Tuesday, January 17, 2012

its been a long day

       It started with the hospital running behind.
so are 10:00 am start time ended up being a 2:00 pm start time.
Then the 2 hour surgery took 3 hours so that is why im posting this so late. Oh I forgot you guys wanted to know how my wife is doing.
Tune in tomorrow just kidding.
Everything thing went just fine she will be home tomorrow afternoon.
A little sore but just as good as new.So if i didn't mess this up you will all know how she is and if I did mess up you'll have to wait till tomorrow.
Thanks for all the love and friendship you have given to Di 


Jackie said...

How wonderful to hear that Di is doing well and that she will be home on Wednesday afternoon.
Thank you, Jake, for posting the information. (Great sense of humor you have, Jake. I can tell that you and Di are a match made in heaven.) Thank you again for posting about Di's surgery. I'm so very glad to know that she is doing well.
Regarding the love and friendship we give Di....it's actually the other way around. She gives it to us. We love our Diana!!!

Need A Latte Mom said...

so gladeverything went ok...Enjoy the nurses taking care of you.

Anvilcloud said...

Way to go Jake. And okay, you too Di.

Rebecca said...

What good news! Thanks, Jake. (I'm sure the delays and extra hour in surgery was a little stressful, but SO glad to hear she came through fine.)

Wanda..... said...

You wrote that just like Di would have, Jake. Glad to know she is doing fine. Looking forward to hearing from Di soon!

Tamara said...

Oh Jake! You did a wonderful job of posting this info for us! Good news to hear of Di's progress and thank you for taking the time to do this for her.

Lynilu said...

Thank you, Jake! You're a gem! Give Di my love, please.

Bonny said...

That is wonderful news. Glad to hear that everything went well.

Sandi said...

Thanks Jake, for being such a good guy to post and let us know about Di! I know we are all super relieved to know that all went well in the end. Sorry that everything got pushed back, that doesn't help the anxiety one bit!

Give her hugs and love!

Eileen said...

Thank you so much for posting, Jake!

And I see that you and Di are a great comedy team!

So sorry to hear that you had to wait around so long, I'm sure you both must have been anxious to have this all behind you.

You must be beat. Get some rest.

And give Di my love!
All the best,

Barb said...

Jake - what a great hubby you are to give us this update. I checked a bit earlier and wondered, "Where the heck is he!" So relieved that Di came through the surgery fine. Give her some hugs from her pal in CO.

Bernie said...

Hey Jake, what's up? So glad to hear Di is doing so well, thanks for letting us know. Hope you are well and I know you will take real good care of Di. Give her a big hug from me, take care my friend.

Rob-bear said...

Well done, Jake. Thanks for all the info. We'll check back later today.

Now that you've got the hang for this, maybe you should have your own blog.

Gail said...

Great job Jake! And I am SO relieved, Amen
Love Gail

Dee said...

Big sigh, glad she is Ok and will be home tomorrow,....thank you for posting...your a sweetie...Hugs to both of you.

Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Jake, thanks for the update. Blessings to you and Di. I'm sure you must feel a bit tense knowing your wife is in hospital and of course not knowing quite what to do with yourself now she's not with you. Hang in there chap, she'll be back to her normal self soon enough.
Oh and by the way, nice post. Well done.
Di is very special to all of us even though she takes breaks every now and then, but hey,so do I. Having her visit my blog is always humbling. You are a very lucky man and by the sounds of things, she's a very lucky girl.
God bless you both, Geoff.