Friday, May 1, 2009

" And We're Off"

Well here we go again. Another crazy weekend. I am hoping and praying that my husband, Jake, makes it home today. I haven't seen him in two weeks although it seems longer. He needs to get home today, this afternoon, A.S.A.P.! Katie and her friend Becky are spending the night out at her brother Franks house. They get to camp out in his camper. How cool is that when you're 14!! So some alone time with Jake would be fabulous. There is however the possibility that he won't make it home today but tomorrow instead. Hold on a minute while I pray................Amen!

We have a lot of work planned for the weekend but those nasty weather people are saying it's supposed to rain all weekend. Do you believe them? I don't. My friend "Shelly" and I planned the outdoor service and pot luck this Sunday. But never fear food will always be there. Rain, snow, lightening, hail,or tornado's couldn't stop us from potluck. Well maybe tornado's. All I know is I have a lot of potato salad to make Saturday.

Oh and an update. I've been trying so hard to get a good photo for you but with all of these clouds, and hanging out of my upstairs window, I've not gotten a good one yet. The lighting, even with flash, just hasn't been good enough. The mama robin hatched two eggs (from what I can see). So far the teeny tiny little birdie's are doing fine. It's fun watching them feed!

Well I'm off! Got another crazy weekend to keep up with! I wish everyone a happy, dry, productive, lazy, fun, enlightening weekend!


Eileen said...

Right back at ya, Diana! Have a wonderful weekend! And I hope all your plans come to fruition!
They say rain on and off by us too for the weekend. Oh well.

Have fun watching those baby birds! It sounds so sweet!
And I'm saying a prayer that your husband makes it home EARLY!

Blessings each day said...

Whenever you can and if they're still there, pls try for a picture of those baby birds. And thank you for sharing!

Hope Jake makes it home and early too so you can have special time.

If it rains, you can always both do and sing "Just walking in the rain"??!

blesings on a happy week-end,


p.s. Thank you, as always for your uplifting comments.

Wanda said...

Hope it doesn't rain on your potato salad :) and hope Jake gets home...Thanks for your visit Diana...will be watching for the bird photos...but be careful at the window!

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
I'm visiting you from Wanda's blog. I've read through several of your posts and will "visit" Ginny next. Your blog is lovely & insightful. (Really smiled at the list for people over 50 - I'll soon be 65 and many of them hit home!)
Have a great weekend - rain or no rain. I live in Breckenridge, CO, and our forecast is for snow! Eat some potato salad for me.

Bernie said...

Oh Diana I so hope Jake makes it home this afternoon and you both have some wonderful time together. Have a great weekend and now I am going to pop over to your daughter's site as you suggested.
God Bless......:-) Hugs

Linda Higgins said...

Hello my friend, just checking in on a beautiful Sat night here in St. George. And it was suppose to rain all day here...80% chance they said...I guess the 20% won out!...probably tomorrow. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with hubby! hugs....

Teresa said...

Hi Diana, I hope you don't mind, but I stopped by to have a look at your blog, as I saw you had posted a comment on Bernie's. I love Potlucks, and I think your little doggie is so cute. I too would love to see a picture of the baby birds...I love birds!!! We can learn so much from them.