Saturday, May 9, 2009

" Happy Saturday "

I thought I'd blog a little this morning as it is the weekend and I probably won't get back to the computer much after this til Monday. I am waiting for the sun. They say it's supposed to be dry for a few days. I bought some paint for my little deck yesterday and am hoping to get it painted on Mothers day.

I have to take Katie to the Mall today. I am so dreading this. Lets just say that it's no fun clothes shopping with Katie. I am being nice here. Trust me. But on the bright side, my granddaughter Sarah is coming to spend the night with us. It will be fun having her here. I will be reading a lot of J
unie B. Jones tonight!

I hope that everyone has some sunshine this weekend, and moms or no moms, we all have one, Happy Mothers Day to all. I am going to leave you with a photo I just went outside to take. It is the Clematis in my yard. I had to take it quickly as it was starting to rain, again.


Eileen said...

Beautiful picture!
It's raining here too! Ugh! I didn't go fishing, I enjoy the outdoors a lot but I do not enjoy fishing in the rain! Ray and his brother went to brave the elements though, but they didn't take the long drive up to the lake, they decided to go to the beach and fish instead.

I know what you mean about shopping with teenagers! I was lucky with my girls though in that they didn't care at all what they wore, I could shop without them and pick out anything my heart desired and they would put it on their backs happily. I know my sister-in-law has a very hard time with my niece, not only is she picky, but she always wants the most expensive things too!

I hope you get outdoors this weekend.
I'm kind of glad it's raining here today, I'm going to try and get some more INDOOR cleaning done and I have no excuse to leave the house now!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your granddaughter's visit! Happy Mother's Day!

Bernie said...

I hope your day grew brighter and the sun came out. I did like your picture Diana. How did the shopping trip go and I know you would of enjoyed Sarah. Happy Mother's Day .......:-) Hugs

Jerelene said...

It's not raining here!! Yeah!! I LOVE the clematis..years ago when my Sammy was born, we lived in a different house than now. My aunt had bought me a beautiful dark, dark purple clematis. It bloomed so beautifully!! When we moved I didn't get to take it with me. I have pictures of it and still miss it! Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!! Love, Jerelene

jenny baker said...

i'm loving the flower pictures, keep 'em coming!