Monday, May 25, 2009

" Down To The Wire!"

Five more days. Five more days until Katie's graduation. Five more days
until we get to see our other daughter Ginny again. Five more days until party time! I worked nearly all day in my yard today, weeding, transplanting,weeding, raking, weeding, and cleaning. I worked until my knee hurt so bad that I had to take a pain pill. Then I wanted to work some more and it started to pour rain. Funny how God can have his way with us isn't it?! I did manage to get more done than I had planned and when I decided to get greedy about it I heard the thunder!

Yesterday the first Hollyhock opened up. They are supposed to be black but are actually, upon close examination, a deep, deep purple. And something is really eating at the leaves. I will have to spray it when the rain stops. I also got to play witch yesterday. At least that's what it felt like as I concocted a squirrel repellent recipe that I acquired off of the Internet. You know that a squirrel is just a rat in disguise. It's all about image. Make their tails all furry and puffy and we think how cute they are. They are cute all right, until they start ripping out all of my flowers and plants that I just planted! So as I stood over my stove yesterday concocting the very strong smelling all natural squirrel repellent, I couldn't help but do my loud witches laugh that my husband loves hearing me do. When it was all finished and cooled, I put it in a spray bottle to put it to the test. Now don't you worry, it's not poisonous, they just don't like the taste or smell of it. I sprayed it on and around the flowers and plants that I had to replant after the critters destruction, as per the directions. Lo and behold when I woke this morning and went to investigate my plants, not a one had been disturbed! You must reapply once a week and after rain. uh-oh , rain, it rained. I must hurry out to the yard tonight in the dark and respray my plants!

And here we have a photo of me, I mean the squirrel! Squirrel repellent as follows: To one quart of water add one finely chopped onion. Two finely chopped Jalapeno peppers . One tablespoon of red pepper and one tablespoon of paprika. Heat until it just comes to a boil. Don't forget to cackle loudly. Turn down heat and simmer for 25 minutes. Remove from heat and cool completely. Strain. Cackle. Pour into spray bottle and spray on and around plants as you cackle loudly.

And finally this evening I leave you with Katie and her new do. As you may or may not know she was not happy with the blue streaks. so she opted for a bright Auburn. She's happy, I'm happy that she's happy, Jake's happy that I'm happy that she's happy. We're all happy. Because when Katie's not happy, mama's not happy and when mama's not happy, ain't nobody happy!
Goodnight All!


Bernie said...

Katie's hair looks lovely and so does your garden. You work so hard my friend. Yours lawn and garden are far ahead of ours in Alberta. Hope your knee is better and thank God it rained as you would of made it worse.
Enjoy everything and everyone my friend.......:-) Hugs

Brenda said...

You post made me laugh! We have had our own battles with squirrels--that we used to feed because they were so fun to watch! Now we remind ourselves that they are rodents! We got one of those battery operated bird feeders that is un effected by the weight of birds but a squirrel is just heavy enough that it spins it around and throws it off. I am so glad that you added the cackle to the recipe. :-)

Eileen said...

Your hard work has paid off! Your yard looks wonderful!
And the deep purple hollyhock is beautiful!

And my husband agrees with you about the squirrels, he says they are rats with bushy tails, he also says pigeons are flying rats! Would your witch concoction work on raccoons?!

Katie looks wonderful too, I love her new 'do' and the color is a favorite of mine! Very beautiful girl!
I hope you all have a great fun party, and a wonderful visit! The happy anticipation must be so joyful for you all!
This is what life is all about!

Thanks for all your kind remarks on my blog!
Love and Prayers, Eileen

Blessings each day said...

What a wonderful post, Diana!

I totally understand the getting carried away in the yard bit. For some reason, once you get going and see results, it's hard to stop, hence my very sore weed picking fingers!

Katie's hair looks really pretty...great choice (of course there may be a little prejudice involved on my part).

We don't have much of a squirrel problem eating our leaves etc., just lots of hungry bugs. Tinka pretty much chases anything and everything in the backyard!

blessings always,


Wanda said...

Same exact things going on here Diana...I'm feeling the muscle soreness from working in my flower garden...A heavy rain shower saved me from myself I was back out again near dark spraying a cocoction to keep the deer off my lilies and hostas...Do you really cackle?...that's funny... you should do that when cooking a regular meal sometime...make them wonder!