Saturday, May 23, 2009

" Saturday Salutations "

I wanted to post yesterday but was just too busy. First thing yesterday morning I went to court with my daughter-in-law, Amy. It seems that when my granddaughter Sarahs school bus was waiting for her, and she went around the bus to get on, this crazy lady decided that it was perfectly acceptable to race around the bus almost striking Sarah. She started to run off the road and just continued on. Thank the Lord that Sarah wasn't hit. Her mom was right by her and let Sarah walk around the bus by herself this time as Sarah wanted to be a big girl. The bus driver was so shaken up that she didn't get the drivers license plate number but Amy did. So they filed a complaint and she and the bus driver went to court as witnesses yesterday. Amy and Jack were both sick, so I went with to help with Jack and for support for Amy. The woman plead guilty and was fined $200.00 plus court costs, with three months supervision. Personally I don't feel that it was enough, especially since she had prior incidents with her driving record and had been driving on an out of state license for some time. But I am not the judge, isn't she lucky?

Speaking of wanting to be a big girl, my Katie wanted to put a few blue streaks in her hair after getting a really cute cut yesterday afternoon. I agreed with the streaks as she is trying to find her identity at this stage of her life. This process involved a little bit of bleaching and then blue dye, which I will tell you now, gloves or no gloves,will turn your hands blue! I did the bleaching and then Kate wanted to do the coloring. Ultimately we ended up doing five streaks. Katie was too impatient to leave the bleach in as long as recommended so she went ahead and washed it out. Then she put the dye on. I quickly discovered that she missed several spots and had to finish the job. By the time it was done and she dried her hair it was 8:45p.m. While this may not seem late to you, I am almost in bed at this time. Katie at that time informed me that she didn't like it at all. Well, so much for individuality! I was too tired and it was too dark for me to even see the streaks. I told her I couldn't even tell that we did them and she told me that I can't see anything anyway! WELL! Then I told her that I was too tired to deal with anymore hair drama for the night and we would deal with it tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates! This photo is not my Katie. I just wanted you to see what she wanted!

One final thing before I am off on my busy Saturday. I know I missed Friday favorites, so I am going to post it today. The following photo is my shadow box hanging in the dining room. It was given to me from my husbands aunt, nineteen years ago. Everything on it I found at garage sales or was given to me. It is one of my favorite things.
Happy Memorial Day to all!


Wanda said...

I love your shadow box grandmother had a similar one...but I love your tea set even more!...Does Katie's hair look better in the light of day?...I can't believe anyone would try to pass a school bus...they should have sent the lady to driving a bigger fine!...Take care!

Eileen said...

Diana, thank you for posting your favorite! Your shadow box is a favorite of mine now! I love the detail of the box/frame itself, and then all the little treasures inside it are wonderful too! It's really precious!
And I love the idea of Katie's blue hair!
I heard that's a very popular fad now for graduates to do! Is blue her school color or is blue just significant for graduates? I haven't heard of them doing any other color but blue, I could be wrong though.
And I'm so happy that your granddaughter was fine! And I agree with you, that woman should have had Judge Judy!!
Thanks for this post, I love hearing about your family and I love the way you write!

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.
Ray was sweet enough to bring his laptop and hook it up here in the hotel for me. Tomorrow we start for home, we'll take our time, we'll take the ferry home and drive through Long Island and maybe stop at one of the vineyards.
We're having a wonderful weekend and we took lots of pictures!

Bernie said...

Diana, I'm not sure what I look forward to the most, your day or what Katie has done! I love your stories. Hair will always grow out, grown back and is not really important in the grand scheme of life unless your a teenager that is.
Love your shadow box and what it stands for...memories..:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Finally have my computer up and going again!

My son always had me giving him unusual haircuts in high school, but he couldn't dye it because it was a Catholic h.s. His dad always thought his haircuts were a bit much, but I, too, felt, he had to 'express' himself.

Thanks for sharing the shadowbox and little story of why it's was neat seeing you taking the picture of it, too!



Blessings each day said...

If my mind ever comes back intact, I might be able to comment in one box!

Forgot to mention how much of a blessing that your grand daughter was not harmed and how wise that all of you pursued taking that woman to court...hopefully it will make her think, but should she have any other sort of offense it should merit more severe punishment. She did get off too easy, though!!



Teresa said...

Hi Diana, I too love your shadow box, if I had one, it would certainly be a favorite of mine. Thank God that your Katie was not injured...I drove a school bus when my children were young and my greatest fear was that one of those children would get injured while I was driving. It is a big responsibility, and I always slow down and stop even if the lights are not flashing, you never know, when a child will do something like run out on the road...I have seen them do that for no explained reason! I have a story about blue! When I was in high school I got blue hair too, but it was certainly not planned! Good thing about hair is that it grows, and you can re-dye it, nothing is permanent! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Weekend. Did you start a Dream WALL! I would like to see that when you are done.