Friday, May 8, 2009

" Gloomy Friday "

Such a day, such a gloomy day. They say, those people with their doppler radars and other such toys, that we are to expect more rain. Thunderstorms woke me from my peaceful sleep last night. My room is upstairs, usually the sound of the rain on the roof, the thunder and snuggling under my great-grandmothers chenille bedspread makes for a peaceful nights sleep for me. Not so last night. I do believe the storm was right over my house.

There were a few minutes of sun this morning which made me slightly hop
eful. Thoughts of planting some more of my Canna bulbs today crossed my mind momentarily, then I listened to what those people said and once again my hopes were quickly snubbed out. These flowers are not Cannas. They are flowers growing in my yard that I haven't the slightest idea of what they are. It really doesn't matter because they are beautiful. Yesterday I was able to get 16 bulbs in and around my yard but still have many more to go. I suppose I could go out in the rain and the mud and give it a go. On second thought, NO.

I failed to mention in my last blog, that the desk that my doily is on, someone threw out. Yes they threw it out right next to their garbage. I think there was only one little scratch on it. You know what they say " One mans junk is another mans treasure ", Woman's in this case! I read this poem last night. It came out of a book called " When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple ".

"Love At Fifty" By Marcia Woodruff

We come together shy as virgins
with neither beauty nor innocence
to cover our nakedness, only
these bodies which have served us well
to offer each other.

At twenty we would have dressed each other
in fantasy, draping over the damp flesh,
or turned one another into mirrors

so we could make love to ourselves.

But there is no mistaking us now.
Our eyes are sadder and wiser
as I finger the scar on your shoulder
where the pin went in,
and you touch the silver marks on my belly,
loose from childbearing.

"We are real," you say,and so we are,
standing here in our simple flesh

whereon our complicated histories are written,
our bodies turning into gifts
at the touch of our hands.

I thought that was lovely, didn't you? While Pixie makes herself comfortable in my bed it is getting darker and once again I hear thunder in the distance quickly approaching. This makes it hard to feel cheerful today. So I think I will just go and cuddle with my little dogs. Maybe we can cheer each other up.


GinnySkal said...

If it makes you feel any better, in exactly 3 weeks from today I will be home!

Blessings each day said...

My favorite of Pixie is the first, where she looks as if she's trying to take up the whole bed for herself...too cute!

Can't believe you 'saved' that lovely piece of my question is "how did you do it"? Did you have a van/truck? Was your husband around? (mine would be saying "Leave their garbage alone") as I tried to tug it into my van.

Rainy days are great for curling up with a good book.

By the way, I loved that poem(?)about Love after Fifty...very sweet and touching.

blessings for warm fuzzies for you on a rainy day,


Diana said...

Marcy, Pixie ALWAYS takes up the whole bed! As far as the desk goes, it was right down the alley from my house and I made Katie help me carry it. I offered it to her first but she didn't want it. Whatever I have it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana said...

I always feel better when you come home!

Eileen said...

Very lovely post!
I LOVE chenille bedspreads! And how even more special that it was handed down to you!
And I love your desk! I've gotten many of my 'treasures' in the same way! Your bedroom looks very spacious, mine is so cramped. I need to de-clutter this house soon. I'm at that age where less is more.

And that poem is so TRUE!

I think you need to make today an 'afghan day', go get yourself a good book, a cup of tea/coffee/soup (or whatever your pleasure), curl up under an afghan and snuggle in for the afternoon and indulge yourself a little.

I enjoyed visiting with you, and I hope the weather changes to cheery for you soon!

Diana said...

Thanks Eileen but in actuality my room is the smallest room in the house. I moved into it when it got to small for Katie and she moved downstairs. I turned my old bedroom into a living room for me and took the cozy little room. The whole upstairs is mine!

Wanda said...

It's been a little cloudy here all day too Diana and I here thunder in the distance now...I live just north of this is from your area...Your desk is a nice found treasure...and I enjoyed the poem...Have a good weekend!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana, wish you were here to workout with me...I used to go to Curves too, and I loved it. I decided to join the other gym with my friend, now she isn't going and I am alone.

I loved the poem, and the desk certainly is a 'treasure'. Who would throw it out? It is also raining here in Canada...cloudy, and just a little bit chilly...thanks for the picture of your bedroom we all requested...

Bernie said...

Even on a gloomy Friday you managed to write a lovely post, just as lovely as your home and cat are. I really loved that poem, anyone over 50 can relate to it I'm sure. Happy Mother's day....:-) Hugs