Thursday, July 30, 2009

" Eating Glass "

My Thrusday was filled with adventure. Strange adventure. A series of unordinary events. Quite frankly it was such an unusual day that I do not wish to embark to the madness of it all. I do feel however that there was one particular event that warrents a mention. Eating glass.

Oh don't be so dramatic, I didn't actually eat the glass but through the grace of God, I do believe that I was saved a trip to the emergency room.

Today I started back on a job that I did for three years. I cleaned house for this wonderful family. I truely loved this job as this family is a gracious and warmhearted bunch. I quit cleaning for them this past February after I had a second stroke. I'm alright but felt that it might be a good idea to lessen my work and stress load at the time.

Due to the wonderful state of our recent economy, my family is struggleing so I asked this wonderful family if they might be interested in my services again. Well apparently they missed me and were more than happy to have me back. Really they are like family to me.

So today was my first day back and I, as I had expected, had some catching up to do. I won't go into detail but needless for me to say, I was exhauseted when I came home. Everything hurt from my head to my toes. Before I came home I stopped and picked up a couple of frozen pizza's. You know I detest cooking right?

As I laid back in my recliner , Katie cooked the pizza's. Will wonders never cease? After we had our pizza. I asked Katie in my sweet, I am exhausted, I would jump in front of a train for you voice, " Honey, would you mind getting mommy a little dessert bowl of birthday cake ice cream?", " Just one scoop please. "

Yeah this is good now. I am streached out in my recliner. Get that picture in your brain. I take my glasses off. I close my eyes as I await the return of my Katie with my beautiful little cut glass bowl of my very favorite flavor of birthday cake ice cream. I know it's not really going to help the soreness that I am feeling, but I thought the sugar might be a little lift. Spiritually.

My Katie can be so sweet at times. And then she can be Linda Blair from "The exorsist " at other times. This time she was being sweet when I heard the shattering crash. Alright now I now some of you ladies have sensitive ears but I must be truthfull when I tell you what went through my head. " Oh Shit, she broke a bowl and she is going to freak out and not know what to do.". Remember people I am in great soreness here. " Oh God please let her handle this for once, I don't want to walk anymore."

About one minute goes by. " Uh mom, I broke a bowl."
Mom replies, "Well clean it up honey."
I am hearing the broom and other sounds, no more words from Katie. This is good. Maybe she is finally figureing things out on her own.

After about two minutes (To clean broken glass that shattered all over the kitchen) she sheepisly arrives in the living room with another little cut glass dessert bowl filled with one scoop of my very favorite birthday cake ice cream. " Thank You sweetheart for being so good to me today." She hands me the bowl.

Kids change quickly. It's possible that she actually was able to get all of the glass cleaned up and this is my reward. A once again clean kitchen and a nice little cut glass bowl of birthday cake ice cream. This is exactly what I need. Rest and a little sugar.

If you've never had birthday cake ice cream I will explain what it is. The base is vanilla, my favorite flavor, it has swirls of red and blue iceing with little chunks of red and blue iceing through out. These little chunks are very similar to white chocolate only colored. They melt in your mouth. To me the ice cream taste is very reminisent to cotton candy. Another favorite flavor of mine.

I dip my spoon into my pretty little cut glass bowl. I don't like big bites. So It was a small dip. Right away I noticed little chunks of red and blue iceing on my spoon. Mmmm. I already can feel it melting slowly in my mouth. I do believe my first chunk on my spoon was red. I'm pretty sure but I am quite exhaused you know. I open my mouth in anticipation. Everything seems to taste better when someone else fixes it for you. As I lay the spoon on my tounge and slowly slide it back out of my mouth, ( Is it me or is this starting to sound like soft porn?) I got a little chunk of iceing along with my ice cream . Perfect!

These little chunks sort of melt in your mouth. I was going very slowly as I wanted to savor not devour my little cut glass bowl of birthday cake ice cream. This particular chunk is not melting properly. I stop moving the muscles in my mouth. I don't know where they came from but all of a sudden I heard alarms. WARNING, WARNING, spit it out, spit it out. I reached in my mouth for what I thought was supposed to be a smooth chuck of iceing from my birthday cake ice cream and what do I discover? You got it ! A nice sized piece of glass!

I'd say it was about one carrot if it were a diamond. Too bad for me it wasn't. " Thank you Jesus, for letting me be so careful as to discover this piece of glass before I chewed and swalled it." In the meantime I can feel at least two shards of glass in my mouth. Rinse and spit. Rinse and spit. Rinse and spit. I am fine . However my mouth does feel a little raw. I did look for blood a couple of times as it felt as though it could be bleeding.

What was Katie doing you ask? She was standing right beside me with a very concerned look on her face. I told her that it wasn't her fault and that she didn't do anything wrong. Relief sweap over her face.

You know the old saying " No rest for thr wicked" ? Well call me wicked because I no longer had a taste for ice cream. We had to go into the kitchen to investigate the crime scene. I loved Columbo. Remember Columbo? Upon investigation I discovered that the little cut glass bowl dropped on the counter, not the floor. And of coarse the half gallon container of birthday cake ice cream was on the counter at the time of the dropping. We investigated the half gallon very carefully and concluded that it was not contamidated. The counter and the floor however needed several more wipings and several more sweepings.

How did the glass get into my bowl you ask? Well upon further investigation I discovered that the scoop that fell on the floor looked clean to Katie. so It was put back into the new bowl. My earlier conclusion that Katie might be starting to know what to do when something goes wrong was somewhat shot down. But she tried. And she recieved a new lesson about broken little cut glass bowls.

The morals of this story.
1. When you think that you will be able to relax, think again.
2. When you think that your young teen might finally be getting what you've been trying to teach them for the past however many years, think again.
3. If you think that you can be Columbo and figure out all of the facts, try and do it when you are not sooo exhausted.

This message was brought to you by parents trying to teach their teens how to live on their own.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" MTV Rocks!"

This has got to be a quick post tonight as I promised Katie that I would watch "Real World" with her. Yeah I know, but what can I do she invited me to watch with her! My older daughter Ginny used to watch this years ago when she was still living at home. So I can't very well not watch it with Katie. It's stupid and imature but yet in a strange way kind of addicting!
Anyway I just had to post about my grandaughter Sarah's visit today. She wanted to come and spend some time with me and I felt honored! I offered to take her to the park to feed the ducks and she said " No I want to just stay here and play." So I didn't get to feed the ducks but I got to hear all about her three vacation bible schools that she has gone to. She remembers every detail of each one. It seemed amazing to me but it probably isn't for a six year old. She talked for at least an hour straight so I think that we got pretty much caught up. We haven't seen each other since Father's Day and I was missing her terribly. We had such a wonderful visit.

I also got to see my grandson Jack who is walking now. I haven't seen him since Father's Day either. I wanted to post a photo of him so badly and Sarah too but I can't do it on this computer. I tried but I think it's just too old. I couldn't believe how much his face had changed in just over a month! And he let me hold him without throwing a fit. I was afraid that he wouldn't remember me but it sure seemed like he did. It was fantabulous being with them both!

Oh I forgot to mention that Katie rearranged her bedroom today and she made me cry. She took out some furniture to make more space and packed up almost all of her stuffed animals. I wish I could show you a photo, but all I can say is that it looks nothing like a little girls room at all anymore. High school registration is Monday and she said " Your gonna cry." I said " No I'm not." She said "I'm gonna make you cry."

And I have a feeling that she will. And it won't be the last time!

Well it's almost time to go watch a little MTV, YEAH , IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Who knows maybe it will make me younger , ya think?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

" Happy Monday Morning !"

Happy Monday morning everybody ! I know, I know, it's not Monday. But it is to me. As I stated before, Katie and I went to church on Saturday. I know how badly you were wondering what I did on Sunday so now I will tell you. Are you ready? O.K., I cleaned house all day! I know that you were all holding your breath as you awaited my answer. So there you have it.
Actually Saturday was my Sunday and Sunday was my Saturday and Monday was my Sunday so that means that Tuesday is my Monday. Confused ? Well how in the heck do you think I feel ? I made myself get up early this morning because as usual , it is always the last two weeks before school starts that I am able to stay up a little later and sleep in a little later as well. Why I let myself get away with this year after year is beyond me. I mean you would think a woman of my age would know better. You would think !
And that my dear freinds is a perfect testimomial to my age. When one sits and ponders ones sleep cycles. I could be wrong though. My Katie has been having a heck of a time falling asleep. Even when she wakes early. I woke at 5:30 a.m. which is my normal time and just stayed up instead of going back to sleep. See what a good girl I am ? We shall see how good Katie is this morning. She is asleep right now on the big comfy couch , which means she couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours again , poor kid.
Next week is school registration and Katie will be babysitting for three days. She will have to be up by 6:30 a.m.. Am I worried ? Not really , there's cash involved so she will do it !
I feel as though I must apologize for this tiny , tiny font. I like to use large font so that I can actually see what I have typed but this computer will not let me use large font. It keeps reverting back to teeny tiny font. Also I will say once again that the spell check doesn't work ( I know, excuses , excuses ) I do have a very large dictionary sitting next to me that I use most of the time but even with my bifocals, well you get the picture and if you don't , you are under thirty and will eventually.
Now speaking of reverting back , lets revert back to my Saturday which was actually Sunday. As I told you earlier I cleaned all day. Most of that time was spent cleaning out my china cabinet and another corner cabinet in my dining room. Which actually isn't used for that purpose anymore but I'll save that for another time least I may bore you to tears ! I switched things up a bit in the cabinets and was quite happy with the results. Katie took a wonderful picture which I would love to post for you but still Katie and I have been to lazy to put my Kodak easy share program on this computer. I think we will try to get to this before Friday for Friday Favorites even though that will actually be my Thrusday. Good Luck remembering all that !
I have been wanting to clean out the closet in " Happenstance " ( catch all / computer room ) but my Husband keeps telling me to wait until he comes home and he will help me . He is very good at this. He has helped me clean out this closet once a year , every year. So I do believe I will oblige him. He will be taking a week off of work the next time he gets home which should be August 7th or 8th. His back stopped hurting although he is having some pain in his hip and thigh but I do believe it is getting better. The power of prayer goes a long way.
Well my freinds I do believe it is time for me to go. French toast is whats on my mind. But first I must tell you how dear you all are to me. I would never dream of posting that photo of me if I didn't feel like we all knew each other so well!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Sunday Morning "

It is Sunday morning and I have been awake for about an hour or more now. It is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and the temperatures are sitting in the low sixties. Now if only it would stay like that all day. This is one of those rare Sundays that I don't have to go anywhere. Katie and I went to church last night so that we, I should say, she could sleep in.

Pastor's sermon was very moving and personal to me. They usually always are. Jake and I have commented several times in the past that it feels as if our Pastor chooses his words just for us. I do realize this not to be true as he plans his sermons far in advance, but I think that it is a special gift to be able to make one feel that he is speaking just to you! Just as if you were reading God's word, he is speaking just to us, personally.

After church Kate and I , by the way she hate's when I call her Kate as she likes to be called Katie. I like to call her Kate as that's what I wanted to name her, just Kate! After church Kate and I came home and hooked up the computer again. I have commented to a few of you that we were having mouse problems. None of our mice would work. It was a small glitch that Pastor fixed for us. Thankfully as it doesn't take long for computer withdrawal to set in around here! It is particularly bad for Kate, yes I called her Kate, she's still asleep! But also for me as blogging has become my newest hobby. I cannot crochet like I used to and sewing has become a little to costly for me to keep up with so, I blog. And I clean. Clean and blog, that's what I do.

As I was catching up on everyone's blogs last night I discovered that there are three blogs that I can't make comments on. It has something to do with downloading possible viruses because of the way the comment sections are set up. This really upset me as two of them are my old favorites and the third is a new friend who I've bonded with and really enjoy commenting to. These three blogs are Wanda's, Jerelene's and Terrie's. So I guess if things are set up right, I will just have to email comments to them! I am sorry girl's, but just know that I will read your posts everyday regardless.

After catching up on who's been sick and who hasn't, I retired to my recliner and watched a movie. Kate soon followed and we enjoyed a few laughs together. I don't know why or if it's just my imagination, which I don't think that it is, but Kate and I seem to be getting closer lately. Why in this past week alone she's let me hug her a least four time's! Still no kisses but I'll take what I can get. She reached a point a few years ago where she just stopped giving any physical displays of endearment towards any of us. But it almost seems as if it's starting to turn around. I suppose each individual is different in that respect. Frank and Ginny , my two adult children never stopped hugging even as teens and still do. But Katie is and always has been a very different child , young woman. After she was born there was a while when Jake and I thought something might be wrong with her as she never smiled. Then finally after a few months we would notice tiny little smiles here and there. Relief is what we felt then. I remember Jake and I trying everything to try and get her to smile. So serious was she. We couldn't even get a laugh out of her. Then one day we heard her giggling. It seemed that her big sister who at the time was 14 , was the one that could make Katie laugh. And smile. Funny, it's still that way today sometimes.

Kate is not as serious today as she was back then. As a matter of fact, she is quite funny. Actually witty would be a better word. It has become much easier for me to make her laugh. Especially as I age as she thinks that this is quite hysterical! She is forever pointing out how many times that I repeat myself and how humorous it is to watch me try to walk after I have been sitting for any length of time. Also the fact that my hearing isn't quite what it used to be and that I am more like my mother with each passing day. And to be truthful, I really don't care as I love to hear Katie laugh. She has a great laugh!

Wow I've been on the computer for quite a bit now and it's still so peaceful in the house. I wonder how long it will last! I don't really have any particular plans for the day although there are many things that need to be done. Many projects that I can choose from. What will she choose?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

" Too Tired Thursday "

What a fun day I had today! I posted this picture of this young man receiving what appears to be an innoculation of some sort. This is what Katie had to do today. Get her innoculations for high school. She received three in total. And she looked nothing like this young man above! She was so brave it made me proud. She hasn't had a shot in a very long time, well since the fifth grade so I think that she had forgotten what to expect.

Excuse my language but she is one hard ass chick!

Afterward she was told to use her arms , keep them moving, so that they wouldn't swell and get sore. And wouldn't you know I had plenty of house work for her to do when we got home. Wasn't that thoughtful of me?

She came home and did the work without complaint as I went off to my temporary fill in job. A dollar here and a dollar there, one dollar closer to a new lap top, God willing! Oh and to top it all off, when I came home from work, she had actually done an extrordinary job in the kitchen! The only thing missing was a nice home cooked meal when I walked in the door!

So KUDOS to Katie!
I really would have liked to post a Friday favorite, but our day was a bit busy and I still need my Katie to show me how to post photos from my camera onto this computer.
My hubby went back to work today and he has been in horrible pain. Back problems. We don't know what caused it as he swears that he doesn't remember doing anything out of the ordinary. I made him go to the doctor. Truth be told, if we didn't have each other, I doubt either one of us would go to the doctor ever!
The doctor checked him out and said that he thinks it's just a muscle problem that should go away in a week or two. Well isn't that just fine and dandy. He is still in horrible pain and has to work regardless. He cannot take any pain medications or muscle relaxers as it is against IDOT rules and can be fired if he does. They always have random drug tests. So I am very worried about him and feel helpless.
We need lots and lots of prayers.
On a lighter note, the room that our desk top computer is in is in a horrible disarray. To me this spells CHALLENGE! I love a challenge. So I believe that I might volunteer my Katie to help me with a whole new arrangement. Lots of moving and sorting to do to make this room more managable. It's always been the catch all room. When Jake and I first bought this house we actually named this room HAPPENSTANCE. It has always managed to live up to it's name!
Tomorrow is going to be another extremly busy day. I really would like to post a Friday Favorite if Katie and I have the time. But if not it maybe a Saturday favorite.
I hope and pray that the sun shines down on all of you and God blesses you with family, friends and good food.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

" A Temporary Reprieve "

Well folks it seems that Katie and I have been granted a temporary reprieve thanks to our Pastor. Pastor likes to tinker with computers and he had one that he had just gotten through tinkering with. He gave it to me and Katie to use until I can save up enough cash to buy a new one! I think that pastor is a genious, I am sure that he would disagree with me. Regardless, Thank you Pastor Joe!
I tried to get the library to open at 5:30a.m. for me so that I could sit and have my coffee while reading about Bernie's previous day, but they wouldn't go for that! At least now I can actually have more than an hour.
For some reason I can't get my google reader to work on this computer. It is an older one but I just don't know. I have many subsciptions that I have in my reader that aren't on my side bar of my blog. So it may take some time to find some of them and add them to my side bar. I don't care, I am just happy right now to be back in the village!
I also had applied for another job earlier this week. They weren't hiring but they called me today to ask if I can fill in for a couple of hours tomorrow. Of coarse I said yes!
I have to take Katie in the morning for her immunization for high school and I will pray that I get done in time!!!
Again you will have to forgive my grammer for now as the spell check doesn't work on this computer. But I have a gigantic dictionary that I know how to use, so I will do my best! Also I don't know how to put photos on my blog with a desk top but of coarse Katie does and she will show me how. If I were 14 years old I wouldn't need her help!
So for now it appears that I am able to return to my village people! YMCA , twisted sisters and all!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

" Fun at the Library, Not! "

Well boys and girls, here I am again at the local library. It's better than nothing but I miss so much checking on all of you through out the day! And I only get one hour so I can post a little, and catch up a little on everyone's blogs, but one hour just isn't enough time. So please forgive me if I cannot comment on everybody everyday!

I can't tell you how much I miss readiing about everyones activities. I am going through blogger withdrawal! It can be depressing!! Now we have come to discover that niether one of our computers work at all anymore. So, so sad. But I have a plan.

Remember the people that I cat sat for last week? Well I used to clean their house form them once a week. I did this for three years. They feel like my own family and are wonderful people. Anyway, I gave up cleaning for them after I had my second stroke in Feburary of this year. I think That I went back to soon after the first stroke. They never did replace me. And the husband, Randy, kept saying that the house was never as clean as when I did it. They both work full time and have two young children.

So when I called them Saturday to make sure everything was alright and that they arrived home safetly, I thought, what the heck and I asked Linda if she might possibly be interested in me cleaning again for them. She answered instantly, yes! So I am going to start again next week. It will take me a few months to do it, but I am going to buy a new laptop, if all goes well. My husband and I have had a lot of stumbling blocks thrown in our way recently so I can't say that it will definitly all work out the way I plan. But, God willing, I am going to give it on heck of a try.

It sounds silly but I just am afraid that everyone is going to give up on me. And I just want to stay a part of the village! And a twisted sister! And it's so funny that you can become so attatched to people just from reading and typing everyday! I really, really miss it.

Here is a complaint or two. The spell check at the library, at least on this computer does not work. Nor can I align this post how I want to. And that's all of the complaining that I will do today. I just wish Marcy were here, she would straighten these things out!

Just remember that I miss you all!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

" I'm Still Here! "

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post as I am running out of time at the local library! Our computer died and I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. I won't be as often but keep checking please as I am trying to figure something out. It will probably be a while though.

I will keep checking your blogs and my email. We only get an hour a day at the library so I will be limited to posting. I love reading your posts so I will be doing that first. I love you all.

Say a prayer for us, maybe something good will happen!

Friday, July 17, 2009

" One Word ( Twisted ) MeMe's and Friday Favorites. "

I have decided to take the one word MeMe challenge from Eileen over there at " Umma's World "
. I think that I shall put my own twist on it however.

I am aware of the possible consequences from the
blogger cop Marcy over there at " Blessings Each Day ". I suppose I'll get caught. But there are times when freedom of expression overrides the BLOGGER LAW!

We are supposed to give one word answers. Which I will. With a twist.

1. Where Is Your Cell Phone? Table (always with me in case husband calls )

2. Your Hair? Ugly ( that's why I always wear a bandanna )

3. Your Mother? Bubbly ( way,way too bubbly )

4. Your Father? Dead ( that's as final as it gets )

5. Your Favorite Food? Cheese ( anything with cheese )

6. Your Dream Last Night? Forgot ( slept like a log )

7. Your Favorite Drink? Coffee ( Iced coffee at the moment )

8. Your Dream/Goal? Husband ( to be able to be with him everyday )

9. What Room Are You In? Living room ( downstairs not up )

10. Your Hobby? Blogging ( crocheting too )

11. Your Fear? Husband ( Not afraid of him, afraid of losing him )

12. Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Tuscany ( dream big )

13. Where Were You Last Night? Home ( where else )

14. Something You Aren't? Paris Hilton ( need I say more )

15. Muffins? Chocolate ( chocolate-chocolate chip )

16. Wish List Item? Computer ( so I won't have to share with Katie )

17. Where You Grew Up? Chicago ( Illinois )

18. Last Thing You Did? Coffee ( made myself an iced coffee)

19. What Are You Wearing? Clothes ( Duh! )

20. Your TV? Old ( but it works )

21. Your Pets? Lovable ( but spoiled )

22. Friends? Lovable ( but spoiled )

23. Your Life? Short ( and getting shorter )

24. Your mood? Happy ( but tired )

25. Missing Someone? Ginny ( I always miss Ginny )

26. Car? Ford ( a cute focus wagon in tundra green )

27. Something You Are Not Wearing? Bra ( don't like chest restraints )

28. Your Favorite Store? Lowes ( what can I say, I love home improvement )

29. Your Favorite Color? Blue ( for today, it changes all the time )

30. Last Time You Laughed? Today ( I called someone the wrong name at church, I'm an idiot )

31. Last Time You Cried? Tenth ( Spooky died July 10th )

32. Who Will Resend This? Nobody ( just take it if you want it )

33. One Place You Go Over And Over? Recliner ( Ahhhh! )

34. One Person Who Emails You Regularly? Roxanne ( my cousin )

35. Favorite Place To Eat? Out ( anywhere but home )

See now wasn't that fun? I am by no means an exciting person! Perhaps this would be of more interest if we made up answers! Something like this: 33. One Place You Go Over and Over ? Rome ( where else ).
Yes that probably would have been more fun. Perhaps someday I will make up my own little survey. One where the rules would be to let your imagination run wild! I think that would be fun. Hearing what other people dream about. I like that idea. I think I may work on that. What do you think?

Onward to Friday Favorites. I am going to be honest here. This can be difficult for me at times. There are a lot of things that I like. I don't know why but it is hard for me sometimes to narrow it down to any one thing. There are very few things that I own that mean that much to me. After all they are just things. Possessions. I don't like to feel like I am showing off.
The really important things to me aren't really pretty. Like a small box of raisins that I have carried around in my purse for four years. I am quite sure that they are not edible anymore. But I still keep them in my purse. My gra
nddaughter, Sarah, gave them to me when she was two. She didn't want me to ever be hungry.
Or that old McCormicks spice jar that Ginny glued beads around, so that I would have a pretty spice jar. Or the " Merry Christmas " sign that Frank made for me in high school. Then there's the nut. Not the edible kind. The metal kind that fits on a bolt that my husband found on one of our walks when we were dating. He gave it to me. I still have it. It's not a diamond. But special none the less.
So this week I am going to post a photo of not a thing rea
lly, but a spot. It is one of my very favorite spots in my house. It was also one of the many deciding factors in the purchase of this house. It used to be where a phone would have been placed. The shelf on the bottom is where the plug and phone wires used to be. It had an intricately carved cover over it to conceal the wires but is was broken so I removed it and the phone plug and wires. The little curtain is one that I crocheted.

Nothing special really. Just a little spot that I like very much!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

" Progress "

We Did it! We were able to get the huge pile organized. I went in search for boxes at church, but all that I had there were small ones. My Pastor's wife, Karen was there at the time and fortunately she knew of someone who had Plenty of empty boxes. Thank God , Karen and her friend as I was now armed with more than what I needed!

This picture is a reminder of what Katie's room looked like after her closet was emptied out! Very, very scary!

We started out packing all of her bags and purses, around 25 in all. Those she wanted to keep handy on the floor of the closet for easy access. Understandable. You can clearly see from this next photo progress is being made.

I must say that I was very proud of Katie. As I was putting the boxes together, I was giving her instruction in what to sort through next. She worked so well and without complaint, it warmed my heart!

It was not easy though as every time I looked away from my packing job and looked up at Katie to tell her what to sort through next, this is what I saw! I could not look at her without laughing! In case you can't tell, she is wearing Kanye West shades. They look like mini blinds. Very hard to keep a straight face!

The next photo is of the tiny, tiny closet. Old houses, usually have tiny, tiny closets!
This is what it looked like after everything was taken out except for some hanging clothes. There are shelves way up high in the closet. We utilized those for the boxes filled with memories.
I am only sorry that I didn't get a photo of the "before" of the closet. Katie emptied it out before I was able to! Look you can see the floor!

Finally, you can see the floor once more! Katie did an excellent job. She did most of the work, including climbing up on the stool to put the boxes up on the shelves. Really all she needed from me was some direction. I also did the packing.
Did I mention that we only had two hours to get this all done? She was having a new friend spend the night last night and wanted everything to look nice.
And she even mentioned in a round about way that she was happy that our home was clean and smelled good as some of her friends houses did not!
So I guess all of the cleaning does pay off occasionally!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

" I Don't Know What to Title this Post! "

Wow girls (and boys?) check this out. I have been promising my girl, Katie, that we would clean her closet out together. Soon. Yeah, I was really lookin' forward to that!
A little background. My Katie is not the neatest person around. Neither was my Ginny. Both of my girls are, I will be nice here, a little sloppy. Katie being the neater of the two. Sorry Ginny, I love you! I am, and you can ask ANYONE who knows me, very neat and very clean.
I remember the days when Ginny was around Katie's age (14 ). My husband and I knew it was time for Gin to clean her room when we found empty plates of food under her bed! In my daughter Ginny's defense, she has since grown into a much neater person. She was just not as compulsive about cleaning as I am, Thank God!
It is difficult, but I do turn a blind eye to Katie's room as it is her space after all. Something we all need. My son, Frank, on the other hand, took after his mom. You could walk into his room at any time and everything was in it's place and his bed was always made. He is still very neat, but with two young children and working full time he has relaxed a bit on that.
So onto the closet story. I believe my daughter was a bit bored this evening. I am really not sure. I didn't ask. I just came when she said " Hey mom, come here."
And this is what I saw!

You probably can't tell but on the left of the photo is a queen size bed. We counted approximately 25 assorted bags and purses. Several forgotten articles of clothing. A giant teddy bear that daddy bought when she got her first inoculation , a giant pink bunny rabbit, c.d.'s falling from above and pillows. Lots and lots of pillows.
Well now what? I have been saving boxes at church. I have a bit of hoarder in me. We'll save that for another time. So since my Katie took such a huge initiative with this gigantic endeavor, I had to promise to bring home the boxes to help organize her closet.
So my dear friends, please, while you are floating in your pools, smelling your gloriously beautiful flowers, and eating your heavenly fruitful desserts, don't think about me sitting in the middle of the pile of stuff with our cardboard boxes.
Remember, organization is the key to success in life. The sooner learned, the better!

Is he not an evil looking fellow? Looks are very deceiving. But you should all know this by now. This is the kitty that I am sitting for this week. Here is the funny part. I can't remember if the cat is a boy or a girl! It's a long story. Boring at that. But the kitty looks like a boy to me so I will refer to it as he. I have always been a cat person and have had many cats in my life. I can still remember the names of each and every one. The most I have had at one time was eight. In the house. Now I am down to four.
I still miss all of the ones that have passed.
This cat that I am sitting for is so lovable and playful. Oh crap, now I am missing Spooky. I'm alright!

He/She is very attractive, don't ya think?

I watched a really, really good movie tonight. It's not new but new to me. Many of you have probably already seen it. I do not consider myself to be in the loop so please don't think me silly for going on about this movie, But.........
" The Jane Austen Book Club " was a wonderful, fabulous, warm, funny, intelligent and romantic movie.
I am a not an avid reader. I consider myself strange as I love non-fiction, more precisely, reference books.
After watching this movie I am moved to read Jane Austen's books. I've seen the movie's. Does that count?
More importantly though, this movie, in many ways, reminded me of the friendships that we have formed blogging. I can envision each and everyone of you in this book club with me. Trying to figure out which character each one of you would be was the fun part. If you have not seen this flick, I would highly recommend it. I would not categorize it as a totally chick flick as I think my husband would have enjoyed it. That's saying a lot as he is a huge sci-fi, shoot-em-up and kill em fan!
But he does enjoy intelligent humor as well.

This is a movie that I would love to own!

Goodnight All!

" Warm Hearts "

Several days ago my good friend Eileen passed this award on to me.

It is called " the Warm Hearts Award ".
This award is supposed to be passed on to someone who is bolstering, uplifting, reassuring, soothing, calming, cheering, consoling and encouraging to others around them. Lately I feel as though that's what everyone else has been doing for me!
However I wish to thank Eileen from " Ummas World " for believing in me and trusting that I deserve this. Eileen, you are all of those descriptive words above!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sandy @ beachgirl77 created this very beautiful Warm Hearts award in memory of her son Jonny and it is a tribute to all the wonderful characteristics Jonny portrayed.

Some of you have already received this award. So rather than choosing any one in particular to pass this award to, I think that I would like it if any of you who gave me a warm and consoling comment after my Spooky passed away, and you don't already have this, please take it.
All of your comments really helped me through that difficult day. So please take the award. The words from all of you were bolstering, uplifting, reassuring, soothing, calming, cheering, consoling and encouraging on that very sad day for me.

For that alone you deserve a " Warm Heart " award and my sincere thank you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

" A Tour of My Apartment "

Last night I decided that it was once again time to clean my apartment. No I am not divorced. But I have turned the whole upstairs into my space. We all refer to it as my apartment. We, my husband and I, often joke about this saying that if we were ever to divorce, we could still live cheaply. Me upstairs and him downstairs. He doesn't care for it up here as the ceilings are very low and he is 6 foot 3 inches, and shrinking! When we bought this house ten years ago, my husband wanted it because of the huge front room that has a fireplace. I wanted it because of the upstairs.

The photo below is the stairway leading downstairs.

When we first bought the house, Katie was only four. She had the bedroom that is now mine and Jake and I used what we now call my front room or living room.

The photo below is now my bedroom that Katie grew out of and wanted to move downstairs into one of the big bedrooms. Sarah the cat wanted to be in the photo. Poor dear is still wondering what happened to spooky.

Directly across from my bedroom is what is now my dressing room / craft room/ closet. It used to be Katie's toy room and had dinosaurs that I hand painted all around the room. She was so into dinosaurs! Her tastes have since become more expensive! This room also has plumbing in it which makes me think that the previous owners had intended to make this into an apartment. It is quite full I know, it is my personal storage space!

This next photo is self explanatory. It is my very girly bathroom!

This area has a large dresser which you can see in the next photo. Also my great-grandmothers cedar chest that is now filled with yarn and also a small cabinet and small dresser.

I have always wanted to tear down the plaster that surrounds the above chimney to expose the brick underneath. Someday!

If you turn around from the chimney, you will see my dresser. All of the boxes piled up next to it are all of the photos of our lives. Another hopefully, future project. We all have them!

Opposite the dresser is an old vanity that Kate used to use. She no longer wanted it so I have stored all of my sewing patterns in the drawers. They fit perfectly!
The photo below is the hallway leading to the back of my apartment where the bedroom, bathroom and dressing room are located.

And finally we are in my small living area. There are two comfortable chairs. The rocker with the foot stool is mine. This is understood!

Another view of the chimney that separates the living spaces. On the book shelves are all of my crochet books and magazines. Hundreds!

I used to have a large t.v. on this old dresser, but when the downstairs one died , I unselfishly donated it to the downstairs living room. Well maybe not unselfishly! But since I don't watch much television upstairs it was no big deal.

Last night as I finished cleaning my apartment, Katie came upstairs and said to me that she should be able to move up here and could really " Rock this place out". I just looked at her and said that in four years she could move and rock her own place out!

Truthfully I love it up here. It is so quite and a great place to escape to. Especially since no one else wants to come up here. I think the stairs hinder them! It's also a good place to read or just sit and look out the windows. Or to blog!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

" Satuday Salutations! "

Alright, I am back. Yesterday was a horribly depressing day for me but today I am much better. Katie did not show any emotion what so ever about Spooky's passing. I suppose this is normal for a fourteen year old. At least I hope!
I methodically made us dinner last night as I realized all that I ate was a giant piece of German chocolate cake. Comfort food I suppose. I
made us broiled chicken breast with cheesy rice, green beans and biscuits. I guess I was pretty hungry by then because I ate quite a bit.
When I took Spooky's body home from the vet., I started digging his grave. My son showed up soon after to finish my sorry attempt. I only made it about one foot down and my hands just couldn't do anymore. It helped to keep my mind focused for a bit.
Frank dug down two more feet in less then the time it took for me to dig one foot!
We then buried Spooky next to Zippers and Midnight.
After that I let it go for a while.
Katie and I watched a movie after dinner. " The Nanny Diaries ", very cute! When it ended there was still a little light left in the day so I went outside to replant some of the plants where Spooky had been buried. I also added a Cosmo, as I have so many around the yard.

Spooky is on the right where there is no cross yet. I was running out of light by then so I will find some wood today or tomorrow and make one for him. After I finished the cemetery, I watered all of the plants, all the while wondering what the local water company was doing with all of their extra revenue this summer. They raised their rates once again this year so I have cut way back on the amounts of plants I have and the amount of watering. Also as I was watering I couldn't help but think that it was probably going to rain. All I have to do is get my hose out and you can pretty much guess that it will rain!

After being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I went inside to bathe. As Katie was doing the dishes I took a ride and bought myself a bottle of wine. Merlot. It was good. I watched another movie called " Wonder Boys " with Michael Douglas,Toby Maguire, Robert Downy Jr. and Rip Torn. It was a crazy movie. It gave me quite a few laughs which I really needed.

After the movie I was off to bed and then of coarse, sometime in the night I heard the thunder and the rain!

Even though yesterday was a difficult one, it was made so much better by everyone's caring comments on my posts. They kept coming in all through the day and evening. When my husband is not here, I really feel alone but not yesterday. All of you shared your feelings and experiences with me and it truly, truly helped.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, July 10, 2009

" Memory's of Spooky " from Ginny

I loved Spooky so much b/c even though he weighed like 5,000 pounds, he would still let you pick him up and he would wrap his arms around your neck. It was the cutest, strangest cat behavior. He was such a loverboy. He purred all the time and always wanted love, but he was never obnoxious. He was put to sleep today.

Spooky 2008 por Ginny from the Blog.
One of my family's cats had to be put to sleep today. RIP Spooky.

" In Memory of Spooky "


Seven years ago, on a cold and rainy October night, my daughter Katie and I heard a faint non distinct sound on our front porch. We opened the door to find a very tiny gray puffball facing the front door looking at us. It was so tiny and so furry that is was a little hard to tell what it was a first. So tiny was he that he barely had a voice. Of course Katie and I had to investigate further.
It was most definitely a feline. Naturally we brought the poor, cold, and wet little orphan in the house. Naturally. We brought him into one of the spare bedrooms as we had at that time six other cats and didn't want them to start a revolt. Upon investigation, I determined that the fur ball was a boy. Oh dear, this is not good. You see all of our cats were females. All spayed of course but all that kept running through my mind was how much my husband disliked male cats.
What to do, what to do? I could lie and say it is a girl cat. Nope, my husband is far from stupid. So I did the right thing and told him that the kitty was a boy. And between Katie's begging and my absolute refusal to get rid of him, the little gray fur ball had a new home. There was however one condition. My husband wanted to name him. That was easy! And since it was very close to Halloween and a dark and rainy night at that, Jake named him Spooky.
One of the reasons that my husband didn't want a male cat was he had always heard that they sprayed. Spooky never did. Not even once. Spooky also learned early on to wrap his front legs around us when we picked him up. Just like a real hug. He loved my husband and would hug him whenever he could.
Spooky was a very easy going cat. Spooky was never mean. Spooky was filled with love. Spooky was a good cat. A very good cat. And we shall miss him very, very much.

The Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge connecting heaven and earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of it's many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge, there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. Those old and frail animals are young again. Those who have been maimed are whole again. They play all day with each other.
But there is only one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up. The nose twitches, the ears are up, the eyes are staring, and this one suddenly runs from the group. You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her into your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Wonderful Wednesday"

Today is a Wonderful Wednesday for me so I would like to acknowledge an award that I have received from Annette at "A Wisp of Creativity" And also Eileen at "Umma's World". Two wonderful women that let us visit their worlds and share their lives with us. Thank you Annette and Eileen.

" The Bella Sinclair Award "

The Bella Sinclair was created by Ces in honor of her dear friend Bella to celebrate art, inspiration, friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring.

And what wonderful words, Art, Inspiration, Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing and Caring.
Wonderful words for a Wonderful, Word filled Wednesday!

I have gained many valuable friendships since I have begun blogging. I have learned so much from all of you and you all have inspired me in one way or another.
As far as sisterhood goes, I've never had a sister but I do feel like I have many now.
All of you have been very caring and it warms my heart. I have grown fond of you all.

You have all shared your lives,your hopes, your dreams and your fears. That is bravery my friends. Our lives are our art. Each one a different yet beautiful canvas that is newly created every day.
And quite beautiful to see.

It is a gift to know you all!
Thank you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

" God Bless America and Mr. Lincoln Too!"

"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, "Letter To Henry L. Pierce and Others" (April 6, 1859), p. 376.

I thought that I would begin my one hundredth post with a quote from my very favorite historical figure, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. I became fascinated with Mr. Lincoln a few years ago when my daughter Ginny received her Masters Degree from The University of Illinois at Springfield. We went there for her graduation and while we were there visited a few of the many historical site's that are devoted to President Lincoln and his wife Mary. Unfortunately this was before Springfield's latest addition of the Lincoln Library. But I do hope to some day return there as I was completely fascinated and in awe of all of the history there.

Lincoln's home is amazing. It has been meticulously renovated over the years. Each time great care has gone into removing and storing all of our former presidents belongings while the home's structure has been maintained.

I took many, many photos of the interior of the Lincoln's home. The furnishings I found to be extremely fascinating.Unfortunately my scanner is not hooked up so these photos I got off of the web. The above photo is of Mary's tiny kitchen. I had to laugh about this as my kitchen is about the same size! However, I am fortunate enough to have a few more modern conveniences then Mary had!

Mary Todd Lincoln was quite a character in her own right. After reading her biography I came to the conclusion that she was a very complicated woman. Very devoted to her husband and family. Yet she seemed to suffer a number of maladies that today we know are common among us women. Not discussed back in her day however. She suffered great loses in her life. Also her uncontrollable spending left her the target of much ridicule. I always felt that her over spe
nding was filling a void for her loneliness.

This next photo is of the Appellate Courthouse in our town. It is just three blocks from my home.

In 1854 , $6000.00 was appropriated for the erection of one of three grand divisions of the supreme court of Illinois to be built in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
On August 27, 1840, before the erection of the court house, Abraham Lincoln, then 31 years old, came to Mt.Vernon to debate John A. McClernand. This was only one of several visits that Mr. Lincoln made to Mt.Vernon.
Nineteen years later on November 18, 1859, Mr. Lincoln again visited Mt. Vernon. Only this time it was at the above court house to argue
a case involving The State of Illinois vs. Illinois Central Railroad. It was a tax case in which Mr. Lincoln argued for the railroad. The railroad won.
This court house is quite beautiful inside and out. You can really feel history as you walk through it. The staircase in the front of the building took three weeks by ox cart from St. Louis to arrive.
One other interesting note about this court house. In 1888 there was a great tornado that created quite a bit of destruction in Mt. Vernon. So much so that Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, set up a make shift hospital in this very same court house to help tend to the

This fine statue is the latest addition to the court house's grounds. I remember the day that it was being unveiled. I drove right by it as I was taking my daughter home from school. I was so excited! My Katie was so embarrassed! But I didn't care because I love old Abe. Somewhere there are photos of my daughter Ginny and I playing around this statue. I will have to find out what happened to them. At least I have one daughter that enjoys being silly wit
h her mom!

Well I could go on and on about Mr. Lincoln. His life, his politics, his homes, his family, his wife and his death. But it would take hours so I am going to end my thoughts about Abraham Lincoln by saying that I find him a fascinating historical character and it's a shame that politicians today do not emulate Mr. Lincoln. What a better place we would live in if they did. Certainly not perfect, but better.

"What I Did on my Fourth of July Vacation"

Well I went to see the fireworks of coarse! I did not want to go. Not only have I been feeling horrible but I have seen enough fireworks to last me a lifetime. My stepfather was a pyrotechnic. Every year we would go to several shows. The families would go along, from sun up to sun down to each and every show. These guys would work for hours on end digging holes and setting up. We would go along to spend the day with them and also to cook. We would get to where ever the show would be at about 6:00 a.m. and didn't end up leaving until after midnight. It was fun for awhile and then it got old. So now I don't care about them at all. As you can clearly see from this photo. Please keep in mind that I was also feeling yucky!

My husband, so excited!

I will say that these guys work very hard to put the shows on. It takes many hours of work and lots money to put on a great show. And there are occasional injuries. Being on the ground where the bombs are being lit is like being in a war zone and much caution and care goes into it. So I do appreciate what they do despite my boredom with the fireworks anymore.

Jake and I were tricked, finagled, and guilted into going to the fireworks display. Katie had her friend over for the weekend and they wanted to see the fireworks. Or so we thought. It rained all day and stopped for awhile before show time. It was so wet out that Jake and thought it might be better to go to my mom's town the following night to watch the show with her. Well the girls through a fit because they were supposed to meet all of their friends at the airport where the show was being held. They really could care less if they saw the show itself or not! Can't disappoint the girls now can we?

As things turned out, Jake and I spent the whole evening alone. Which was alright. There was a band playing by us, they weren't bad at all. We, Jake and I, were nothing more than a taxi service. The next day my oldest daughter, Ginny reminded me that it would only be a year and a half before Katie would be her own taxi. My but time flies when your having fun!

I will leave you now with some pretty darn cool photos of the fireworks that I took myself. Not too bad, I must say!

Good Night and God Bless!