Sunday, July 12, 2015


So you do realize that I am 57 years old right? I have six grandchildren, two from my son and four we picked up when he got remarried all of whom are all sweet as apple pie!! And now I am expecting my seventh grandchild who will be delivered from my youngest, I repeat, youngest, daughter.

I repeat this because I have discovered that it is totally different when a son has children then when your BABY girl has a child. I was fortunate to be close , at the time, with my ex daughter in law so I was very involved. Since then she's become a bit batty but thank heaven my son his an amazing dad.

Back to my BABY girl having a baby. She is twenty years old. I was nineteen when I gave birth to my son so I know how grown up she , O.K. I know how grown up "SHE" feels at this time. However I still feel as though she is my baby having a baby.

Right now she is in the hospital two hours from home. Complications. The good news is tomorrow she will be 35 weeks and the baby "Boy" is doing fine. Yet my baby girl's health is at risk. What a messed up situation.

My husband has been on vacation and I had four days off from work as the baby shower was supposed to be yesterday. No shower. Vacation ends tomorrow and I go back to work tomorrow. What a messed up situation.

Fortunately, baby's daddy will be able to stay with my daughter for two days before he has to go to work again. Tomorrow we are supposed to find out if and when but mostly if, she will be able to come back home before delivering our new grandson. I know in my heart that she is in the best place for her right now. But my heart hurts because I can't be there with her.

I am packing a bag in case I have to leave work on short notice. But a two hour drive on short notice can seem like forever.

As for the nesting part. I did it with all three of my children and surprisingly I found myself doing it tonight for my daughter and her little boy. They live upstairs from us.
You can be sure that it will be all ready, cleaned, and in tip top shape before the week is out.

I'm probably just working the worry and stress out by doing all of this cleaning. But it sure as shit feels like I'm nesting!!!


Rebecca said...

She must know how blessed she is to have you so close. Praying her health improves and all goes well.

Vicki said...

Wow! Seems like only yesterday that she was in high school! Time flies to fast. She is blessed to have you and especially to be so close. I can certainly understand your apprehension since her health is at risk. I am lifting her up to the One who heals and asking for a safe and healthy delivery in God's perfect timing. I am also asking Him to give you and your family peace during this time. XO Vicki

A Lady's Life said...

lol She is a very lucky girl and you are a good Mom. :)

Sharon said...

Are you still using this? How is everything going? I try to catch things on fb, but am not always up to date. Hugs!

Ellen said...

Hi! Got new posts coming? :-)