I have heard you have to kiss a lot of toads to get a prince, and that they give you warts...with my luck I would just get the warts.

Enjoy! ((((HUGS)))) TT

Amanda said...

i love the mr. toad videos =) they are so sweet!!! sounds like you had a nice 4th of July!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I look forward to more visits to your lovely site =) xo ~Amanda

Gail said...


I will never tire of Mr Toad, Never!! :-) He is precious.

And DI- I published your comment on my blog and answered and none of it appeared - it says I have NO commets, not even my own!! What's that all about?? I just wanted you to know what happened.

Love you

Anvilcloud said...

You and your toad are very cute, and it did look like he was smiling.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
Thanks a lot for sharing your light moments.Good that you try to ind happiness in toad,plants and gardening!
Nanda enjoyed the fireworks in NewYork in the ship.She could view from her balcony.That was amazing.
Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

SabiSunshine said...

Hello Dear

This is my first time at your blog and love your blog & post .. love to be your friend..

God Bless

SE'LAH... said...

Greetings Diana,

Wishing you a wonderful day. enjoyable post here. one love.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

these were fun Di, I am loving the Continuing Adventures of Mr Toad.

Bernie said...

He does have a nice smile....what a good landlady you are. Hope your 4th of July was great....:-)Hugs

Teresa said...

wonder what happened to my last comment...oh well, Heck, I can't even remember what I said before. It looks like you are having lots of fun with Mr. Toad though. ((((HUGS)))) TT

Rebecca said...

I watched the first one muted. I didn't realize he might be trying to say something till the end when I saw his mouth moving (guess I should go back to hear your narration).

The second one, I had the sound turned on. You really did haul the rocks, my dear! Looks lovely.

I'm happy for your companionship in your gardening endeavors. I'm sad for your poison ivy. (Do you know where you got it?)