Wednesday, July 14, 2010

" The Project List "

At the start of summer this year , I had a project list of things that I wanted to accomplish around the house.

This list included, rearranging the spare bedroom so that it would look more like a bedroom instead of a "catch all" room. This project took several hours but I was happy, proud and satisfied when I completed it.
One project done!

One of the other projects was to clean my entire basement out. Now this was a huge task. I think that it took me a good eight hours total, if I remember correctly. That is a big if ! In our basement things get brought down there and just placed pretty much in the front at the bottom of the stairs. After several bags of garbage, hours of rearranging and dusting away cobwebs, another project completed!

While going through many of the boxes down there I discovered that my husband has seven boxes of assorted drinking glasses and coffee mugs? " Why are we saving all of these old used glasses?" I asked.
"Just don't throw them out!" was the answer that I received from him.

O.K. I'll give him this one, but SEVEN boxes!!

The third big project that I had on my list was to clean out the garage. Now most women probably consider the garage their husbands turf. Well not mine. The only thing my husband does in there is park the car when he drives it, which is about four times a month.

All of my gardening supplies are stored there and considering the fact that this old, two car garage has no doors, it can get very dirty. It had no doors when we bought the house and it still has no doors. It does make it easier to park the car!

Monday of this week I spent about five hours going through things, throwing things out and rearranging once again. This I do once or twice a year. So the grill is all shiny clean again and my gardening tools and supplies are all neatly organized. Another project completed!

I have also gotten a lot of gardening done lately. I was inspired this week from Anvilclouds blog. I have had my birdbath in the same spot for eleven years. I have always wanted to plant flowers around it but dreaded digging up the grass, or rather, the weeds from around it. So I always just told myself, someday!

When I saw what AC did , I thought "Hey now, there's an idea!". Basically what he did was to put newspapers down on the grass, in my case I had weed fabric left over, and just poured the dirt on top and planted ! Here was my final result, another project that I am quite pleased with!

It's a bit difficult to see the flowers but I got them for a steal! They were on the reduced plant cart at Lowes. One dozen plants for $1.00!

As my friend Lyn would say, " My name is Diana, and I am a plantaholic!". Of coarse she uses her name instead of mine , oh well you know what I mean!!

So many thanks to AC for the inspiration!

Now, do I have to tell you how exhausted I have been since Monday?
I laid in my recliner ALL day yesterday. But now that all of the BIG projects are done, I can concentrate on the fun, little ones. I have reasons to use my new sewing machine. There is another horrible heat wave arriving today, triple digits with the heat indexes, so I think sewing indoors is a great idea!

My Katie leaves in less than a week for N.C. to stay with her big sis for awhile and I will have over a week alone. I will miss her so much. So I need to get busy making plans to keep my mind off of being alone. It never used to bother me this much and I know that it won't be long before she moves out for good. I am thinking of taking some classes then.

If you are wondering how "Mr. Toad" is doing, so far he is still hanging around his little toad  area. I have noticed that about once a day he hops on over to the neighbors yard where I suspect he may have a friend or two!

I have been trying very hard to keep up with everyone's posts. I suspect that I will have plenty of time to visit and blog over the next two weeks!

Oh one more thing, this is exciting for my husband and I. When Katie comes back home she will have about four days before camp starts again. During that week Jake will be on his vacation. It has been 13 years since we have had a week completely alone!
That's a long time. We are looking forward to doing some fun things together. Please, no comments from the peanut gallery!

We are going to try to fit in some swimming, fishing, bike riding and a few projects around the house. I don't know weather we'll be able to fit it all in but I think it will be fun trying!


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, you have accomplished so very much! You must be wonder woman to clean out the basement and garage that fast. It would take much longer here and I know I would need the consultation from both hubby and daughter to be sure I could throw things out. ;)

Have fun home alone with your sweetie!


Donna's Book Nook said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all your completed projects! I'm mostly taking care of garden and have done a little canning and freezing so far.

I'm SO glad that you get to have some quality time with just your hubby. That's really wonderful. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh you do know how to get things done!
I am SLOWLY working through my house this summer... The heat and humidity have taken over!

You inspired me today though...
Right after this, I'm going to get busy and cross a few things off my list!

I love Anvil's idea for flowers under the birdbath!
Good job, Diana!
Your videos of Mr. Toad are darling... I love hearing your voice. He must know you're a kind soul, to let you pet him!

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy your time with your husband!
Blessings always,

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

After reading this, I got to thinking about all the junk I got to get rid off, with the Big Move ahead of me.

I hope that I have the energy that you have so as I can get that big project done.

Mr Toad looks like he is very much a part of your family. I wonder if he is seeing the Girl Next Door. There may be some Wee Toads on the way.

Have a wonderful week to yourself and your Hubby,

Blessings my friend for a wonderful week.

Rae said...

You are so ambitious. I've had a project list I have been working on paring down too. Not much success for me though. The work is just too much for me to deal with in this heat. I really like how your birdbath planting tuned out. Looks nice!

Mar said...

Hi Diana. Wow! you are a whirlwind with all you have done! I got your comment re the water bottle reservoirs. Glad you can use it and feel free to pass it on. Nice to read about your family and the happy times you will have together. As for Mr. Toad, do you think he would enjoy a bedtime/naptime story about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride? You could set up a teeny little bed, blankie and nightlight. And perhaps a lullaby, like "Rockabye Toadie, in your little bed, It's time for sleeping put down your head". (to the tune of Rockabye Baby) LOL
Mar <3

Sabi Sunshine said...

Amazing you can relax now.. You have done a lot and now time to relax and enjoy the weather ofcouse doing gardening in this weather is amazing.

Sabi Sunshine

Ginnie said...

I'm exhausted just reading your blog entry !! But I'm glad you got all those things relax and enjoy your week alone with your husband.

Lynilu said...

I have a project list. Somewhere. I quit keeping it because every time I marked one thing off, I added 2-3 more! It was beginning to depress me! The list is still in my head, but I ignore it!

Your plant buy was a complete steal!! In fact, I'm putting money on the fact that you really did stuff them in your pockets and fled past the checkout! No, seriously, that's a fantastic buy!I'm so jealous!

Diana said...

Oh Lois most of the stuff that I threw out was just junk! I do this about once a year. So I actually know what NOT to throw out!
And if I'm not sure, I just ask!
Love Di ♥

Hi Donna,
All three big projects I had done over a period of a few months. They were just things I wanted done before fall! So know I can focus on gardening, sewing whatever is fun!
Love Di ♥

Hi Maria,
I waited for a cool morning to do the garage. The basement and bedroom I did inside of coarse. I wanted to get the garage done before this heat wave we are in AGAIN!!! Love Di ♥

Hi Bill,
If I lived up there I would be happy to help you. I am very good at organization! I am sure Mr. Toad has a friend! Now start sorting through that stuff!! Just jump right in! Love Di ♥

Hi Rae!
I didn't do all of this work at once, it took a few months! I can't handle the heat and humidity as well! I just really wanted the garage done before the heat settled in again which it has, today! Horribly hot and humid! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Mar!
Yes I am anxious to try the water bottles. I am going to put some in my pots out front today and work on the backyard another day. It's already very hot! Oh and BTW, I was looking for little things around the house for Mr. Toads digs but haven't found anything interesting yet! Love Di ♥

Hi Sabi!
I am relaxing today as it is very hot outside. Any yard work for the next week will have to be done in the early morning!
Love Di ♥

Hi Ginnie,
Our alone time starts the first week of August. I am happy that I accomplished everything so that we can just enjoy each other!
Love Di ♥

Well Lyn, I will tell you that it is very difficult for me to pass up buying plants at that price! I'm really trying to buy only perennials anymore but for $1.00, I mean really, could you pass that up? I do believe that I am done for this year but you know "My name is Diana and I am a plantaholic!" Love Di ♥

Amanda said...


I am inspired by your ability to complete big projects, and laughed heartily at my mother's response--as she has been cleaning the basement since we were small children--though I must admit we don't help much. I hope your daughter enjoys her time in NC, it's so beautiful there, and when I visit I'm often surprised by the slight southern twang I pick up upon my return.

Enjoy your week alone together =) that is always important!!!


Diana said...

Hi Amanda!
I've only had help with the basement twice in eleven years. They are all so WIMPY!!!!!!!!!
This will be Katie's second trip to N.C. and she just loves it there. I think she would move there if she could! Love Di ♥

arlee bird said...

No wonder you're so exhausted--after all that work. Your ambition is an inspiration--to my mind at least. Now if I could only get my body to cooperate.
I had one of those to do lists but I must have misplaced it. Now I'll have to make a new list. First item on list: find old list.

Somewhere in there is move all of the old stuff I've been accumulating somewhere else so I'll have someplace to put the new stuff I've accumulated. I really need to start tossing some stuff out.

Tossing It Out

Diana said...

Well Arlee these are things that I try to do once a year maybe twice. So I should be good until next year after we've had enough time to accumulate more junk!
Love Di ♥

Linda Higgins said...

oh my goodness, yes it was exhausting reading how much work you did! dear friend I so hope that you can relax a bit when Katie is gone for that while. Our home is totally nothingness again! Our 6 year old granddaughter was such a chatter box. She NEVER and I mean NEVER shut her little mouth from the second she woke up to the minute she laid down to sleep. SHE WAS EXHAUSTING just being around her and listening to her. Dont get me wrong, I love the little stinker...but...I am so glad it is my daughter raising her and NOT US anymore! Ah the bliss of senior citizenship! lol

Wanda..... said...

At least basements are cool when you need to work down there, we have one room downstairs that I don't touch though, husband's tool room!
Your bird bath looks good, but even better when those Impatients spread out. I made most of my raised flower beds newspaper. I can't believe the toad let you pet him, he was be stuck on you Di!
Thanks for visiting Amanda's blog!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Diana ~~ I am rolling with laughter at your conversation with your husband on the glasses and mugs in the garage. We are going through same thing. Along with tons of coffee mugs, Don had boxes of gadgets, wires, connectors that fit nothing....but goodness, we cannot throw them out... So I will follow your advice, and just give him some more boxes.

Interesting that you were so familiar with Zenith!

Lots of love

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
Isn't great being a grandma! When my Sarah spends the night she consistently reminds me to ask her questions! So I try to think of questions about everything! Maybe she thinks I'm stupid and old! LOL!!! At least we get to have the fun and say Bye Bye!
Love Di ♥

Oh Wanda, I love Amanda's blog! It really has always been a dream of mine to visit Ireland. I am living vicariously through her! I have pet Mr. Toad many times!
Love Di ♥

Hi Wanda!
My husband too has many gadgets, wires, pieces of wood! He doesn't care what I do with them as long as I don't throw them out! So that leaves me keeping all of his stuff in some sort of order! Geez! I had a nine inch B & W Zenith that I used to take in the yard with me when my kids were very little. We lived in Chicago and I loved watching the Cubs games! Love Di ♥

Graceful Moments said...

Is that the first time Mr. Toad has let you touch him? You are so amazingly patient. I'm sure I would have scared him off by now. Your birdbath looks great...that's such a good idea. I wish that I were as organized and industrious as you are. Sadly, I still have basement and garage and art studio to clean out. We will be putting the farm on the market again soon and I have to get things sorted out around here.
You've inspired me to get going with it all.
Thanks for dropping by my place earlier. Part 2 has been posted.
I hope you will give us all the fun things you and Jake do on your mini vacation. Love, Vicki

Graceful Moments said...

...give us the details of all the fun things...

Bernie said...

It must feel so good to check those projects off your list, I made a list but I don't think I have completed any of it. I am so proud of you.
I liked A/C's idea as well, I have a small strip of weeds beside my deck, I am going to use newspapers and soil and hopefully plant perennials but I am not going to bet on it for this summer.....I just don't know where the summer is going.
I remember how much you missed Katie last summer when Ginny picked her up, she is growing up my friend.
I am wishing you an Jake a fantastic week together and yes I was going to tease you but think I will just leave it alone. Love to you both.....:-) Hugs

Amity said...

Hi Diana;

Wow... humongous clean-up projects done? Great!

I envy your lifestyle. I wish to be a home-stay Mom but it's not possible. So I embraced heartily my fate as a working Mom.

That kills the boredom while hubby will be on board a cruise ship working for 8 months and a vacation for 2-3 mos., other than that, I am alone, shuttling between kids in college, work and home and sometimes school for my youngest' school activities, as I am PTA president in one of the biggest school in our place. That would also keep me busy.

And blogging will also kill my boredom while hubby is away.

Thanks for the friendship, I found someone whom I can also share some bits and pieces about my life.

Have a nice day Di...and enjoy the fun...:-)

Barb said...

Di, Your busyness leaves me exhausted, but I'm awed that you got so much done. I think the bird bath looks great. Is it true that when you pet a toad, you get warts? I hope not!

Cinner said...

Diana you have been very busy, oh my,I like what you did with the birdbath, very nice, we moved ours the other day...we must be thinking alike, I like your idea, so may have to go get more flowers, I am a plant aholic too. Good luck with all the things you want to do. take care my friend,,,that Baby big boy Jack is the cutest little one I have ever seen. hugs to you.

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie!,
Yes AC's idea save's a lot of time! I am so glad that he posted that! I am going to miss Katie and truthfully since mom passed away the loneliness has been worse, it doesn't help that Katie has been civil as of late! But I am not going to let it get me down. I am going to start working on a few sewing projects that I have and a few other things. Blog more hopefully! Love Di ♥

Hi Vicki,
I have pet Mr. Toad many times. My husband thinks that he senses that I am not a threat! I don't know if toads really think much but it sounded good! I will check out part 2 tonight, I have to work today. You really made me look forward to that vacation!
Love Di ♥

Hi Amity,
I am a stay at home mom but also have two part time jobs as well. I am just one of those kind of people that can't sit still for very long! Love Di ♥

Hi Barb,
I actually looked up the wart thing. Toads have bumps that look like warts that are filled with a poisonous substance. When they are attacked by lets say a cat, they release the chemical. It doesn't harm the cat but it is so nasty that it makes the cat release the toad! Pretty clever!
Love Di ♥

Hi Cinner,
Thank you, Baby Jack looks just like his daddy when he was a boy! I need to put a new photo up of him as he has changed so much! Maybe we should start a "Plantaholic" blog, we can all go on about how we spend all of our extra cash on flowers!!
Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

What an industrious sort of gal you are! I like your instant garden. Now let's change to words of this "While going through many of the boxes down there I discovered that my husband" to this: "While going through many of the boxes down there I discovered my husband." Just for a little humour.

Diana said...

You know AC as much as I get to see my husband, it wouldn't surprise me to discover him down there!!!
Actually he avoids the basement like the plague! He has bad allergies and it's just to musty down there for him.
LOve Di ♥

Brenda said...

Wow! What an inspiration you are to me! Have a wonderful week with with your hubby! Bring on the wine and roses and have fun.

Rebecca said...

It is hard to be quiet here in the "peanut gallery"!!! I'll do my best. I AM so excited for you.

You certainly have earned a break after all you have accomplished. One of these days, you'll have to do a panarama of your entire yard. The bird bath is just adorable, and I'd be "bragging", too, about those great prices.

BTW, do you have company stock in Lowe's?

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
I am so looking forward to that week. It is always difficult when he leaves as he is only home for such a short time.
Love Di ♥

Hi Rebecca,
I should have stock in Lowes! I just have a hard time turning away from plants that need a little care! And thank you about the bird bath, I wish I would have thought of it years ago!
Love Di ♥

Jenny said...

You deserve a break girl!!!

You are a very hard-worker!!!!

Diana said...

Hi Jenny,
I am taking a break, it is so hot here there is really nothing much we can do, outside that is!!
Love Di ♥

Being Pramoda... said...

hey Di....wowww...many wishes for u to get ur prject done sooo happilyyy...;)

AM waiting fr u at my space..;) as a part of ur proj.. right? .. hehe

Terrie said...

Your energy never ceases to amaze me. I wish I had the tenth that you have. Scrolling through your blog to read what I have missed over the days, I noticed your picture of Natalie Wood. I have to tell you, when Linda was younger, people would comment how much she looked like Natalie Wood. If I am not mistaken, that is who she named her daughter after as well. Just thought I would share that with you.
Hugs to you