Tuesday, May 4, 2010

" The Girls "

The reason for me posting the following photos today is quite simple really.

Katie, my lovely and sweet ( well most times ) 15 year old daughter let me.....

her " You are just a thorn in my side " mother, actually, physically take a photo of her today! 

Can't you just vision the sea's parting and the angels singing?

No? Well believe me when I tell you that this IS a major triumph for me. Mind you, she will take plenty of photos of herself . She will let her friends take photos of her. But not " You are just a thorn in my side " mom.

So I thought " Why not post my most recent photos of all of the girls and women that I am closest to. 

In this photo of " My Katie girl " as I like to refer to her, you will also see another of my girls. Our dog " Roxy ". Roxy was a stray that wandered up our driveway about two years ago.

She is the most loving and sweet dog that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. We were all very happy that we made the decision to take her in. Katie is rubbing her belly which Roxy adores!

Please notice Roxy's goofy position !

I couldn't post a photo of Roxy without posting one of our four year old Pug named " Ruby ". Ruby is the Alpha dog in the house. She is also spoiled, stubborn, and I do believe she thinks that she owns me. That is until my husband comes home every other week and then she wants nothing to do with me !

She really is a sweet dog, just thinks she's the boss!

The next photo is of my oldest daughter " Ginny ". Ginny lives far away from her mother so unfortunately I had to swipe this photo from her. 

I remember the day when she used to also think of me as her " You are just a thorn in my side " mom. Now she calls me nearly everyday and I am pretty sure that she appreciates her mom now.

Ginny has a birthday coming up at the end of the month. All I will say is that she is a year away from the dreaded (Gasp!) 30!

I hope she doesn't read this because I will hear about that for sure !

I miss her terribly and wish that we lived closer. 

The next photo is of another special woman in my life. She is also one of my closest friends. She is my Daughter-in-law "Amy". She is a wonderful wife to my son " Frank ".

I think that she is beautiful, inside and out!

Please ignore the crazy looking woman next to her ! She often times just seems to appear as if she " Is just a thorn in your side " !

Last but not by any means least is my very sweet and beautiful 8 year old granddaughter " Sarah ".

What can I say about Sarah. She is just an amazing little girl and I love her so much!

And that is all of the girls and women in my life that make it so special. 

I will have to do a post about the special " Two Men and a Boy " in my life soon.

Thanks for stopping by!



Bernie said...

What beautiful girls in your life, all of them.
Thought of you today my friend, my internet was down for a while or I would of e-mailed you. When I read your comment it did sound like you had a good day and I smiled thinking of you enjoying your beautiful weather as I sat by the fire watching the snow.
Ginny looks enough like you to be your twin......luv ya, ....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I was also thinking about the stark contrast in our day yesterday!
Funny but I never thought that any of my children physically looked like me! Love Di ♥

Donna's Book Nook said...

All of your girls are beautiful and I know they are special to you. It's just standard teen-age protocol to think your mom is a "thorn in your side".

Have a blessed day.

Eileen said...

I think both your girls look very much alike, and I think they both look very much like their Mom! I see the resemblance in Sarah too!
You probably don't see it at all, I am that way when people comment on how much my kids or grandkids look like me, I think they all take after the Swedish side (Ray's) of the family.

This post was lovely and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pictures of all the beautiful girls in your life!

I'm hoping to post this morning if I can get my last picture to upload (I have got to stop these picture posts, they give me heartburn!)

'Hope you enjoy another nice day!
Good for you chasing away the blues!
I've been a mood lately too, and so has my sister. We've been trying to shake it off too, and we've been walking in the mornings.
So I better get busy here before she's at my door!
Love to you, E

Wanda..... said...

Ginny and Katie look just as much like you, as Sarah looks like Amy! It's funny that you don't see it, especially in Ginny. You even wear similar glasses!
They are all beautiful, but I bet Sarah is the sweetest and then Roxy and Ruby!

Will be watching for 2 men and a boy! :)

Lois Evensen said...

What lovely ladies in your life. :) Thank you for introducing them to us.

It's amazing how much smarter we get as our children get older, isn't it. ;)


Jackie said...

Di...what a happy post this is!
I love the fact that Katie 'allowed' you to take her photo. :) (Thanks you, Katie!)...
Ending with Sarah happily swinging is the perfect way to say 'family is love'...and grands are GRAND!
She's beautiful, Di.
Love to you,

Teresa said...

Dear Thorn In My Side, I think our children all go through that stage in life...they just want to be grown up, and sometimes we still treat them like children. OH Well, they do grow up, and realize we are their best friend. I love the girls in your life, and I too see the resemblence. I would like to spend more time with the girls in my life, but it seems, I have become a thorn in their side these days. Think I will stop being so thorny, and find a life of my own.
((((HUGS)))) TT

Barb said...

Hi Di, You are lucky to have so many strong women around you (well - Ginny is far away but near to your heart). I don't think Ruby and Lucinda would get along - both have the "boss" gene! That's a great pic of you and Amy.

quieten said...

What a great group of women! You are indeed fortunate to have these wonderful ladies in your life (2 footed and four-footed). Ginny can never deny her "thorn in my side"- she looks just like you.
All sounds calm on your end and it sounds happy. Hope it stays that way for you.

Anvilcloud said...

Gotta love the truth in "thorn in my side."

Wanda said...

What beautiful girls you are surrounded with. Your daughter Ginny looks so much like you.

What a special post to give tribute to these lovlies.

I wish my three daughters were not blog shy... I would be posting their pictures every day. But, I must respect their privacy... My son, Myk, however is not blog shy and would probably let me post him in his underwear...(just kidding) He's 44 and no, I don't think he would approve the underwear photo!!!

We are blessed women, to have these lovely children.

Have a great day, and thanks for your visits to Brushstrokes.

Rebecca said...

So much fun to see all you girls!

And oh, the change in your before and after post the day before this one. I love what you've done. Wish OUR floor project was done. We, too, are going to live with it for awhile....until we catch our breath to take up the kitchen part of the old floor to see what's there.

I can't wait to see that big old mirror over your fireplace. Wish I could send my hubby your way for moral support!

Dee said...

You have a truly lovely family. My little grandaughter is also 8. A great age don't you think?

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Love this post. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs to you

Bonny said...

Beautiful Girls...all of them, even that crazy looking one!
Love, Bonny

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Di, They are ALL extraordinarily beautiful! Especially, may I say, the "crazy" one! She is my favorite ;-) You are in my thoughts and prayers especially this weekend, dear friend! I love you! Janine XO

Garnetrose said...

THE women in your family are lovely.I am praying for you this weekend.I know the first mothers day after my moms passed were hard for me to deal with but it passed and got easier each year. God bless you and your lovely girls.

Arlee Bird said...

Very nice family. And I can empathize with your situation as I have 3 daughters who live very far away and I rarely get to see them. At least they are well and happy.

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Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Diana..vryyy sweet and cute pics.. nice grand daughter u have.. :)... nice to be here n this day..

happy mother's day...:)

Wanda..... said...

Thinking of you on Mother's Day Di.

Jenny said...

Awwww....beautiful, strong, intelligent kind women. All of you! How blessed you all are !

Hugs and Happy Mothers Day!

Barb said...

Hello Di, I've been thinking of you today. Happy Mothers Day!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just want you to know that you've been in my thoughts especially today! And I wanted to send you extra hugs and much love!!! Janine XO

Ginnie said...

A nice bevy of beauties. You are blessed.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Beautiful Family Di, your Ginny looks so much like you.

Hope you had a Wonderful Mother's Day.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just stopping by to say hello to my dear friend!! Hope you are having a terrific week! Love you! Janine XO

Jackie said...

Hi Di...
Waiting for you to join me on your bike. I am thinking of you...
Hugs and love,