Monday, August 31, 2009

" How's Your Weather ? "

"So how about this weather we're having ?"

It's funny how we often use the weather as an ice breaker for conversation or to break an uncomfortable silence. Although sports has also been one of those ice breakers as well.

Lately in my part of the states the weather has been very , very pleasant. Pleasant being seventies through the day and fifties in the evenings. Tonight they ( those weather people ) are predicting temperatures in the forties.

Now that's what I'm talking about , almost perfect for me. I say almost because I would prefer sixties through the daylight hours but I won't
complain. To me , fall is the perfect time of the year. And it's still summer , what more could this girl ask for!

But there are days in the fall and winter that are less than perfect for being outdoors .

I also love the rain . Rainy days make me feel safe. I
have no idea why. But I do have a theory. When it rains we generally stay inside. Inside to me feels safe. It also makes me want to get cozy. Maybe take a nap. Sometimes it makes me think what a perfect opportunity for me to clean out a room or a closet or whatever. I will also get the urge to make soup. I make good soup. I hate to cook but I love to make soup. Something that I learned from several people of different ethnicity's in my past life. Rainy days are also perfect days to craft. Create. Sew. Crochet. Paint.

Another important ingredient for a rainy , chilly , fall day is music. Now , I will tell you that I couldn't possibly post all of my thoughts and feelings about music tonight as I am already tired. But you get the idea don't you? Take your choice. Rock , classical , gospel , Jazz , rap , Hip hop , or one of my personal faves standards.

Whatever your taste in music may be or what you decide to do , the rainy , chilly autumn day is a perfect opportunity to do it. If it's not rainy out , open your windows and smell the fresh cool air. Did you know tha
t cool and cold weather keeps you looking younger longer ? Think about the lettuce in your refrigerator. Think about that steak in your freezer ! Cool air slows the aging process !

If it's not getting enough exercise while your in the house that worry' s you , Stop ! We don't worry about real life when we are stranded in the house because of rain or snow. No , we just relax with some good tunes , make some soup , and sew !

For my few fellows that might happen upon this posting , I have ideas for you too. If you are into sports it's a great time to pick up a Sports Illustrated and get caught up on all of the latest stats while you are cooking that big pot of chili . And don't forget that can of beer . Don't worry about the fact that it's only 11:00 a.m. Remember we are talking about acts of God here. Or mother nature if you are a non-believer.

Not into sports ? It's alright . You can break out the old tunes that you used to love . Some Frank Zappa , Metallica or perhaps David Allen Coe. But don't let the chili burn. If your a reader this might be the perfect time to reread " The Old Man and the Sea " , " Huck Finn " or " Old Yeller ". And don't forget the "Twilight Zone " reruns.

Fall is a wonderful time of year for all
. Please try to take advantage of the less than perfect days to relax , enjoy and even talk to yourself . If your alone of coarse . Think of it as a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself. I know I will !


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Diana...wonderful expressions about the magic of nature..

U know i toll like to take a nap when it is raining or to heat some spizyy stuff..:)

Keep expresing :)

PS: From the PIC: ur daughter is soo cute and they both are looking very good.:)

Tranquility Speaks said...

I can make out how much you're enjoying in the weather :-) And the pictures were an absolute delight :-) We all need some "me" time, to rediscover, pamper and spoil ourselves silly. I am glad you're doing all of that, making the most of the awesome weather :-)

Bernie said...

Hello Di, I too love the Fall, it's my favorite season of all. I know what you mean about being safe inside your home on rainy or snowy days with a good book, homemade soup and lots of music. I love those days.
We too are having beautiful days with it being cooler in the evenings and eary mornings.
I cleaned 3 closets and all my dresser drawers this afternoon, 3 bags of clothes in perfect condition will go to charity. I just don't wear them often enough to keep....feels good to open the closets and drawers now and see everything so neat. I am slowly getting my Fall cleaning down.
Am rambling so it's time for me to go to sleep. Luv ya.....:-) Hugs

Unknown said...

Hey Di,
Great posts -- where do I start, hmmm. I love crumby wheather, if it's in between nice days.

Music -- Zappa, huh. Brings me wayyyy back, lol. My daughter turns me on to the new cool artists. Love to pop on the tunes when we're cleaning or on a lousy day.

Sports -- yay!!! football. We love tailgating in our livingroom.

But most of all, I'm a movie freak -- love 'em. If I weren't a teacher, I would have loved to have been a screenwriter.

Awesome post, Di.
Love Sue

Anonymous said...

Di...I'm loving your post...really!
It's nice to experience the change of weather....and seasons. We have more of the former than the latter here....but I can relate through your post about how it would be to have the winter snow...(certainly would be something to 'close school' here....just to be able to see snow!!)
Soup on a cold day is juuuust right. You've captured it, Di...yes, you have.

Eileen said...

'Love this post, Di! And love hearing about your rainy days!
I hate being out in the rain, but when I'm home and all cozy, I love rainy days and even snowy days! I call them 'afghan days', I love to wrap up in an afghan with a good book on days like that!
I guess if I had too many in a row I'd start to get cabin fever, but you can always find something to do in your own home! That's how I feel anyway, and I loved all your suggestions!
Great post, Di! Great pictures! Really all good finds! Thanks!
Love you, E

Blessings each day said...

Even though I am a Spring person, I do love Fall also so now everyone is getting me all geared up for making pumpkin pies (a wonderful recipe from my grandmother) and even pumpkin cake.

If it's warm enough I like to walk in a gentle rain. And it is so cozy to nap or sleep or read when it's raining, unless there's a hurricane or tornado on the horizon, but then that gets the adrenalin pumping so it's all good (almost...if you don't get blown away).

blessings and hugs,


Wanda..... said...

Wonderful post Diana...
It made the adrenalin flow...I love falling leaves, fireplace fires, homemade soup, crusty bread,
candles burning, sweaters, everything about fall!!! but you can come help rake my leaves!!!

I agree about cold keeping you young...but slim also I believe...stay on the cool side and sleep in a "cold" room all winter and your body burns more calories......You know how office workers complain of the ever widening spread of the hips...I think if they sat on ice cushions all day that wouldn't happen. I told my husband we should invent one! :)

It is obvious Ginny got her talent from you Diana...You could sub for her even...guest writer...just a thought...because you are so good at it!

Smiles always,

Diana said...

Good Morning Pramoda!
Yes rainy days are perfect for naps!It's a perfect time to get cozy!
Love Di

Diana said...

HI Tranquility,
If only this gorgeous weather would last all winter! What is your weather like there now?
Love Di

Diana said...

Good Morning Bernie,
It is a perfect time to do cleaning. I have done much of that and I am pretty much done now so I can sit and enjoy the pretty days!
I must dig out my slippers though as it's very chilly this morning!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Susan,
I love watching movies too! Lots of movies. And I also listen to all of the new music, I have no choice! But I like a lot of it except for the really sexually explicit songs. I didn't mind innuendo back in the day but now it's all out there!
I do watch football when my husbands home but that's not very often, about four days a month!
Love Di

Diana said...

You Know Jackie I didn't think about you not getting much snow! They close the schools here at the drop of a hat! Growing up in Chicago it took a few feet before they would close schools! I must admit that I love when Katie has a snow day, as long as there is food in the house it's fun!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I remember your afghan days. I love that! Katie has an old quilt that she snuggles under and I have a wool blanket that I got in Mexico,very warm! And you know, I have made so many afghans for people in my life but never one for myself. Crazy!
Love Di

Diana said...

Good Morning Marcy,
I also love spring but then it always makes me think of how hot it's going to get! I don't like all that heat! But I love the smell of spring!
My mom makes really good pumpkin bread and Katie and I make apple pie together! But soup is our favorite,she's been bugging me lately. I told her this weekend when dads home we'd make some!
Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

Fall is bug-less. We can walk in the forest and not get swarmed like I did last week. And the colours!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Funny that you mentioned fireplace fires because my son and I just ordered a load of wood, we go in on it together. We also like to have fires outside in the evenings.
Oh and there is all that yard clean up and prep isn't there? I don't mind raking leaves. Poor Jake though gets stuck digging up all the Canna bulbs! But he doesn't complain. We have to store them in the basement here. They won't survive the winter.
Thank you for the compliment Wanda. Ginny is the pro though, I just do it for fun!
Love Di
P.S. She does critique my writing though! I have to remind her that I'm not getting paid to do it!

Diana said...

Ahh Anvilcloud you are so right, the best part is no bugs!!!!! And who could forget the colors. I have noticed some slight change in some of the trees already!
Love Di

Maria said...

Good Morning! I love this post, Diana! My weather here is GORGEOUS!
I'm heading for the backyard any minute... picking up more apples that fell on the ground before the squirrels get'em !
I love your commentary on rainy days... I can remember stretches of beautiful weather when I've actually appreciated the break of a rainy day to do those 'inside' things that go by the wayside when the weather's nice and it calls us outside.
All the best, Maria

Gail said...

Hi Diana-

Great post with amazing pictures. The weather here is the same - 70's in the day, and 50's and even 40's at night. I like it even cooler in the day, just like you. 60's is good for this ole gal.

And I love rainy and cloudy days too. And you are SO right - I feel safe inside - tucked in and away to just savor music, a good book, some soup or stew or cobbler or lemon squares. Delightful.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year - every moment.

Love Gail

Tranquility Speaks said...

Here the weather is confused between raining and autumn. We don't have maple trees where I live, so fall doesn't look as grand as it does there in the US, but the weather is just right. Not too hot, not too cold :D Love this season :)

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I really enjoyed your post today, and ideas for rainy days. It is the wierdest thing but our weather right now is hotter than it has been all summer. The leaves are turning color, and it is stifling hot, especially during the day, but it nicely cools off at night. And it is calm, no wind, then I have to wonder, is it the calm before the storm. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining one bit, because I love hot weather, but it is hard to wrap my mind around it. I heard the geese honking, and saw them flying south on earth do they know when the weather is like this? It is a bit scary to think they are leaving so soon despite the heat. What do they know that I don't? Anyway, send some of those soup recipes our way, I am sure we are going to need them in the near future too. ((((HUGS))))T

Diana said...

Hi Maria!
I am laughing as I picture this woman running around the yard fighting off squirrels to get to the apples first!
So true, sometimes we need the excuse of a rainy day to get some extra things done!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Gail wouldn't it be nice if just once it could stay like this all winter? It could happen right?
Love Ever Hopeful

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
At least it's not too hot there, I hate the heat!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
I always get a little nervous when I see the geese flying south, especially when it's in July!
I don't write down any of my soup recipes, which I have been scolded for many times. But I didn't learn from recipes I just do the little of this and little of that thing!
Love Di

ethereal-lily said...

Now i know how to handle the weather better :) Thanks for the comments you left by..feels nice..

Rebecca said...

Our weather's like YOURS! And I'm lovin' it! You're SO creative with your posts - clever comments AND pictures to illustrate.

I never thought about colder weather keeping us looking younger, but I'm liking THAT a lot!

Now if you'll just post some soup recipes, I'll be ready to fill up one of my collection of white, ironstone soup tureens!

Barb said...

Hi Di, Here we are in the beginning of Sept! Fall is definitely coming to the High Country - some of my aspens are already changing. However, I'm not sure about cold weather making me look younger - I don't think it's working, Di! I live in a climate that's either cool or cold most of the time and my skin takes a beating. Maybe I'll go and make some soup - the steam might help...

Diana said...

Hi Lily,
I'm glad I gave you some new ideas! I really do love your poetry. I will add you yo my side bar so that others can enjoy it too!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thank you for the kind words!

I can try to post soup recipes but as I told Teresa, I don't follow recipes I just make the soup! My older daughter Ginny and my husband have always told me I should write them down but they are different each time. I make them all " to taste" so it's hard to put down exact amounts!
Love Di

Diana said...

Please Barb don't dash all off my beauty hopes! Perhaps if we smeared Vaseline all over our faces in the winter it might help!
But always make soup. Soup and a nap is all we need to stay LOVELY!
Love Di

Barb said...

PS, Di - The little guy on my post is Caden who is 2. My Jackie, who will turn 5 this month, has red hair and is a much bigger boy.

Dr.John said...

That's all fine an dandy but we are supposed to get frost tonight.

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
I say bring on the frost! I love the cold weather!
Love Di

Diana said...

Sorry Barb I really thought that Caden looked older than two!
Love Di

Terrie said...

"Well I love a rainy night, I love a rainy night, I love to watch the thunder, watch the lightning as it lights up the sky, you know it makes me feel good"
I love the rain too for all sorts of reasons. Some because of memories of me laying in front of the window coloring, watching the rain while my mom irons. I love the fall too. To me, Fall represents the perfect age. Not too old to enjoy the simple things and not too young to have experienced them. I can't wait for fall to start here, I just wish we had the kind of trees that dropped the big leaves. I would love to rake some up and take my grandkids out to jump in them! Just one of the simple joys that they will miss. Enjoy your days, Di. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about them.

Terrie said...

Oh, and since you love soup, I will have to share our family's favorite with you sometime. A recipe handed down from my mother.

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I love that song! We will have plenty of leaves to rake! One year I just left them lay and I was so sorry the following spring! I won't do that again, what a mess! I burn most of them! Love that smell!
Love Di

Diana said...

P.S. Terrie I always like trying new soups! Love Di

Jerelene said...

Hi Diana! When it rains I always feel sleepy! Then I want to sleep in or take a nap..
I love this cool weather too! I love watching the sheers blowing in the breeze..and listening to my wind chimes tinkling outside my bedroom window :)
I like to make soup too..chili is my favorite!!
Hugs!!! Jerelene

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hi Diana,

This is how Chapatis are made. When she says "atta" she means wheat flour.

If you wish to you can also try making Kadhee. It is deliciously spicy! I'm going to be making some today :D Make sure you follow the instructions to the T and it will be wonderful :-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

One tip Diana, when you make the chapatis, don't add too much of water to the flour at once. Add little by little and keep kneading the dough. Stop when it is firm enough and doesn't stick to your hands.

And if you want to try the other dish, you might want to get some ingredients from an Indian store. I am not sure if all the ingredients would be easily available everywhere!

Do let me know how it turned out and if there is any other recipe I could help you with :D