Tuesday, September 8, 2009

" Crazy Picture Day "

As I was looking through my photos today I noticed several crazy pictures. And I realized as I was looking through all of the photos , that we had many fun days !

The above photo was taken early on in the summer . It is my granddaughter Sarah playing in the front yard on one of her
sleep over days.

The next one was taken at Katie's eighth grade graduation . Jake and I were happy that day , even though we were sitting way up high in the bleachers where it was very , very hot !!!

I do believe the heat was getting to us in this one !

Still it was a very exciting day filled with much pride for our Katie !

The next photo I set up . I only wish that I had a toy cigar that day !

And no , we don't let our dog's have beer . But somehow Ruby went really well with this can of beer !

Ruby and Roxy along with Katie in the next one. The dog's often
think that there is nothing wrong with a little doggy wrestling match on whomever they happen to be on at the time !

You will need to refer back to this sofa in the photo later.

My husband , even though he isn't home very often , still likes to keep watch over the neighborhood !

Yes , he is posing for me . Silly man !

Alright , one more silly picture and I will move on .

Actually I don't know if you would consider this next photo of Ruby silly . A different word comes to my mind. Spoiled perhaps ? What do you think ?

The sofa's

Sometime ago I blogged about switching furniture with my son and his wife. We had a huge , gigantic , overstuffed chair and ottoman that matched the above sofa and matching love seat.
We had not used this chair in many years and it was just taking up space in " Happenstance" ( spare room ). My son and his wife had a stuffed wing back chair that they were tired of , so we switched.
I have to say that I do love the wing back. Very comfortable
and we are actually using it.
Then I got tired of the sofa and love seat that matched. And it hurt my husbands back to lay or sit on it as it was getting worn. I hated seeing him uncomfortable every time he came home. Truck drivers are known to have bad backs with all of the years of driving .
My beautiful DIL , Amy is so good at finding deals and bargains. Well this time she found a free deal . An older woman whom Amy cleans house for wanted to get rid of three sofa's and a huge entertainment center . Free . Just haul it away . So off we went to look at the furniture.

The sofa and love seat combo , Amy wanted. That was fine with me as it was too light in color for me. The other sofa , very flowery , which I love but didn't know how it would go over with Jake and Katie . Hmmm . Oh well too bad , I want it ! It was in excellent shape and I knew it would be much better for Jake's back.
I didn't need an entertainment center and neither did Amy . Yet it was really nice . Cherry wood . No scratches . Very big. " Wait " I say to Amy . " why don't you use it as a hutch in your kitchen next to your refrigerator ? " .
I guess she liked the idea as there it now sits and it looks spectacular . I think I earned MIL brownie points that day
So my son and Amy's dad hauled it all for us . My son is still not happy about that .
I moved my old sofa and love seat into my dining room and my dining room table into my living room. And there they sat.
Jake surprised me. He wasn't overly fond of the flowered sofa , but he did say " It's not bad ". And it didn't hurt his back.
Now how do I get rid of these two old sofa's. I asked around to see if any younger person might need some free furniture. No luck . The only thing wrong with them was that they were worn. But clean .
After about a month of them taking up my whole dining
room , I went next door and asked my neighbor Chastity , who has a huge family , if she would know of anyone. Well she came over to see them and decided that she wanted them ! Hurray !
Last night her family came and moved them out . Wasn't that easy ? Why didn't I think of this a month ago ?
I know you are probably so bored with this furniture story but it is almost over . I promise .
Today I finally washed all of my floors and moved the dining room table back where it belongs .

This is exciting for me because now I can put the leaf back in the table , get my sewing machine out of " Happenstance " and start working on Katie's denim quilt that I had promised her for her bed .
There is one down side to this story . You see we have had the old sofa's for almost eleven years . They were both Katie's " Big Comfy Couch " !
As she was helping last night to carry the cushions next door , she was not happy . At all. But I do think she's over it now .

The End


Anonymous said...

Diana...Sarah looks so happy in that photo! Her hair flying in the 'wind'...just a happy li'l camper, isn't she?
Jake and you look very happy too!!
Ruby is one spoiled sweet li'l dawg...and I'm glad that no beer for the dogs is the rule at your house.
You racked out on the furniture, my friend....great deals (can't beat free!) and in great shape....can't beat that, either.
I do have a question, though...about your floors. You said that you washed them. That's impossible, Di....there can't be any floors left. You have WASHED them until they have to be gone!! You are the floor-washingest woman...clean, clean, clean....all the time washing your floors!
Do me a favor. Call me before you come to my house. I'd be too embarrassed for you to see my floors!! Love you bunches...great post!

Gail said...

Great fun photos - and your furniture exchanges and free deals are amazing!! Exhausting but amazing! :-) And your lil dog - adorable and spoiled for sure - as it should be.
Great happy post.

Love Gail

Diana said...

Oh Jackie I know. I'm not proud about the floor thing. It has gotten worse as I've gotten older. It seems that I can feel every little thing on the bottom of my feet. And with two dogs and four cats it never seems clean enough for me. It's something I constantly focus on. I think I need help from Gail. Jake say's I'm OCD about them. Oh well as long as I can walk you will find me with mop in hand!
And if I ever make it to your house, not to worry. I will wash your floors too. I wash my son's floors when I can too! Pray for me!
Love Di

Diana said...

Gail your late! I just told Jackie that I need your help as I am obsessed with keeping my floors clean!
Now I don't have a problem with clean floors but my family doesn't care at all if they are clean or not.
What do you think this means?
Am I a hopeless case? Help me!
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

Wonderful picture. The one with you and your husband was my favorite :) It is indeed difficult to part with something that has more of emotional than material value. I can certainly understand why Katie felt that way. But she will get over it, when she notices how much more comfortable the new ones are :-)

I hope your husband is doing good and eating well and taking care of himself

Loads of love :)

ethereal-lily said...

I Think Ruby has an amazing time being pampered by you all. Lovely Pictures taken :)

Eileen said...

Di, I LOVED all your 'crazy picture day' post! I loved them all and I loved the story about the furniture!
And isn't it funny how our kids become so attached to furnishings and just things we have around the house? When my oldest son moved out he took some of our Corelle dishes with him (it was a big set and he left us service for four), and whenever he comes here to eat dinner, he will ONLY use those dishes to eat off of! No matter what dishes I am taking out of the cupboard, if he is here, I have to take out one of my ivy dishes too!

Your dining room looks beautiful! So neat, clean, and spacious! It is giving me incentive to 'de-clutter' here! My dining room is a mess! My whole house is in turmoil right now! I should have spent the weekend at home cleaning instead of out and about!
Well, Jayden starts school tomorrow, so I guess I'll have no excuses anymore. Time to get down to the nitty-gritty!

Great post, Di, I loved it all!
Love you!, E

Wanda..... said...

The photo of Sarah showed a beautiful happy carefree child...and Ruby looks very relaxed and living in the moment, resting after all that beer! He did look natural with the can!

The changing of seasons always makes me think of moving furniture around...I too have exchanged furniture with my daughter in the past. Your dining room is very cheerful Diana and I like the cabinet by your couch...the one with the windows and small door...very unique!

Smiles Diana,

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
Thank you , Jake and I often get silly together. And Katie with the couch , I don't know , I think she still is not happy about it!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Lily,
Both of the dog's are spoiled but Ruby came first so she thinks she's more important!
Love Di

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Diana...

Very nice pics and cute dogs as well..:)

I must stress that ur house is very very clean and lovelyyy..:) U have arranged it very nicely..:)

My best wishes to u and to ur family ..:) ...

Ur grand daughter is ssoooo cutee..:)

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
When Ginny comes home she is like that with certain foods. She always has a list of foods that she wants me to make. Some of them are just more expensive than they used to be!
And no you shouldn't have stayed home to clean and declutter. That day you spent with Jayden will stay with him forever!
With school starting you can get all kinds of things done! School starting here has given me extra time and I love it!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
There are two of those cabinets, identical. We bought them years ago to hold VHS tapes and now they hold DVD'S ! Thankfully they haven't really gone out of style!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

this was way wonderful, Di. I loved it all...crazy hair, happy faces, spoiled puppy and puppy slurping like she just downed that beer!

Love what you did with your dining room. It is so nicely decorated and I do love orange colors in a home. Your floor looks so polished that one could 'skate' on it with socks...do you have to post a caution sign?

What fun to swap furniture and then get free furniture! As long as there are no cooties in it, you are home free...just kidding as I am sure they are cootie free!

Would you clean my floors too? It is like going up the down escalator around here with one cleaner (me) and three cats, one dog and two other messer uppers.

blessings and happy to be back hugs,


Blessings each day said...

Btw, heck with praying about your floor cleaning OCD, let's all just pray you come to visit us and regularly too!!!

Diana said...

Hi Prams!
Thank you for the nice words! My granddaughter Sarah has an amazing imagination as well! And I think the dog's run the house!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
I hope you are back now! I would gladly do your floors. I get much satisfaction from clean floors. It is weird I know!
But you know with all of the animals there is always cleaning going on!
I haven't been anywhere else so now I will check to see if you've posted yet! Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

How neat that you have a room called, Happenstance. I just had my first giveaway on Freecylcle the other day. It's an email list. Maybe there's one in your area.

Barb said...

Love your pics, Di! I especially think the one of Jake looking as though he's leaning out to sea to spot land is great. You are so constantly cleaning, or tidying closets, or changing furniture that I am put to shame! I do love your stories, though. Maybe Katie can go next door to visit and lie on "her" couch.

Brenda said...

I especially liked your first picture of Sarah having fun on a sleepover day. I also liked the one of your hubby guarding the neighborhood. Your furniture adventures are fun--win-win for everyone--except for Katie. She is going to miss that comfy roost!

Bernie said...

Hi Sweetie, this post just showed up on my reader....wt#?! anyway I loved everything about your crazy pictures, they are all great. I especially like the ones of you and Jake, you look so happy, and would you please, please come and visit me......I am so glad that everyone looks so happy and your home is lovely. It's just a real feel good post and I am so glad I didn't miss it.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi AC ,
We named that room several years ago. It is a catch all/bedroom/office and has been changed around a lot. Hence the name!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Funny , my neighbor actually told Katie that she could come next door and nap if she wanted!
You see my husband can be just as silly as me!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
I did feel sort of bad about the sofa thing with Katie, but than I thought we can't hang on to them forever. It was time for a change!
I love that picture of Sarah Too. Just so happy and free of worry!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
When I was looking through all of my photos since I got my camera in the spring , I realized even through all of the tough times , that we had a lot of fun! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that!
Love Di

Jerelene said...

I loved all your "crazy" photos...Great picture of you and your hubby...very sweet couple!
Of course I love any pics you have with Ruby...she is the cutest pug..what a sweetie she is!
Your dining room looks lovely and wow you are a hard worker aren't you? Don't you ever just take it easy? Glad your couch situation turned out so well!
You know...if you keep your floors that clean..you don't even need the dining room table :) lol
Just kidding...
Thanks for being such a good friend!
Love, Jerelene

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
Our Pug Ruby is so, so spoiled. And she knows it. She rules the house but she is very sweet and loving. I was looking at your photos of Micky last night when he was a pup. Very cute!
Today I am ignoring the floors and am just going to crochet! Love You!
Love Di