Tuesday, September 10, 2013

" Adventures in Cleaning."

My usual morning at work starts pretty early around 6:30 a.m. From then on things go pretty fast and furious. The very first thing that I do is clean twenty-two bathrooms.

Yes ya'll heard me right. Twenty- two bathrooms. And if the good Lord see's fit that day, I will get them done by 11:00 a.m. Mind you, not EVERY bathroom gets the "works" every single morning but they do get at the very least, tidied.

In addition to the bathrooms which are THE most important rooms to be cleaned, I also clean 13 double apartments and 4 singles. 2 full dining room/kitchens as well as 2 huge living room areas, various offices and activity rooms. It's a big house. I am the only housekeeper and I love it. I also do a bit of C.N.A. work on the side. It's funny how God works. I'm a trained C.N.A. yet here I am "The Housekeeper". They like my work apparently. It's fine with me as I get to do two things that I love. I know each and every resident, all 30 plus of them and love them all. So keeping their living areas clean for them is important to me. I feel, in essence, The Keeper of the House.

Before I even walked in the door this morning, one of our fellow C.N.A.'s proceeded to tell me that Mr. X's room had been invaded by ants last night. Seriously invaded. I had been seeing them here and there and was assured by my boss that it was time for the exterminator's to make a visit.

 My place of employment, I would say, is cleaner than my own home. Being that I am a cleaning nut and have been referred as "Anal" ( A word that I had to look up !) by my family, when hearing about the infestation, I knew we had a problem.

Shortly after my arrival this morning, feeling sick as a dog on top of the infestation warning, I was asked ever so sweetly by my boss to do a thorough cleaning in Mr. X's room. So of coarse I went to the task immediately. 

It wasn't long after that when the exterminators showed up. It was time for our yearly treatment anyway. 

I tell you my friend it was pure joy doing a thorough cleaning of Mr. X's apartment. I only wish that I had the time to clean everyone's apartments like that. The down side was most of my regular duties were a bit neglected today, add to that as as soon as I finished Mr.X's room, I was told of a "Mess" that also needed a thorough cleaning in Mr. Z's room.

I didn't have any spare time to spend with Mr. Y, who is competition for my husband!! Yesterday he fell out of his wheelchair while trying to get into his recliner. I heard his calls for help and ran to his rescue as quickly as my artificial knees would take me. The first thing we are taught to do is access the situation. Check for anything that may be an immediate danger and then ask if the resident is hurt. Silly me, I didn't ask Mr. Y if he was hurt but instead asked him if he was alright? To which he replied, "Of coarse I'm not alright, I'm laying on the damn floor!!". I felt the idiot while checking his body for any physical abnormalities that may have occurred from the fall. I walkied for help to get him into his chair. I just hope he's still willing to share an afternoon ice cream treat with this idiot!!

 I did get to sit for a few minutes at the end of the day with Mrs. A. today. She drives everyone batty. But She loves me and I her !! She has a mouth on her!! It would make a young woman blush. Maybe that's why I love her so!! She also loves coffee. I always bring her coffee. She calls me her sweetie pie. 

I have some sort of bug which has been going around my place of employment and have been so tired and sick the past two nights. But my heart is still full of happiness and love. Enough to share with them all. Prayerfully, I will feel better tomorrow. There's a lot of work to be done.

More on Mr. Y later !!