Saturday, December 27, 2008

How Was Your Christmas ?

I have to say that this was the most relaxing Christmas holiday I've ever had! We really didn't plan anything and yet we still got to visit with the family. Jake and I decided to just stay home. Mom came for a visit on Christmas Eve after she got off of work. We exchanged gifts. Then my son and his family stopped by on Christmas Day. I got a picture of my granddaughter, Her kindergarden picture. I didn't think I was getting one so I was surprised! My favorite gift was a photo I got from my daughter. It is a picture of my son and his daughter and son. Its really beautiful. I also got a print from my daughter that goes perfectly in my bedroom. My bedroom is decorated all in a victorian motif. The print is framed in a gold frame to match my other pictures in the room. I have to look at it again but I think its a Gaugan. Not an original of course, we're not rich!! The day after Christmas was really nice too. I went to work for a short time while my husband took my daughter to the mall. Glad it wasn't me! I work in a church and it's much more peaceful there!!! After that we went home and enjoyed a relaxing day at home. Kate helped me prepare dinner, which was really good. We baked pork chops, fried potatoes with onions and red and green peppers, and salad. It was all very good. That evening we watched "Hancock" with Will Smith. It wasn't too bad. Jake really liked it. I also rented "The Pursuit Of Happiness" which also has Will Smith in it. I think its a much better movie. We'll probably watch tonight or tomorrow night. I am going to post a photo of my husband and I with our grandkids Sarah and Jack.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve, Eve Day

Well wouldn't you know we have freezing rain this morning. I only had a few more things to buy for Christmas. It can wait until tomorrow. I just want everyone to be safe. I heard on the news there are cars sliding into ditches. I feel blessed that I don't have to leave the house today. My son has to drive in this today and I worry about him, but I know that he is a good driver,still accidents happen. I will call him later. My husband is trying to work his way home. He is an over the road trucker. He is supposed to be home today but after watching the news I am starting to feel doubtful. I just want him to make it home safely so we can all be together to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I pray that everyone has a safe and warm holiday. Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jello Mold

I am soooooo excited! As I was walking my pretty pug Ruby this morning Behold , there in my driveway lay a copper colored jello mold! And my life will never be the same again. Well thats one ending. Probably the more interesting one. Truth is I have no idea where it came from, why it was there and why I was the one to find it. I have no experience with jello molds. I don't even like jello. Can you make jello desserts with a jello mold? You know, the kind with fruit and cool whip and what have you's in it? I'm feeling quite intimidated right now,I think I might need a Xanax. Thats not good either. If I did that i'd have no desire to even make any jello. Why would I want to make jello? Nobody has asked for it. I don't even know if my family likes it. I do know however that my youngest child used to steal jello. Yes thats right. When we would go to her grandma Marys' house, she would go in her cuboard and take a box of jello and hide it in my purse. Her Grandma knew what she was doing and always made sure there was jello in there for her to take.And now that I think about it, her Grandma could have been encouraging a future life of crime. What the hell kind of family does that? I just realized that I have about four boxes of jello in my pantry. How did they get there? I assure you it wasn't me that purchased them. I DON'T LIKE JELLO. So lets add this all up. I have a child who, years ago would steal jello from her own family. I have about four to five boxes of jello in my pantry. Which by the way, I have never thrown out. Why is that I wonder? And finally today, there it sat in all it's shiney, copper colored glory, A JELLO MOLD, in my driveway. What could this all possibly mean? I may never find out. Some things are just meant for us not to know. Oh did I mention that we share our driveway with our neighbor?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Hate Breakfast

Everymorning for the past thirty plus years, with the exception of being really,really sick or my husband on the occasional weekend, I have had to cook breakfast. It was rare that my children would eat a bowl of cereal. And toaster thingys just were never filling enough. So here I am again at 6:00 am time to cook another breakfast for my daughter. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I were actually hungry this early in the morning but I dought it. I'm happy with a sandwich. I think of all of this breakfast hullabaloo because I drempt about it last night. It was a dream about my mom and daughter,Kate. They kept wanting more and more sausage, bisquits and the like. By that time I was so exhaused from standing there cooking,I was starting to get hungry and there was no food left! What do you think this means? Time for me to end this. I have to go cook breakfast.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jack And Corn

I'm currently babysitting for my grandson, Jack. Who at this moment is asleep.No thanks to me. He was not happy with me at all. I think it's because I couldn't watch him for awhile after my stroke. His dad had to come over and get him to go to sleep for me because all I made him do is cry! So he is asleep now and hopefully will wake up in a better mood. The following is a great receipe that I got from my mom, which went over very well at our churches "Christgiving" potluck dinner this past Sunday. " Corn Cassserole" 1-stick margarine,melted 1- cup sour cream 1-box Jiffy corn bread mix 1- can, undrained corn And 1-can,undrained creamed corn Mix all ingriedents together put into a 2- qt. greased casserole and bake at 350 degrees for 45 min. to an hour till crusty brown. Mine took over an hour, but it's easy to make and take along for a side dish. I must try to work out today as I missed yesterday.

Monday, December 15, 2008


You heard me right. It is exactly 18 frigid, bone chillin' degrees here this evening. I suppose it could be worse, I could be back in Chicago. Oh no I did not just say that.If I were back in Chicago,there would actually be something to do while you freeze your ass off!! Say La V!!!!!!!!!!!! The outside cat died tonight. Tabby. Poor thing. He's in kitty heaven now. Maybe it's warm there.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello ?

I'm back. I know it's been awhile , just haven't been much in the mood. Mood, thats the key word since I've had this stroke. The mood is usually down. I have been working on it. I've been keeping busy. I've been cleaning alot. All the walls in my kitchen are now grease free! I would love to crochet more than I have been, but between the Carpel Tunel and the artheritits I just can't do it as much as I'd like to. It really sucks to because there are so many gifts for christmas that I could be making. Right now I'm working on A scarf for myself to wear with my new coat. It's been very cold here. I need to get it done!!!! The smokeing vs. non-smokeing has been going o.k.. I'm on my thirteeneth smoke free day. I will say that I really don't think I could have done it without the patches. I still get craveings but they seem to be less and less each day. I have six more weeks to go on the patch. To be honest, So far I haven't noticed any difference as far as how I feel physically. And I still really miss it. Oh my, it is time for me to go. I must cook breakfast for my 13 year old. Next year, high school. I'm sleeping in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye