Thursday, December 1, 2011

Total Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery / Post-Op Week 15

It's so hard for me to think that it's only been 15 weeks since I had the knee replacement surgery! Truthfully I don't have much to report as things have been going so well since.

I am completely pain free now. Not even an ache. I don't remember how long it's been since I've been able to do all of the things that I can now do once again. As a matter of fact it's the reason that I haven't blogged or been on the computer that much, I've been that busy!

15 weeks, post-op.
I also now have all of my energy and stamina back. I find myself at times just working myself to exhaustion, but with no pain!!
Well my feet ache at times but doesn't every ones ?!

I can dance, walk and walk and walk. Ride my bike. I haven't tried squatting but something tells me that's not a great idea.

I can get up off of the floor on my own.
I remember reading somewhere that I wouldn't be able to kneel. So I experimented and found out why. I actually am capable of kneeling but it hurts quite a bit. That's fine though as I don't do much kneeling!

Going down the stairs is still slow going for me but it is improving slowly. But I can go upstairs very well.
I don't have to see my surgeon again until January. I don't know how many more of these posts that I will be doing if any. Which is good news. It just means that my new knees are working super duper!!

I have had many people ask me if I was crazy having them both done at the same time. I have two answers for them. First of all, since I have had two strokes a few years back, my surgeon felt it best to do them both right away. Less risky.
The second answer is, in my opinion, it was easier. Not that I've ever had it done before but it just seems that I was on a more even playing field. I didn't have to rely on the other bad knee had I only had the one done first. And I don't have to go back and have it done again.

I don't think I'm crazy at all but I do feel like Wonder Woman, thanks to my surgeon of coarse. And come to think of it, I don't think that I thanked him. I must do that in January.
My life has changed so much for me in just 15 weeks. I no longer feel trapped and in constant pain. When someone asks if I want to go somewhere that involves any walking, I can now say "YES!".

I have much to look forward to now. And for that I feel blessed.


Rae said...

I am glad to hear you are doing so well. That is wonderful news. Go Wonder Woman!

Sharon said...

I can see why you have little time to blog - you have great things to do now, work, play, shop - how wonderful! Congratulations on a job well done!!!


Rebecca said...

How wonderful! Sounds like you're back to being "perfect"! I can't imagine what a relief this is. The timing was right for the holidays, right?

Amity said...

Dear Di,

Hi I missed you...been a long time...and I am happy with the news you have for us about your knee op, week 15, it sounds you're back in shape now...we need to celebrate Di, but be warned that you should not abuse it know best dear.

I know that feeling, you are trying to prove you're really, really okay now...but slow down a bit.

Take care always.

Love you!


Donna's Book Nook said...

So glad to hear you are doing so well! I know it must have been an ordeal at times, but well worth the trouble to feel so good!

Anvilcloud said...

Yay! Very positive.

DeanO said...

Ms. Di,
How awesome - it looks like you made the right decision. I'm happy you're able to do all the activities you mentioned. You'll only be able to do more as you get stronger :) Merry Christmas indeed

Barb said...

Di, I'm smiling reading your positive knee results! I remember how excited you were leading up to the surgery. Your outcome was every bit as good as you anticipated. I'm so happy for you!

Tamara said...

Oh Di! How wonderful for you! My eyes are doing great from my cataract surgery, too! God is good and surgeons are skilled!


Wanda..... said...

It must be great relief for you, Di, knowing you're able to walk pain free today, tomorrow and the next. Happy for your new found freedom.

Lois Evensen said...

It's wonderful you are doing so well. I am so happy for you!

Jackie said...

Sweet is so nice to know that you are now pain free.
How happy that makes me....and I'm sure it makes you even HAPPIER!!
To know that you can dance and! Good on ya, Di!
I hug you and you know that I wish you only the loveliest of holidays. Give Jake a hug from me, too, please.
Love and hugs to you,

Eileen said...

Whoo-hoo! 'So happy to hear such good news, Di! And I don't think you are crazy at all for having both knees done at the same time! I think it was a very wise decision. And I hope all the pain and suffering is just a distant memory!

I can't tell you how much I've missed you and Blogland! But suffice it to say I miss everyone A LOT! But, like you, I've been so busy, busy, busy! I hate to say I've been too busy to blog because that sounds like I'm putting everyone in blog land on the back burner when in truth I've put most of my life on the back burner due to the fact that one little man has taken over my life for now. I'm hoping after Christmas things will get on more of a routine schedule and I'll be able to get back to life as it once was!

Need A Latte Mom said...

My senior year of high school I had bunion surgery on both feet on both sides. And it HURT. It hurt a LOT! I am so glad I had it done at the same time because I don't think I would have gone back for the second surgery. That was 25 years ago and bunion surgery was very different than it is now. A week in the hospital and 2 months in casts.

Maria said...

Wow... your knees are looking great Diana! What a nice result to have for Christmas! So happy for you*
Keep on ~ keeping on!
~bless you always,

quieten said...

I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well!!!! You are better than ever and have your life back again - how wonderful:-)!!!! I know there's no stopping you now! Your knees look fantastic. They looked good a few weeks ago but -wow- how quickly they have healed. You are an inspiration, lady!

Brenda said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! That is wonderful news. I am sooo glad for you that you are pain free!

I have not been blogging either. I have written at least 20 posts in my head but have not taken the time to blog. Someday I will be done with my holiday schedule but for right now, I will live life and rejoice though I wish that I could post some stuff to remember later.

A Lady's Life said...

You are indeed a very brave girl :)
Isn't it nice to live pain free?
My Knees are acting up as well but I am not brave enough to go through this sort of procedure.

Bernie said...

I am so happy to know you don't have any pain, you so deserve to be able to walk and enjoy life pain free. Sending you big hugs my friend.....:-)Hugs

Sandi said...

Dear Di, I am so happy for you! What great news to be completely pain free! I think you were right to have both done at the same time.

I'm wishing I had done the same thing. I still ache at night, but not where I had surgery, but on the other side! I now wish I'd had complete instead of partial. But, I don't want to go back, not for a long time!

I'm hoping that things will improve for me. And I'm thrilled that your surgery was so successful.


Talin's Corner said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and are pain free. It's great that you can do those things that you were unable to do before your surgery. Have a great walk!

Ginnie said...

You are like a ray of sunshine for me today. It's been 9 weeks since I had my hip surgery and, altho I can drive and get out most days I still have a lot of aching and can barely make it through a day out. I know it gets better and thanks for telling me so !! I needed to hear those words of encouragement today.

Ellen said...

How wonderful to see your recovery. Praise a wonderful God! You're something you know, such courage and strength to go through the surgery and working through recovery. Simply amazing, truly inspiring. Makes some of us with our minor pains look like babies. Lols! :-)

May God's grace, peace, and joy be with you everyday of your life.

Clive said...

Its great to here from you about your freedom from pain. Bilateral knee replacement is a effective surgery for the knee problems as arrow legs and legs which joint with each other while walking.

Garnetrose said...

I m glad to hear you are doing so well. Many of my friends who have had them say they would not do it again and it is great to hear you doing as good as you are.

Unknown said...

I am so happy to see that you are doing soo well and that is why you don't blog as often. I still love reading a post now and then so give up! squeeze it in! I am looking for warmer weather...even though it is warmer here compared to anywhere else in the states! I long for weather so that I can sit out on my patio and sweat! yep I love to soak up the vitamin D, which I am sooo in lack of that I need to take a prescription for it! Bring on the sunshine and 100 degree temps! If I want snow I will go visit Salt Lake City or Denver!

Tranquility Speaks said...

That was one of my wishes granted. So wanted to hear from you that you are pain free. You could afford the treatment and are doing so well. Merry Christmas Diana and I wish you a joyous New Year :)Loads and loads of love :)

quieten said...

Just jumping in to say Happy New Year! This year should be a great one for you - you can do all the things you were wishing about last year! Wishing you all things wonderful, continued good health and lots and lots of love!<3

Joy said...


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Wow... your knees are looking great Diana! What a nice result to have for Christmas! So happy for you. God bless you!

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