Tuesday, May 10, 2011

" Where Did She Go ? "

I thought it best that I do a post to explain my absence. The truth is that I have just found myself tired of the computer. I don't know why but I've just had no desire to go online lately.

I didn't want anyone to worry about me as I have worried about others when they just up and disappear for some unknown reason. I even offered to let my husband take it with him over the road but he declined in fear of something possibly going wrong with it and the supposed "Wrath" that wound ensue! Whatever, I offered, he declined.

We have been very busy this past weekend. We had a bit of a break from the rain so we tore down the rest of the old fence.....

And then we had ourselves a nice little fire !

We didn't have enough energy to dig holes for the new fence posts  so that will wait until next time. Hopefully we'll have the fence up by the end of May. It all depends on how the weather is when Jake has his weekend off.

It was a nice Mother's Day weekend. I did get some flowers planted and my son came and cleaned out my gutters for me. I told him that was all that I wanted this year even though he would have done it anyway, there was nothing that I really wanted. I did buy myself some new sandals and a couple of new tee shirts. My daughter Ginny sent me a dozen roses. The colors were beautiful!

They came in a pretty glass vase but I wanted to get some use out of this Martini Pitcher since I never have Martini's!! We were invited to a B.B.Q. at my son and daughter-in-laws campsite but I was just too tired from the whole weekend. I did quite a bit of yard work and finished several painting projects I had on my list. I have one big one left but I am going to borrow my son's sander for that job. I've also done a lot of crocheting and I will admit that my hands are quite swollen. But it's been almost four weeks since I've smoked a cigarette so I've had to keep myself busy. Things are going well with that, I have about six more weeks on the patch. Doing it cold turkey didn't work well for me before.

My daughter Katie has an appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat doctor on the 26th of May. She had a CT scan that showed chronic sinusitis. It's been just over a year since she had sinus surgery. She had a large cyst growing in each of her sinuses that had to be removed. The poor kid went through hell from that. I am just praying that the sinusitis is from an infection that can be cleared with stronger antibiotics instead of polyps or cysts that have to be removed. Her father has had this surgery four times. It is horrible. So we are all praying hard.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful Clematis vines from my yard. They are putting on a spectacular show right now!

I'll try my best to check on everyone soon. I haven't forgotten about any of you by any means. I've just been on a cleaning, crocheting, and painting kick. I think it's from not smoking. Yeah that's it. Blame it on smoking. If I could smoke again, I'd be sitting and reading more!!!