Saturday, September 12, 2009

" To Knee or Not to Knee.."

That is definitely the question that I have been asked as of late . The shot that I received the other day seems to be working . While the knee itself still feels like it is messed up I can tell you that it is much better. Only minimal pain . Very minimal .

I will tell you about my day . It will give you an idea of how the shot is working . And come on , you know how exciting the life of an or
dinary housewife can be !

And you all know that this is my usual garb when I am cleaning . And while I am quite sure that wearing the heel's has damaged my knee , I just can't seem to shake them .They are quite stylish , don't you think ?

Today Katie and I went to Wal-Mart . This is something that I really try to avoid on a Saturday but Katie needed eye liner . Yes you heard
me correctly . Eye liner . I remember some things from when I was fourteen . I just don't remember eye liner being a dire necessity . However my poor old kitty was in need of cat food , I thought what the heck ! What better way to test the old knee than to take a tour of Wal-Mart on a Saturday . Not to mention the test to my nerves as well .

Whenever I shop at Wal-Mart it is generally a very , very painful experience for me . When it's over . I'm over . I go home and have to take a pain pill and put my feet up for a couple of hours . Not to mention I can't walk through the store very well .

After my first stroke last year I had to use a wheelchair for about two weeks as I just would feel sick if I walked too long
. It made me feel a little embarrassed as I felt too young for that . My husband and daughter keep wanting me to use one . I refuse .

Today I walked through Wal-Mart with just a little pain . But unfortunately , still , quite a bit of stress .

But it was all good in the end . WE NOW HAVE EYE LINER AGAIN ! And the poor old kitty has a full belly .

I really despise going to Wal-Mart on a Saturday . I really love my daughter .

Tomorrow at our church we are having an outdoor se
rvice . We had originally planned this earlier in the summer , but due to wet weather we had to cancel . But I do believe that it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow and I am very excited about this! After the service we will have our monthly pot luck dinner . We are Lutheran . This is what we do .

Well that's not all we do . We also confess our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ !

When I got home from Wal-Mart I started making the potato salad. I made twelve pounds of potato salad . I hope it's enough . I also made a Peanut Butter and Jelly cake as our pastor's wife requested it . It's not a pretty cake . But it is a pretty good cake if you like P.B. and J.

It took me six hours , on my feet to cook a
ll of this .

Well here's the good news people . I am not in pain . It may seem silly to some of you but this is the first time in almost two years that I have or even could be on my feet that long without just being in severe pain . I am so happy that I went for that shot !

Before the shot I would have also have felt very down as I would just hurt so bad and all I could do was sit . But now I have some hope . I realize that my knee will never be as it was again . But it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to stand for more than an hour without pain !

Thank you Lord for pointing me in the right direction .

And Thank you to all of my family and friends who kept on giving me that much needed KICK IN THE ASS !!!!

I am very excited about tomorrow . Not just because of our outdoor service and pot luck dinner , but because it is my beautiful daughter-in-law , Amy's , birthday. She will be thirty-one this year. She is an amazing woman. She is an excellent cook , a wonderful mother , creative , warm , funny , kind , giving , loving , understanding and well , she loves her crazy mother-in-law ! She is truly a daughter to me . My son Frank made a very good choice and was blessed when he met this extraordinary woman .

I love you Amy , Happy Birthday !


Maria said...

Oh I'm so glad your knee pain is disappearing! I appreciate how you feel about Walmart on Saturday! It can be painful there! I always go for a couple of things and leave with too many (although they're usually things we've been meaning to get for months...)
I'll bet eyeliner looks nice on you... you have great eyes for it. My lids don't do eyeliner well...
Enjoy your church potluck tomorrow... I heard it's going to by nice! You surely made enough potato salad... I'm sure it'll disappear just the's usually a favorite!
God Bless you Diana & your beautiful family ~ Maria

Eileen said...


And I'm so happy about your news, Di!
That's wonderful! To be able to go about your daily routine relatively pain-free I'm sure is such a Blessing to you.
I'll keep praying for the good to get better!
I can't believe all that you do, Di, you always seem so busy.
I had such a lazy day today, seriously, I watched a lot of news, I read a little, I was on the computer looking up a few things, I played with Jayden a little, but I got nothing productive done! I didn't even make the sauce I was going to make today! It makes me ashamed of myself when I think of all the cleaning, cooking, and baking you do, and most of the time you were working in extreme pain.
I had planned on finishing up things outside, putting everything away for the summer but it was raining, so instead of doing things inside the house (which really need doing!), I just used the weather as an excuse to do NOTHING!
I have to light a fire under myself!

Well, I hope you have beautiful weather tomorrow for your outdoor service, and I hope you have a great time at the potluck!
I thought the comment you left to me about being Lutheran was funny! Ray's family is Lutheran and I'm Irish Catholic and we both do potluck lunch/dinner A LOT!

Okay, tomorrow I think we're going apple picking (if the weather is good) so maybe I'll bake something at least!
I'll 'talk' to you soon!
Love you!, E

Gail said...


I am thrilled for you that your knee allowed you to do all that you intended, even Wal-Mart! And about the eye liner? My son wears eye liner! :-) It actually looks really good on him. It is pretty much the norm for writers, artists and teachers in NYC.

Glad your kitty has food too.

I need my rollator to navigate a store like Wal_mart or the grocery store. And 12 pounds of potato salad??!! I am really impressed.

Have a wonderful church service and picnic. I am having dinner with my Mom and we are also going to a local farmer's market to buy fruit and vegetables and a nice home made pie.

Sleep well and enjoy your Sunday

Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana...there is so much to say...and you know I am a woman of few words (cough) to begin.
I begin with praises that your knee feels muc better. That is such GREAT news to me, my friend. I'm glad you got the injection...and I hope that you continue to feel better and better. DO love your daughter....that is a given...and to go to Wal Mart on Saturday....and have the much-needed eye-liner at home now.
Everything is right with the world!!! :))
And....POUNDS of potato salad!!! OK...I'm having dinner on the grounds with you guys tomorrow. I'll leave in just a few minutes...and should make it by lunch time, how's that.
If you get tired of doing your housework in those lovely blue spiked heels, I still have these lovely leather spiked boots....they will do much the same thing for you as the ones in your photo: cause you to see a the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT...on weekend. But, if you change your mind, let me know.
I have boots...Yes, I do (still haven't taken my lazy self back to the Harley Dealership to exchange them. By the time I get there, they will be out of style, and I'll be out of luck.
P.S. I would use eyeline, but it would't show. My upper lids are like my Daddy's and tend to have that drooping, eyeline would be a waste for me. I've considered an eye lift....but attaching rubber bands to my eye lids and then to my bangs just doesn't give me the effect I'm looking for...and I'm not going under the 'eye knife' for more than one reason: PAIN.... $$$....and not necessarily in that order. So, my eyelids are going to droop just like my arms, and other parts of my body that I won't mention here.
Jack's family was 'mixed religion'...His mother was a Southern Baptist, and his father was a Roman Catholic...soooo, they went Methodist. :)) Jack and I are Southern Baptists....but what matters is Christ in our hearts....not the denomination.
I do hope that you continue to feel better. Stay well, my friend...know that I'm thinking of you, and love your blog. You are a sweet and fun friend to blog with and to....Please....take care of you.

Eileen said...

PS ~ I forgot to give a little shout out to Katie.
I understand her 'need' for eyeliner.
I don't wear make-up a lot anymore, but when I do, I always include eyeliner (but only on the inside of my lower lid, never above my eye, and only because I'm too lazy to use mascara on my lower lashes, well, also because I'm almost blind and can't see to put mascara on my lower lashes anymore!).
That was good of you to take her Mom!

Bernie said...

Di everyone will think I've lost it but my eyes were teary as I read your post and I had to keep wiping them.....I am so happy you had mostly a painless day...I know how wonderful it feels when we get those days....I was just so happy for you....oh I hope you have many more but please don't over do it as I have done that as well and it set me back. You have just proven that when we have rough times we really appreciate the good times.
WOW you really got a lot done today, puts me to shame for sure.
So glad that Katie got her eye liner, its important when your 14 years are a wonderful mother and it's obvious how much you love Katie, now that makes me smile.
Happy Birthday to Amy!

Enjoy your service and pot luck tomorrow, you deserve a day of fun and not all work and responsabilities. I love you and your wonderful days....:-) Hugs

Pramoda Meduri said...

wowww...very nice read..:)

happy b'day to Amy..may u all stay happily forever..:)

am happy that u r out of kne pain..take care of ur health..any way ur people will keep u happy as always and that givs u enough energy to recover..:)

U r famous for potato salad..coul d u post the complete recipe of the same so that i will taste it..:)

Hhheheh..eye liner..: its so desired these days ..:)

Have a happy trip on the planned one..enjoy well :)

Anvilcloud said...

For me, walking through Wal-Mart is always a pain although I can't say that it's usually in my knee. :)

Unknown said...

Marcy, SO HAPPY to hear your knee is feeing better. Huhoney also has had to have shots in both of his knees..and they work like a miracle. He does not hesitate when 3 months go by and he feels he needs another shot! It makes him such a more pleasant person to be around! Amazing what a few drugs will do! Just dont hesitate the next time you feel the need! I feel your pain...all the way across the states!...I will have to fill you in on my newest news... (I just may need a few extra prayers this week) (sigh)

Unknown said...

OH, so glad you found that pic of me! I was looking for it recently to show my daughter that YES even your mother is a little OCD cleaning in her best dress!

Snowbrush said...

I don't know if the doctor talked to you about physical therapy, but if you can build strength in the knee, it will be to your benefit when the shot wears off because a muscularly strong knee takes some of the load off the joint itself.

Another suggestion (and I offer this without knowing how much you weigh) is to lose weight. I am 5' 10", and weigh around 165. Last year, I lost down to 145. I looked like I had anorexia, but my knee felt almost new again. Five pounds less weight doesn't just mean five pounds less impact on your knee when you walk. I don't know the formula, but the shock comes to more like 15 or 20 pounds. This means that losing even a little weight is beneficial.

Did the doc say how many steroid shots you can have per year? Steroids are destructive to cartilage, but I should think that your knee is so far gone that, within reason, the damage might not matter. I can have 3 steroid shots per year in my shoulder, but since I haven't found relief for my first one, I fear that the joint is too far gone.

Here's hoping the Synvisc helps too. I didn't feel that my knee benefitted from it, but you might, so if your insurance will pay for it (it's expensive), it would be worth a try.

ethereal-lily said...

I think you should try some of the eyeliner too. I did recently, made me feel prettier :)

Glad to know you're on your feet. Try not to stress too much on your knee.

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Yes I would not have gone to Wal-Mart on a Saturday except for Katie. She's the one that needed the eye liner, I wear it but I don't care if I don't wear it. just depends on the mood!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Anything apple sounds good to me! And not to worry Eileen, This was just a busy week for me. On Monday I plan on doing something for me maybe start playing around with Katie's quilt or crochet something that I am working on right now. So I won't be working! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
Yes they must have the eye liner! The sacrifices we make!! Have fun at the Farmers Market! Pick up some pumpkins! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
My first husband was Catholic as are my two older children. I was baptized and confirmed Lutheran. My second husband was raised Baptist but really liked the Lutheran church so he and Katie were baptized in the Lutheran church together! And they have both since been confirmed!
Jackie I think you were just meant to keep those boots. I'm sure you can make use of them!
My eyes are drooping too! Along with other things as the years float by! Love Di

Diana said...

P.S. Eileen I find it harder and harder to apply make-up because it's too hard to see!

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
It's Sunday morning and usually after a day like yesterday I wouldn't be able to walk. But I am feeling great right now so I am just glad that I went for the shot!
I am looking forward to this morning. When I get done here I will go do my hair and get ready. Have a good Sunday Bernie!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
I could sort of post how I make the potato salad but I don't use a recipe. I am bad about that. I don't write things down! But I will go to your post later today and tell you what I put in it. Thank You !
LOve Di

Diana said...

Hi AC,
Yes I agree completely, as a matter of fact when I told my orthopedic (sports) doctor this, he said it hurts him to walk through Wal-Mart too. And I don't think he meant physically!
LOve Di

Diana said...

Hi Snow,
I work out four to five days a week and have lost almost fifty pounds in the last two years. But it hasn't really made a difference in the knee. The doc, who is a sports ortho dr. said that I was putting too much stress on the knee and wants me to quit some of the machines. I can have a shot every three months. This is something that runs in my family and he said that both the knees were pretty bad. I am willing to try the Synvisc if ins. will pay otherwise I can't afford it. But for now I am happy. I haven't had this sort of relief since it started getting bad two years ago.
Love Di
P.S. Ins. only cover PT after surgery!

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
I will definitely go back as soon as the shot wears off! He said I can get them every three months. O.k. I must go and get ready for church Love you! Love Di

Wanda..... said...

Hello Diana,
I just noticed the photo of you and Burt...really nice, but I did not see your post last night on my here I am lost at the bottom under your may not even notice me down here.

I am happy you are nearly pain free...makes life so much better doesn't it...enables you to shop more at Walmart with Katie in the future...and that will happen again because that's what teenagers do!

Enjoy your church dinner Diana and by the way...I did reply back at my blog, but you may not have returned...I am really bad about replying back on every post...I just get behind...anyway I thought you knew I lived in Southwestern Ohio...ther's not that much distance between us, Rebecca and Brenda.

Take care and don't overdo,

Rebecca said...

If your weather is anything like ours, it should be/have been a beautiful day for an outdoor service! (We are NOT Lutheran, but we had an outdoor service earlier this summer.)

I'm really happy to hear of your success with the shot. I go in spurts dealing with knee pain. I have been putting off treatment for quite awhile. It isn't hurting much now, so that makes it easier to put it off. But when the pain comes, it comes with a vengeance!

I hope you get many weeks/months of relief.

Snowbrush said...

"P.S. Ins. only cover PT after surgery!"

But not to keep you from needing surgery. Yes, I think we need healthcare reform.

Blessings each day said...

Di, I am so sad to hear that you endure so much pain, so now I will keep that specifically in prayer as well.

I am a shopper so I wish I could shop for you....of course, eyeliner would not be high on my list. Wal Marts are so large now that it is like going on the treadmill!!

How MANY potatoes do you use for the ten pounds of potatoe salad? If you use ten pounds then you are ending up with MORE than ten pounds of potatoe salad! Wow! You go girl! Can you sit down while doing some of it? I usually end up kneeling on a chair if it's going to be a lot of cooking/baking but my knees are okay but my carpal tunnel gives me a fit.

How was your covered dish dinner? You've got me hungry for potatoe salad...can you share your recipe and can you send some over in your jet, please, pretty please?

Love your heels...think you should go for the four and a half inch babies, though, with a prom dress of some sort.

blessings and warm hugs,


Need A Latte Mom said...

Wal-Mart...I can actually feel the life getting sucked out of me as I walk in the doors of the place.

Glad your knee if feeling better. We never want to compromise style for comfort. We must wear our heals to maintain a household. If not our husbands view of us would be shattered.

Snowbrush said...

latte-mom: "We must wear our heals to maintain a household."

Here's one man who sincerely hates high heels or any other clothing article that makes it impossible for a woman to move naturally, and might even harm her body in the process.

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
The day turned out beautifully! If you are having knee pain I will tell you not to hesitate with the treatment. This afternoon I went for a walk with my 15 month old grandson for the first time and it was wonderful.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Thank you for letting me know the state. there are a few of us close by! And don't feel bad I too am trying to catch up! Thanks for not forgetting me! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
I wear eye liner when I am in the mood. I look much better with it but my husband likes when I don't wear make-up! He's crazy! The knee is very good, thank you. You are sweet!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
I used a little less than 10 pounds of taters! And they ate it all! Also the whole B.P. and J. cake except for one piece!
I only have one pair of heels left! Sad! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Latte-Mom,
Truly I haven't wore heels in years. But fortunately my husband loves me without them! Arthritis and all I still have great legs or so he say's! Love Di

Diana said...

O.K. Snow,
"Here's one man who sincerely hates high heels or any other clothing article that makes it impossible for a woman to move naturally, and might even harm her body in the process."

You are very thoughtful but calm down boy! I don't wear heels anymore and you are over thinking again!

I did however enjoy them years ago!
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

A very happy belated Birthday to your daughter in law :-)

And I am very very glad you are able to go about your daily activities without much pain. Getting tied down because your body won't support is very frustrating! Hope the Lord gives you strength every day. Loads of love :)

P.S Eye liner is something I have grown very fond of too and I feel I look ghastly without it! Not like I look any better with it, but still :)

Barb said...

Hi Di, I see that we both have blue high heels and a cauldron for cooking. I'm so glad you got the shot. However, be careful not to do too much (I believe you need constant reminders about this). Though you're not getting the warning of pain, you could do more damage to your knee. Will read the next post to find out if you had to rent a U-haul to get the truck-load of potato salad and cake to the church picnic.

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Believe it or not I do worry about over stressing the knee. I may have done that today as I was on my feet almost all day! But the Dr. did tell me that I would know if I was doing to much! It's good so far.
Love Di