Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I'm Still Here, Just Rockin' Out"

Betcha thought I was gone for good didn't ya ? One less blog to read.
You are welcome by the way for freeing up some extra time to do whatever it is that you had to do.

Alas I am back. I have been a very busy gal as of late. Except for today. Today was one of those days. Lazy day. I have been having troubles with medication changes and well, lets just say I am feeling better now that the doc changed everything around again.

So as I was feeling out of sorts, lazy in my mind, I was looking at my rock while listening to coffee house music on the satellite radio. Oh I didn't tell you about my rock did I ? Alright then first you must know that I Love rocks. If this is strange well then call me strange and tell me what you want me to call you O.K.?

Here is my beautiful rock that I found in my stash of rocks. Yes I have a stash of rocks.

Oh whatever, I'm sure you have a stash of something odd yourself !

There you see how beautiful he is ? Yeah, I thought so too. So perfectly shaped. And then I came along and defaced him. I can do that. He's my rock. This is what happens when I am feeling lazy and listen to music....

I thought him rather cute. Just wish I could come up with a good name.

Mothers Day weekend was very nice even though my husband was only home one full day. He always treats me like a queen on Mothers Day.  And while he was only home on Saturday, he spoiled me all day. We went all over the place including the nursery that he would take mom and me to. 

It was a beautiful day and we ate out all day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although he does this every year for me there was a method to his madness. Remember the "Dreaded" 50 lb. mirror that was supposed to finally be hung this past weekend ? Well he was so busy trying to keep me entertained that he was too exhausted to hang it !

And what could I really do. The man treated me like a damn queen for cryin' out loud, what the heck could I say ?

This turned out to be a good thing though as before he left on Sunday morning, he came up with a better idea on how to hang it and I do believe it's going to work!!!! Stick around, I have another little preview for you at the end of this post. See I take care of my people!

Mothers Day was good. My handsome son and my cute little granddaughter came for a visit bearing plants. They know I love plants! I missed seeing my grandson but he was home with mom taking a nap. We had a good visit. I had something for Sarah as well.

Jake and I went to the book sale room in the library on Saturday and hit pay dirt for Sarah! Two Wal-Mart bags filled with books. She was thrilled. Shes at that age where reading is opening up her whole world.

It took a few minutes for me to get this photo as all of a sudden she became not shy but sly ! You can tell by the look on her face ! And the only reason my son cooperated was because it was Mothers Day! So this is a rare photo.

I also found three books for myself at the library on Saturday... 

I know what your thinkin' , "That girl hates to cook, why in the heck did she pick those up ?". Well I don't know , now your confusing me. I guess because it was "All the books you can fit in a bag for a dollar" ! Or maybe I thought I might try something new I don't know. Now I'm all nervous and everything!

After the lovely visit from my son and granddaughter, I went to the yard to plant. Brought my radio with me and had some peaceful time alone until Katie got home. And shut my mouth ! She actually gave me a hug and a kiss, hold on a minute.....

Sorry I am still in shock from that, I'm alright now. Gosh she picked me (Your just a thorn in my side) mom out a card all on her own. Crap I think I'm gonna cry again.....

Alrighty then lets move along . I'm alright now.

Finally I am done. You can breath now. 

Oh wait a minute, go ahead hold your breath for just another minute as here is your TWO previews ! See I'm nice like that. You get two for the price of one today. Your welcome.


 And After....

Go ahead take a breath, BEFORE.....

And AFTER.......

And that's all I've got for tonight folks. Hope you enjoyed the show !


Andrea said...

Love your rock and your make overs are AWESOME!!


PS: Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Bernie said...

Your new look is so warm and cozy, what a difference........I am happy that you are getting the meds worked out and that you have had time for yourself as well.
Your post made me laugh Di, I love knowing you are happy.
Love ya.......:-) Hugs

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Morning!
I am so happy that MOTHER'S DAY was so royal for you!Love is so touching and makes our eyes moist!Beautiful facelift!Wonderful moments are shared!We had a mirror like this in our ancesora home.

Jackie said...

Di....I would never consider NOT reading your's always fun to be here.
I love your rock. I think it's a dinosaur egg. :)) (And I see his little eyes peeking out of the other side now.) Di, it is sooo smooth....was it from a river bed...? It really is fascinating..and I love to collect rocks, too. Jack and I get one from each place we visit...interesting shapes, colors, sizes.
I'm glad that you posted a photo of your son. He's handsome!...and I'm just all aglow that Katie gave you a kiss...a much-deserved one, too. You are a great Mom, Di.
The colors you chose for your makeover are perfect....warm and inviting...I love the new look.
Your comments on my 'sag' photos are making quite a stir! Lots of comments on your comment! I loved your comment....never thought of that...and now I have to smile when I think about it. (I also agree with the loud music solution, too!!!)
Love and hugs to you,

Wanda..... said...

That is one round rock, Di! I have a thing for rocks too, so we can be strange together.
That's a really good photo of your son Frank and Sarah. The photo gallery on your walls look nice too and I love the large chest in front of the window!
Enjoy your books, even if you don't cook from them, they're nice to look through!

Lois Evensen said...

You always make me smile. I'm delighted to hear you had such a good Mothers Day. You're a nice lady. You deserve a nice Mothers Day. :)


Maria said...

HI Diana!
Love the rock!
and this post rocks!
It was fun to read and I'm still smiling!
Your son's photo with Sarah is very nice!
Enjoy your gardening, new recipes and your new beautiful spaces ... What awesome makeovers!
Here's to more awesome days with your hubby and more hugs & kisses from Katie!
Blessings always ~ Maria

Linda said...

Welcome back! You've been missed!

Since your rock looks like it's wearing a mask, you should name it bandit!

It sounds like your Mother's Day was great from start to finish! Getting plants for Mother's Day is an awesome gift, I'd love receiving them too!

Barb said...

Oh, Di - only you would have a pet rock - actually - I collect them, too (but NOT with faces...). I like the pic of Frank and Sarah. Your walls make everything glow - that color is just great, Di! I love your photo montage, too. Glad you're feeling better.

Rebecca said...

I'm hyperventilating after that breath I took between pictures of your "new" room! It is so warm and inviting, Di! I know Jake will get that mirror hung.

Given the no-cooking Mother's Day, you have reasons to be patient with him :)

I'm loving the rock. And I DO have more stashes than I care to begin counting here. I can't wait to hear what you name it.

Hopeful the medications continue to produce the intended results for you.

And, in spite of being like you -- unethusiastic about cooking -- I did bake a mean chicken cordon bleu last Tuesday! I think that Fanny Farmer cookbook looks interesting! Find something VERY easy, inexpensive and delicious and pass on the recipe!

Anvilcloud said...

Just over a week's absence -- not too bad. Just don't let it happen again. :)

Diana said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks so much for the award from Sitka! I will post it and pass it along. Have a happy Day.
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
The medication change really played havoc on me. I am happy now that I am feeling better, it was horrible. Glad you like the room. It is much cozier than before! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hello Anu!
I would love to see a picture of your mirror someday. I will be posting ours as soon as it gets put up!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Jackie!
You are right, it is a dinosaur egg! And it is a river rock. I bought a few box fulls a while back and he was hiding in there. I would have liked to have bought more but my car was way weighed down! I love all sorts of rocks.
Love and hugs back at ya!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
The chest was my great-grandmothers and I am told, used to have a clock in the center and legs on it. I don't know whatever happened to them It is cedar. I don't know if it was her or someone's "Hope chest" at one time perhaps?
Believe it or not I actually used one of the books last night to make creamed chicken over biscuits. It was easy and good!
Maybe us rock lovers should do a rock post from time to time!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Lois,
I hope you had a good Mothers Day as well. And I am glad that you stopped by! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I was so excited when my son let me take his photo! He usually rolls his eyes and walks away! I guess he loves his mom enough to sit still for Mothers Day!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Linda!
I thought the rock looked a bit like a bandit too. He was supposed to be a hatching dinosaur! Well I'm no artist that's for sure but it was fun.
I always get plants for Mothers Day or something for the garden. I can never seem to have enough for the yard and the kids know this!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
We liked the color so much that we're going to also paint the dining room with it. I had enough left over paint! And everything will match with that color.
I am feeling much better so far. I hate having to take all of those medications! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
It fine that the mirror didn't get hung , although I was a little disappointed I know that he'll get it done. He's new idea will work better anyway I think!
I loved reading that Cordon Blue recipe today, it sounds easy and good. I think Jake and Katie would like it.
I made creamed chicken over biscuits from the Campbells book yesterday. And it too was easy and good!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi AC,
I will try not to wait so long next time! Love Di ♥

Unknown said...

Di! Your home looks so cozy and inviting! Rocks! how funny, but I do have to say...he is sure cute, or she is cute! Bob has a rock that our daughter made him when she was 5 yrs it was when those friendship rocks or something were real popular in the 70's, and she painted it red and put those squiggley eyes on it, he uses it as a door stop in our bedroom and that rock has always been his #1 priority when moving! he loves that rock! LOL fun post today funny lady!

Terrie said...

Spike, I think that's a good name for your rock.

I love your picture wall. I have a picture wall to but it just looks so out of place. I love that lamp too. Ohhh, all these creative people who know how to decorate! Where was I when that talent got handed out?

Hugs to you

Diana said...

Hey Linda!
I have a mini box of raisins that Sarah gave me about four years ago. She told me to keep them in my purse so I wouldn't be hungry! I still have them although I'm quite sure they are no longer edible! But I just couldn't bear to part with them so I understand how your husband is with his rock! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I think Spike is a wonderful name! I don't consider myself a decorator AT ALL! I just started with one item, the big mirror, and sort of kept picking up things here and there that went with it.
I had to keep my fingers crossed when piking out the color for the walls as I am usually lousy at that! I just got lucky this time!
Thanks Terrie! Love Di ♥

Jenny said...

I think the rocks name might be Egor. Not sure why. I love rocks, too, so I totally don't think that's weird at all!

Sounds like you have been having fun! I'm glad Mothers Day went well and you got a hug and a kiss and lots of meals out!

Hugs and Happy Monday!

Eileen said...

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed a nice Mother's Day. I was thinking about you.

And I love your new paint! It's all so pretty! And I love that chest in the picture! I confess, I am COVETING it!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner out?! Wow! That sounds like a perfect day to me! Nice husband!

Love to you,
PS ~ We have quite a collection of rocks too! And now Jayden keeps adding to it!
I love how you 'decorated' yours!
Oh, Di, my verification word is 'bless'! God Bless you!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy... You are BAAAAAACK!!! Woohoo! And with your usual wit, you have reduced me to a giggling mess!! Love it! You are so hilarious! I'm so glad your Mother's day was so wonderful...You sooooo deserve that...don't know what's wrong with my dashboard...this post didn't show up...I'm glad I decided just to stop on by...I wouldn't have missed this for the world!! Lovin' the reveal as well! Love you, Janine XO