Friday, June 21, 2013

" Pencil's Down "

The class has ended. The test was taken. It is over.

I already miss the class. We had a great group of students. All of us with our own individual stories of life. Our own struggles. Our own triumphs. And although we will all go our separate ways in the end, we all had the same goal in mind, passing
the State of Illinois Certified Nursing Assistant  Program.

Some of us became friends during those days and all of us had laughs. In particular about a substitute teacher that we "ALL" , well, lets just say, were " Not pleased with."

Looking back, this was most likely because of the excellent instructor that we had already been used to!! 

It was an eight week coarse. Lots of reading, testing, lab work and then the hands on clinical work. That's when everything gets real !!

Now, here comes the most important part of this group. This dynamic. This moment in time.
Our instructor.

It would be crazy not to mention our instructor. For without her, we wouldn't have made it through these eight weeks. Well maybe we would have but I really think it would have been horrible. Yes Horrible!! Our instructor made the class fun. Special. Interesting and most importantly I think, she touched our hearts along with teaching us some very important skills. 

I may be speaking for myself here, but I learned so much in her class and much more than what was in the book.

You know who you are and you are a wonderful teacher. Don't ever doubt that. 

She made the most boring and mundane things interesting. I think most of us stayed awake during the lectures!! She also listened to us. Really listened and did her best to answer even the most silliest of questions all the while not making us feel stupid.

What makes a good teacher? In my mind it's a person who cares about what they are teaching. Someone who takes the time to help each student. Someone who can laugh, so important, at themselves and the silly student jokes! 

This is exactly the instructor that we were fortunate to have.

You know who you are girl. I'd be so proud of you if you were my daughter. And please don't get discouraged with those that you cannot reach. It was you that taught us to do the best we can in a professional manner. And you have done that.

For that, you get an "A + ".