Monday, May 4, 2009

" Such As It Is "

Well here is mama bird or actually it could be daddy bird as they have both been diligently taking very good care of the baby birds. I can't tell how many babies there are but I know there are at least two. Jake is so worried that the rung on the arbor will fall off. It's only being held on by one nail! The birds are used to us being there now but still are not wanting me to take photos of the babies. I feel like the paparazzi.

I had to sneak up to the nest while mama and papa were away, hold the camera up high where I couldn't see what I was doing and you can see if you click on this photo one of the babies lying down. You have to look closely, the beak is on the right of the nest. Don't worry I didn't use a flash!

Well I did it again. Yes as much as I dislike baking, I made a Peanut Butter and Jelly cake. My husband loves this but my Katie is allergic to peanuts so I haven't made it in 15 years! We had a potluck at our church yesterday so I BAKED, yuck!!!!!!!!

And here is a photo of my handsome husband, Jake, threatening to eat a bowl filled with 10lbs. of potato salad that I made, also for the potluck. Funny thing, he says I make the best potato salad he's ever had and I despise it! My friend at church asked me what it was about potato salad that I didn't like. After thinking for a minute I came to the conclusion that it's because I don't like cold potato's! I love German potato salad.

And finally here is a picture of Ruby. Just because she's cute! Asking me in her own way to play tug of war with her.


Eileen said...

I love the pictures! All of them!
That baby bird is so precious! And the mama (or papa) taking such good care. Nature at it's finest!

And you have the best baked goods! I've never heard of peanut butter and jelly cake! It sounds wonderful! Would it be asking too much to post the recipe? Or would you rather keep a few things just for the family? I'll understand.

I love German potato salad too. But it looks like your husband really does like your recipe best!

Nice post, Diana, I enjoyed it all so much!
I'm having a little trouble posting today, let's see if this comment goes through.

Eileen said...

Oh, I forgot to ask ~ does Ruby actually have blue eyes?! They look a beautiful shade of blue in a lot of your pictures.

Diana said...

Thanks Eileen, I will post the recipe as soon as I can. My husband is still home and he is very time consuming! And no Ruby doesn't have blue eyes but they always show up in pictures that way, I don't know why?

Wanda said...

Hi Diana...I love potato salad when I "first" make it...after it's been refigerated...I have to warm mine in the microwave a little...I don't like it cold either...My mother made her's with dill pickles and my mother-in-law made her's with sweet relish...Both ways are good!...Smile and Take Care Diana!

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, for not liking to bake your cake looks delicious although I have never had peanut butter and jelly cake.
I am a big fan of potato salad myself (one of the reasons I love summer)
Love your pictures of the birds, thank you for sharing.
How was the pot luck? Enjoy your time with your husband, have a wonderful day.....Bernie

Teresa said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...shortly after that picture of Molly was taken, she slipped into the water, and did not like it much! I love the pictures of the baby birds, and church potlucks are lots of fun. Your Ruby is so cute! How old is she?

marcy said...

You did such a good job, Diana, from picture taking (but be careful not to do damage to you just so we can see those pictures!) to baking (I'm no longer fooled though as that cake looks like a gourmet chef baked it) anf finally to making me go "Aaaaah" with the precious Ruby picture...she looks like a baby puppy in that photo...hopeully she won your heart too and got to play tug of war?


Ginny said...

I loved that peanut butter and jelly cake. I forgot about it. I think you made it a few times when I was kid. But when Katie was born we had to stop making it b/c she was allergic. I forgot all about it. It's so good. Please add that to the recipe list for me.

Jerelene said...

It is so fun watching a nest! The parents are so good and faithful. It really does the heart good! Thanks for sharing the sweet pics. Please, Please, tell us how to make the yummy cake!!! I love baking and I've never had that..I would LOVE to try! I LOVE Ruby!! She is adorable :) Have a wonderful and blessed week!!