Wednesday, May 27, 2009

" Another Big Day "

Today is another big day in our lives. Today is my daughter, Virginia Anne's, Birthday. She prefers to be called Ginny. When she was little, I would call her Ginger peach when she was good. Ginger snap when she wasn't so good. The latter was rare. Twenty - eight years ago today she was born. She has blessed my life in so many ways over the years. Ginny has been a constant,ever illuminating light in my life. She has lifted me up when I have been down. She has made me laugh when I wanted to cry. She has cheered me on in any endeavor I have tried. She has given me more pride then I could have ever dreamed I could feel. She has made me feel special when I thought I was ordinary. But I think most importantly, she has made me feel that I must have done something so right to be blessed with such an extraordinary human being in my life. She is special beyond any words that I could possibly come up with. So to my intelligent, loving, caring, compassionate, and truly heart and soul beautiful daughter, I love you Ginger Peach, Happy Birthday!


Eileen said...

What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like such a beautiful relationship you have with your daughter!
That is such a special Blessing.
Your Ginger Peach does sound like a very rare treasure.
Happy Birthday, Ginny!

'Hope everyone enjoys all the festivities you have this week! And don't work too hard, Diana, take a breath to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

Blessings each day said...

How sweet. You did a great job making that cake too!!

I love the Ginger snap and Ginger creative and sweet of you! You are a great mother, Diana (as well as a great friend)!

Happy birthday, Ginger Peach!!



GinnySkal said...

Thank you for the sweet, sweet blog post. You are a fabulous mother. If it weren't for you, I would never have had the strength and drive to pursue my dreams. You're always there for me and you support every decision I make and let me learn from my mistakes. You truly are the best mother a child could ever have. I realize this more and more the older I get and I see the relationships my friends have with their parents. Nothing compares to our friendship/mother-daughtership. I love you so much!

Wanda said... expressed your love for your wonderful daughter very well and apparently she feels the same and appreciates you just as much...Enjoy Ginny's visit and tell Katie congratulations on graduating...Take care Diana!

Linda Higgins said...

Diana! I loved your post. It brought tears to my eyes! I know just how you feel because I too have a daughter that I feel the same about. MY ROCK! Thank you for sharing such an intimate and personal feeling that you share with your sweet daughter. Arn't they the best!

Annette said...

Your beautiful words for your daughter brought tears to my eyes, Diana. Ginny's words broke the dam! What a beautiful relationship you have! There's a special bond between Mothers and daughters. Happy Birthday, Ginny!

Jerelene said...

Your cake looks yummy!! What sweet nicknames for your girls..You are a sweet mommy!! Enjoy the birthday and the graduation..They are such wonderful times for family. Your girls are truly blessed to have such a loving mother!! Love, Jerelene

Bernie said...

Oh Diana, I too was brought to tears over your beautiful words describing your daughter. Ginny sound like a blessing indeed. Happy Birthday Ginny and and many more healthy and happy birthdays to come.....:-) Hugs