Thursday, November 29, 2012

" Diana's Household Diaries. Finding Humor Through Troubling Times."

Thanksgiving Day conversation.

Youngest daughter says sarcastically to oldest daughter,
" We're going to have so much fun going through all of mom's crap when she dies."

To which oldest daughter replies in a bubbly voice while smiling,
"Yeah I know, I can't wait!!!".

Enough said.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

" Hello Everyone "

Hello my friends. This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I haven't been online much at all or visiting blogs.

My family is going through two crisises at the same time. 
We're all physically alright but the emotional toll has
been exhausting to say the very least.

I'm still praying daily and hope to see some light soon.
For now though my mind is consumed with worry, pain, anger, and lots of sorrow.

Please pray for my family and I hope to be back visiting soon.
I just can't focus on anything else right now.

Love Di ♥

Thursday, November 1, 2012

" For Rebecca "

I have a wonderful Blog friend who's name is Rebecca.
She has a few different blogs, all very interesting on there own but I came to know her through her Blog,

Now I can't honestly say how long we've been following each other because well, it seems to me that the older I get the faster time 
goes by. But that's not really important.

Rebecca's post's always seem to inspire me in one way or another.
Whether it be through God's word, crafting, thrifting or just striving to do the best that she can everyday.

This brings me to why I am posting this today. Over time Rebecca has requested to see certain things of mine and I always intend on posting about them but always put it off for one reason or another.

So today I decided to just go ahead and do it.
On her blog today she had a great idea for her fireplace which I thought was ingenious!! Then I explained what I do to my Mantle.
She said she wanted to see it so without further ado...

here you go Rebecca, the Mantle.

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I don't know if it's me or my camera. So here is another photo.

I have made different "Skirts" I guess you'd call them, for different seasons. This one is the Autumn one. I used to have a Halloween one but have since stopped decorating for Halloween.

I also have one for Christmas but I think I may make a new one this year. It's very simple. I just measure the length around the Mantle (sides included), double that measurement and just sew it as you would a simple curtain. I leave a small pocket across the top to thread some elastic through and tack it up.

Very simple. The one above also has a leaf garland that I hung over the skirt. You can make it longer if you want, mine is about 8 inches   counting the quarter inch hem and half inch pocket.

I don't think Rebecca knows this but I did a post about my Tin Collection because of her. She had posted about her Tins quite awhile ago. It had to have been over a year ago at least.

Do you remember that Rebecca? Well after I read your Tin post, I started thinking and took a look around my own house and realized that I also had a Tin Collection. I never gave it a thought and wasn't consciously collecting them until AFTER I read her Tin post.

So you see how simple it is for other's to inspire us?
I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I've felt down in the dumps and read one of Rebecca's posts only to be picked up by God's words and wisdom.

Now before I end this post I will tell you that Rebecca's really been wanting to see my little upstairs apartment. I call it my apartment because no one likes to go up there!! They don't like the stairs!!

It is my refuse. My sanctuary. I love it up there.
It's not very fancy or beautiful but it's so, so quite up there and peaceful. So I am going to end this post with a few photo's for Rebecca, of my little apartment!

Here sits Pixie, guiding the way.
My cats live up there too as they don't like the dogs!!
Notice the Tin sitting on the old stove.

You've reached the top of the stairs.
What's behind the curtain?

Here's what you'll see first.
Spare bed used mainly for grandchildren!!

The view facing the spare bed.

This is what you'll find behind the spare bed.
All of those books and magazine's,
All crochet patterns!!

Also behind the spare bed, 
all of my girly stuff !

The long hallway, closet on the left.
At the end of the hallway there are lots of children's books and some toys for the grandchildren.

Self Explanatory!!

My craft room
next to the bathroom.

My room,
small yet cozy!!

View from foot of bed.

Almost done.
My favorite chair.

So that's it Rebecca. 
It's not the most beautiful little apartment
but it's mine and I love it.

As a matter of fact now that I think about it,
Jake liked the house for the fireplace and I liked it for the upstairs.
There are also two bedrooms downstairs.

I just want Rebecca to know that I haven't forgotten her requests.
If I've forgotten anything else, blame it on my brain!!

Please visit my friend Rebecca if you haven't already.
She is very inspirational too me,
And we are both 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

" One of THOSE Days "

And it's not even half way through!!
It all started this morning, well last night actually. I haven't been feeling myself since the surgery. I've been feeling very tired but I chalked that up to having surgery twice within a bit over a month.

My hands are doing great by the way or else I wouldn't be typing right now. No my hands aren't the problem. I started feeling sick last night while trying to sleep. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that I have a cold or something, I think everyone I know has or has had whatever it is that I have!!

Anyway I wasn't going to let not feeling good stop me from my day of thrifting! No sir not me. I started my morning by taking a shower which in turn ticked off my teen who wasn't done getting ready for school. "To bad I say, you're out!" as I kicked her out of the bathroom. Which as it turned out, was good that I did. We had a water main break shortly after that. I did manage to get the shower done before it broke.

No water. None.
Here they are working on it.

They said we would have water in a couple of hours, that was four and a half hours ago. I'm still waiting. Good thing I had four gallons of water in the pantry but that doesn't help when flushing!

I left the water problems and the house behind as I got in my car and left. Heading the thirty or so miles to the thrift shop which is just past my son and DIL's old house that they used to occupy together. That's when the tears started to flow. I don't know what came over me other than sadness for the loss of what used to be I suppose. But I felt the fool driving down the road crying when the whole purpose of the trip was to get away and enjoy myself!!

Road to thrift store.

There's a lot of farmland around here and trees that are looking more and more naked.

How ridiculous I felt driving and crying so I found a good song on the radio, turned it up and dried my tears.

I arrived at the thrift store and as usual had a great time looking around. I had my mind set on some more Autumnal decorations but they were pretty much all gone. I did grab these two little statues however. Last time they weren't priced but today they had a $3.00 price tag on them so I bought them.

I thought they were very cute! I also bought a small vase similar to the one I posted a few weeks ago only this one was orange. I used both of them for my reed diffusers. 

I found a beautiful, brand new, satin, quilted, full size bedspread and shams, again BRAND NEW, the color of my bedroom, for $8.00.

I was going to throw them in the wash to soften them up today but well, no water.

Pleased with my finds today I headed home. On the way I took a detour to my DIL's house. What the heck, right?
I was so glad that I did. I was welcomed with open arms and a cup of tea which I was desperately in need of as my throat was feeling funky not to mention the rest of me.

That was a decision I was glad that I made. We talked and talked just like days gone by. The love is still there and I don't think that will ever change. 

My grandson was home as well so I was able to visit with him a bit before he would be off to pre-school. 

I didn't stay too long as my DIL had to go to work but it was a good visit. I was glad that I stopped. I'm pretty sure she was too.
I really miss her.

I'm on my way home now and it's raining, dreary. Again I turn up the music and sing on my drive home. I make it in the door to find there is still no water as I stated previously. 

Then my daughter Katie calls me from work/school. She works in the cafeteria at school now which is much more convenient than McDonalds as there is no driving involved. Also no late nights.

It seems that she is having a bad day at work. She wants me to call the school and have her sent home. I can just picture my husband right now. I know he would be thinking, if only I could have Di call my work to have them send me home because I'm having a bad day, LOL!!! He'd be home everyday. We'd be homeless!!

I told Katie that she's tougher then that and that she could stick it out for another hour and a half. She's due home any minute and I know she is going to be irritated with me. Teenagers are so much fun (Sarcasm).

I sure hope the rest of the day goes a bit smoother. Water would be nice. I think I'll go make myself a cup of tea and pray they get the water main fixed soon.

So how was your day?

Update: We have water!!!!!!!
Praise Jesus and the City of Mt. Vernon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

" Hello Friends ! "

Good evening from Southern Illinois!
It's a beautiful Autumn evening here, windy yet mildly warm with a storm on the way. I went outside and sat on my front porch earlier to take some pictures of the pretty fall trees around the house.

This one was taken of the trees across the street.

The corner.

The next one I took from my upstairs window.
The building is the top of our garage.

It's getting darker outside now and I can hear the rumbles of thunder  off in the distance. I have already brought my weather radio downstairs in expectaion of it going off later.

I can hear it from upstairs but don't like having to run upstairs to fetch it so it's already handy!

As I was walking the dogs around the yard yesterday I thought I had better take a few photos of the last of the bloomed flowers in the yard. They are still going strong but I don't expect that to last much longer as I'm sure a frost will be visiting here soon.

The Lantana's still have gorgeous color!
Although the leaves are stating to yellow.

The Ice Plant. 
This was a close up.
They are quite big actually about four to five feet in diameter.

I have two of these pretty yellow perennials.
I don't remember what they are called but I do have it written down somewhere.
They look very delicate to me.

The next one is a combination of Petunia's and another plant that I forgot the name of ! My husband loves this plant and calls it a Snowball flower!!

Oh my!! My dogs Ruby and Roxy are having a fit !!
It's thundering and lightening out now and they don't like it at all.

Ruby runs around and barks at the thunder...

And poor little Roxy sits as close to me as she can and just shakes
and shakes !!

Not a very good photo of little Foxy Roxy but it does show her scared face. Poor little thing.

I will finish up here so that I can cuddle her.
That's what's going on in and out of the house.

I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 tomorrow morning for my left hand Carpel Tunnel release surgery. It's a quick and easy surgery, about 15 minutes.

My right hand is almost completely healed now and the numbness is completely gone from that hand. So if all goes well, I should be all healed up for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving Day.
Ready to cook and entertain. I can be very entertaining you know!!

Another thing I'm looking forward to is crocheting again. I really miss it.

Oh there goes that thunder again. I better close the windows and calm the dogs. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
I'll be back soon, God willing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking My Husband's Advice!"

After church yesterday, I didn't really have much to do. My husband who had left for work before church, suggested that I do a blog post but I just haven't been feeling it.

Picture of husband. I believe our granddaughter Sarah, took this as I was surprised to see it when I looked at my photos!!

I suppose there were plenty of things that I could have done but I just decided to be lazy.

It was a peaceful weekend. I bought some groceries on Friday, picked up husband from the truck that afternoon and then we both came home and cooked.

I made a pot of potato soup while Jake made a pot of chili. The chili went over better than the soup did. It was really delicious. Jake fixed me a bowl with cheddar cheese, sour cream and oyster crackers on top. It was DELICIOUS!

Saturday we went outside. Jake picked up all of the yard ornaments as I packed them. Then we cleaned the garage, made room for the big table, chairs and hose that will be brought inside in a few weeks. We're leaving them out for now in anticipation of having another fire before winter. We worked well and quickly together. And that's all out of the way before I get my left hand done this coming Thursday. The only things left outside are a few potted plants that are still hanging in there as well as the Cannas that aren't ready to be dug up yet. Unfortunately we don't live far enough south to leave them in the ground, they freeze.

When we were done and came inside, husband wanted to play video games and I wanted to clean the shadow box in the dining room. It's been awhile since it's been cleaned really well so it took some time. I think it came out rather nicely!!

Also as I was looking through my China Cabinet I found a little teapot that my mom had given me years ago. When I took it out, I noticed that it went rather well with the salt and pepper shakers that I picked up a few weeks ago!

Isn't he cute!

That evening we went out on the front porch to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Talked to a few of the neighbors and then my husband pointed out that the Lilac bush that my girls gave me on Mother's Day, was still blooming!!!

It's supposed to bloom all spring and summer. It's not very big yet but it is very pretty and here are the blooms...

I love this little bush and hope it makes it through the winter. I think I will put some extra mulch around it.

As I said before, I took Jake to his truck Sunday Morning and went to church. The rest of the day I played "Lazy" !

This morning I am going to the doctor for my pre-surgical visit for the left hand carpel tunnel release surgery on Thursday. My right hand is doing very well, no problems at all. So I will be glad to get this hand done and get this SURGICAL year behind me!!!!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

" What Have I Been Up to ?"

Well I will tell you! First off I had my stitches taken out on Wednesday, YaY !! The hand is doing very well in fact I am looking forward to getting the left one done on the 18th of this month, October.

Now I'd like to say that I've been feeling much better but in fact I seem to have caught a little bug. It goes something like this:
My son and/or granddaughter caught a bug. 
My son and /or granddaughter passed it to my grandson who in turn passed it to Katie my teen who then shared it with her dad whom I suspect shared it with me or perhaps Katie shared it with me.
Or my grandson and/or granddaughter shared it with me and I kept it a secret unbeknownst to me and shared it with my husband and/ or...

Oh never mind, I think you get it!!

So anyway I was feeling better today so I decided to get out the ladder from the basement, clean and rearrange the shelves above my kitchen sink. Something I've been needing and wanting to do for some time now. I took down several old nick knacks and put up part of my tin collection. So now it's all clean and looks like this...

I like the change. Hey look out my kitchen window and you can see all of the Morning glories growing on the fence!!
Here's a better picture that I took this morning. I can't believe it's October and they still look so beautiful!!

I took so many photos of Morning Glories this year. I'm ashamed to say that I took more photos of them then I did the grandchildren!!
Oh well, I will probably have them overnight this weekend so maybe I can get some photos then.

Last weekend, when my husband was just starting to catch 
"The Bug", we spent three days helping my son to move. He rented a small yet very cute house. This is actually the first house that he has lived in alone. Sort of strange that he owns two houses, both of which are being occupied by my DIL and her family. But I think this is good for him. Good to get away from all of the constant memories. I pray for him everyday.
He may be 34 but he is still my first and will always in my heart, be my baby.

On the second day of the move, I was sort of useless being one handed and all. Oh I helped pack some kitchen things but paid dearly for it later on!! So anyway I had earlier (Thanks to my son) in the month, discovered a NEW THRIFT STORE !!!

Yes you heard me right, and let me tell all of you thriftaholics out there, this is the best one yet!! I've been twice so far and have spent over twenty bucks there. If you are a true thrifter, you know that means I came home with some good buys.
Here's just a few of the bargains I found...

This cute little necklace opens to hold medications or secret
scrolls!!! $ 1.00

Old canning jar and pretty vase, $ 2.50.

Large fruit bowl, I paid $ 6.00 for this which I thought a bit high but I really needed a bigger fruit bowl!

Since we will be having Thanksgiving dinner this year I wanted  different set of salt and pepper shakers. I have an older pair but the kids love to play with them so I picked these up for $ 1.50!!

I already have two or three gravy boats but I thought this set was more suitable for Thanksgiving Day.
I believe it was $ 1.50. It's probably hard to tell from my photo but it's nice and big.

I've been doing a lot of thrifting this summer. I'm going to end this post with some of my other finds from the past few months.
Lord help me, I think I'm addicted !!

One of my favorite finds. This really is an old tin.

I added some new/old hankies to my collection. When my daughter Ginny visited this summer, I gave her a few of the one's she really liked. 

This is one of my favorites. It's a perfume amulet. I wear it all of the time.

Oooops!! My two cats, Pixie and Dixie.
I didn't get them from the thrift shop! My mom actually gave them to us several years ago, Hi Girls!!!

Pretty blue plant mister.

Oh Dear!! I don't know how these found their way to my house! I promised my sweet husband that I wouldn't buy anymore Christmas stuff but they matched my snowman collection!!!
Sorry Sweetie!!

Look closely in the Autumnal picture frame.
That's me, Hi !!

I found this at the "New" thrift store. It's obvious I hadn't dusted or cleaned it yet! It's a napkin/flatware holder. I thought I could maybe put some other kitchen do dad's in it.
It was cleaned today!!

I did buy more things while thrifting this summer.
These were just the latest.
Thrifting is like therapy to me and apparently,
I needed a lot of that this summer!!

Until next time, enjoy the weekend.
Fall is here!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"So, I'm Here, Sort Of."

I've been so lazy since I've had this surgery. Lazy, lazy, lazy.
Haven't felt like reading books or blogs. I did find a Word Search puzzle game on line that I liked. I love word searches and have been doing quite a few of those.

I cheated for Katie whenever she would bring word search's home for homework. She hated to do them so I would do them for her. She say's she was never any good at them, probably because I did them for her, oh well. I'm sorry to all those teachers that sent them home with her. But it is what it is and she always got an "A" for them.

How about that Green Bay- Seattle game last night? I think that Ref strike needs to be settled. That was crazy stupid! The Packers won that game, I don't care what the Refs called. Not a big football fan but I do watch with my husband when the Packers play. He's a big Packers fan. I like Dance Mom's.

So I discovered these past few days that it is possible to do dishes one handed!! Don't freak out, I just got really bored and wanted a challenge. Jake was hovering over me all P.O.ed because I was even attempting it. The hardest part is washing the silverware. But I discovered that if you put a soapy, wet dishrag across the sink, you can wipe the silverware on that. Mind you this all takes a long time with one hand but it can be done damn it!!!!

I was able to go to church Sunday and my husband actually came with me, will miracles never cease? Pastor talked about our Baptism's and how we as Lutherans consider it a sacrament.
Later after service Jake and I talked about our own Baptismal experiences. Well mostly his as I was a baby and don't remember that day.

That same afternoon Jake and I went to my son's house for a B.B.Q. It seems so different now that he is separated but he cooked us a great meal and we had a good time with the grandkids.
It was a GOOD day. I just want my son to be happy. 
That's what I pray for.

I've been able to use my right hand pretty darn well. I just can't get it wet because of the stitches. I get the bandaging off tomorrow and then the stitches should come out next week sometime, not sure on that yet. This whole experience brought back a memory from the fourth grade for me. I was living in Chicago and it was a typical cold winter day. I remember looking out the window to see if the sidewalks were clear enough for me to walk to school without wearing my boots. The sidewalk just looked wet so I wore my street shoes. That's what we called them back then.

As I started my walk to school that day I realized that the sidewalks were covered in ice. So being that I only had my slippery leather shoes on, I walked more cautiously. There was a group of older girls walking behind me and I remember over hearing them say something to the effect that there was no such thing as Santa Claus.

I guess that statement erased my caution as I slipped and fell hard on the ice. Those same girls saw what happened and helped me walk the rest of the way to school and took me inside to the office. There was a very cranky secretary inside that kept telling me that I was being a big baby because I was crying while telling her that I broke my arm. I couldn't understand why she would not believe me.

Several hours later and a trip to Chicago Children's Memorial hospital confirmed the fact that I had a compound fracture of my upper right arm. I don't know what that bone is called but it was broken in half and nearly sticking through my skin.

I had to wear a cast that went completely around my arm and chest for several months. Needless to say it was then that I learned to use my left hand so well. I can even write with it. So now you know why  it hasn't been so bad for me not being able to use the right hand completely.

I am going to have Thanksgiving dinner this year. My son will be here and I do believe that my oldest daughter from N.C. will be coming up as well. I plan on making this a very special Thanksgiving as our family has been through a great deal this past year and we have a lot to be Thankful for.

I'm going to try and schedule my left hand Carpel Tunnel surgery for the last week of October. If the doctor will let me. He said we could set that up tomorrow. This way I should be all healed and good to go before the Holidays. Although my husband is a great cook and always helps me with the food anyway, I'd still like to be able to give it my all if you know what I mean.

I'm really hoping that we'll be able to have our grandchildren here as well but I don't know if that will happen as of yet. I will talk to my D.I.L. about it and see what she says. We are still talking, she's been like a daughter to me for 17 years. That just doesn't go away.

I've been around a little here and there to visit everyone's blogs. If I haven't gotten to you yet please don't take it personally. I just follow so many and have been tired lately. Next week my husband will go back to work from his vacation and I will have more time and hopefully more energy by then. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

" Surgery's Over, I'm Home !"

Yay... I'm home from the Carpel Tunnel Release surgery and it went so much easier than I had anticipated.
My husband ended up taking his last two weeks of vacation this year so he was able to take me. We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 A.M. and were home by 9:00 A.M.!!

I was the first surgery and it went very well and quickly. All of that anxiety for nothing! As you can see I am typing and it's only 10:40 A.M.!! I am able to use my hand much more that I had imagined which made me very happy. I have stitches in two spots . A few on my palm and a few on my wrist. He also was kind enough to remove a huge wart I had on my thumb for many years so it also has stitches.

The doctor said that the nerve wasn't too bad so I should expect good results. I have to go back next Wednesday to have the wrapping removed at which time they will put some tape over the stitches. In the meantime I can't get it wet at all but I can drive and do anything that doesn't hurt. I am so relieved and happy!

I will get the stitches removed the week after next. At that time I will schedule the other hand. Now that I know how easy it was, I will be glad to have them both done and then perhaps get a good nights sleep for a change.

So that's it for now, I just wanted to share the good news!
Have a great day. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Bit of This and a Bit of That and So on and So Forth...

I'm at a loss for words as of late it seems. So many things have been going on around here that my mind has been having problems focusing. So I am just going to ramble again as that seems to be all that I am capable of lately. I'm also going to post a few random photos of people, events and flowers of this past summer.

Mansion around the corner from my house. A girl can dream right?

I guess the main thing on my mind is my upcoming Carpel Tunnel Release surgery a week from this Thursday on the 20th. I've had Carpel Tunnel in both hands for close to 10 years now and it's come to a point where my splints aren't working anymore. To many sleepless nights, constantly dropping things and not being able to do certain things such as crocheting, has driven me to this.

My grandson Jack, turned four in June.
Judging from this photo I'd say it must feel pretty darn good to be four!!

I am not looking forward to the surgery at all but desperate times call for desperate measures they say. So hopefully all will go well and I can have the left hand done before Christmas. 
Katie will take me to and from the hospital for the outpatient surgery. My husband is taking the following week off of work to help me out. I'm digging deep for my faith. I'm really not looking forward to this.

I had another couple of visits from two toads in my yard again this summer. Before the horrible heat wave. Haven't seen the poor little things since.

On a good note, I won't be doing much cleaning for a bit.
Oh... wait, I forgot, I LOVE TO CLEAN !!!
I wonder if I'll be able to use my little finger to type with. Did you know it's the only finger not connected to the nerve that the other's are connected to? 

Katie playing "Dress Up" with our Pug, Ruby.
Poor dog.

I did manage to do some sewing today. Kate had a headband that she really liked wearing so I looked up a pattern for it on YouTube. 
I told my husband that I wrote down the pattern measurements and instructions. He asked why I just didn't print them out.
Is there any way to print out a video from YouTube?
No he's not stupid. He just didn't know where I got the pattern from.
I made two. They were quick, easy and cute. I haven't taken a photo of them, sorry. I was just happy to do something fun.

Hit and run accident that happened on my front lawn this past spring.
There is a reason I never park in front of my house. It's the third one I've seen since we've lived here.
The neighbors did get a new car.

So whilst I was having fun sewing, I was also doing something I hate. Cooking. I decided to make homemade Beef Teriyaki with rice. It came out very good, in fact both teens LOVED it !!
Which reminds me, when I went to the doctor yesterday to get my clearance for the surgery, he informed me that I had gained five pounds since June.

Daughters, Ginny and Katie.
Balloonfest  2012

I didn't even try to explain that he would have gained five pounds too had he been on a double dose of Cholesterol medication that made me want to sleep 24/7 during a heatwave/drought.
I was a slug, I'll admit it. And I did tell him that I felt like crap the whole time I was on it. I am doing much better since he cut it back.
Don't get me wrong, he's a very caring doctor but sometimes they need to take certain things into perspective.

Balloons get ready for the race.

I've been eating healthy again but still haven't started exercising again. No excuse really. Just laziness I guess.
Everyday I tell myself that I will ride my bike "Today".
Then I just get busy running around until I'm exhausted.
I think you all know what I'm talking about.
Motivation. Don't seem to have it.

I brought all of my Autumnal decorations out last week and decorated the inside of the house. I would like to have more as Autumn is my favorite time of year.
I've made quite a bit of them myself. 
Pumpkins are expensive again this year. I used to buy a lot of them for the front porch. I'm thinking we'll be cutting back this year.

Photo that my granddaughter, Sarah, took a couple of weeks ago while spending the night.


Since my son and and my DIL have gone their separate ways, I guess having Thanksgiving Dinner will most likely be at my house this year. Katie is planning a fancy cake for dessert.
I don't know who's going to cook the dinner. Hopefully both hands will be working by then. If not, my husband is an excellent cook!

I can't get enough of these beautiful Morning Glories blooming all down my fence. I have so many photos of them.
Some would probably say too many!

Tomorrow I will go clean my weekly house. It will be my last week for awhile until the doctor says I can go back to it. I will miss this job. My morning talks with Linda. But hopefully things will go well and I will get back to it soon enough.

Grandson Jack.

As for my secretary job at church, I'm just going to see how things go. When I can drive, I can do most of that job with one hand.
I'm pretty sure I can get help from others while I'm out.


I told you this was going to be random didn't I ?
Well I'm sorry for that, I've been scatterbrained lately!!
So I will end your misery and sign off for now.
I'm going to try and post at least one more time before next Thursday.

One of my yard Gnomes.

Oh I forgot, I've been doing some Thrifting lately.
I'll try and remember to post some of my "Finds"