Tuesday, January 31, 2012

" ? ???'? ??? ?? "

I Don't get it.

I so strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Weather you may be a Christian or just a believer in a higher power, I know that both sides tend to believe this as well.

But then there are also those that believe in randomness. This is all fine with me. 

I am a Christian. I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for me. I also have learned that I can't always figure out where or why he is guiding me. Most of the time I try not to figure this out as I just prefer to leave my troubles to him.

Then there are the other times that I try to analyze every little thing that I am going through and why God is sending me down a particular path. This I know is futile but none the less I find myself doing so.

Case in point: Today.

I am supposed to be resting, per doctors orders. I feel good but I am, for the most part, feeling exhausted. So I rest. I do a little and I rest.

My pug hasn't been feeling well. She has Doggy IBS. So first thing this morning I had a few messes to clean up. 

I had planned on just resting until my doctors appointment at 3:30 this afternoon. 

You do know never to use the word "Plan" if you are a Christian. That word makes God laugh. He has a wonderful sense of humor. Did you know that?

The phone calls started in the late morning. There were tax problems at the Church. I made a few calls, got things straightened out, then had to go to Church to do the actual physical straightening. The computer work.

It's all good as this isn't physically taxing.
Get it? Physically taxing. Your supposed to laugh there. Anyway the bookkeeper, treasurer and I got it all straightened out, I think.

I was there almost two hours then had to leave for my doctors appointment. Another follow up visit. 

I guess I'll start with the waiting room. Please don't judge me here people. I'm tired. Thanks. 

My appointment was for 3:30. I arrived at 3:20. As I sat reading a year old issue of
" Good Housekeeping ", which by the way, is my favorite magazine of all time, the people started to roll in.

I observed many different characters to be sure but the one that really struck, bewildered and annoyed me was a very old man who I assumed was accompanied by his daughter who had a good ten years on me. I guesstimated his age to be around 90.

I love old people. I always wanted to be a geriatric nurse. It was my dream. But I tell you, this man irritated me to no end.

He had the most annoying ticks. He constantly smacked his lips, over and over. In between which he would be moaning and sighing.

I texted to my husband, as I waited two hours just to get into the exam room, that I was sitting next to a very annoying old man. Did I mention that he smelled badly as well?

Now remember I said, please don't judge me. I thought about all of the things that he may have went through in his life. Upon close examination, I supposed that he was probably quite handsome in his day. And he must have been a nice man at one time, even though he complained to his companion the whole time about the wait.

I was irritated with the wait and I was there longer than he was. 

I no longer could focus on my "Good Housekeeping " so I texted to my husband that I was still waiting (1.5 hours now) and was sitting next to a very irritating old man.

He texted me back. " Get up and go to the bathroom and then change seats.".

I don't know what happened next. I guess I was slap happy. I was all alone waiting and one of my biggest nightmares happened.

I was overcome by one of my infamous, hysterical laughing fits! Right there in the waiting room while approximetly 15 other people were waiting.

I'm talking roll on the floor, shoulders shaking, tears flowing, laughing fit.
How embarrassing. 

I fought mightily to control myself. I kept looking at my phone as if someone had texted something really funny. Damn funny.

I truly hope that I didn't offend anyone. I am thinking that God was playing a joke on me for my thoughts. You don't want to know my thoughts.

I felt badly for my unladylike outburst.

It wasn't much longer after I gained control before I was called into the exam room. I do believe that I moved rather quickly to get in there.

After about another 30 minutes of waiting, I finally got to see the surgeon. As usual, she was very caring and patient. 

I am doing well but there is some scar tissue in my neck. I have to go for another doppler test tomorrow. I'm still not allowed to exercise or do strenuous housework for at least a month. 

I can do a little but am supposed to keep resting...

Sitting on my butt for another MONTH !!!!!

Good Lord. 

I guess the jokes on me.  


Jackie said...

Di...I don't usually just burst out laughing in the middle of reading a post...until tonight when I read yours. Oh my goodness! Oh my word!! I laughed at the fact that you were laughing uncontrollably, and I had this mental picture. How will Di stop laughing in the waiting room? What will she do?? And I couldn't stop laughing either. It's almost as bad as a laughing attach in church!! What's with that!!!??!!
Bless your heart!
I began thinking about the older man...his tics...the irritation that he had while he waited and your irritation with him. All very understandable. And knowing how much you love older people, I know that it was hard for you to feel this way toward him...but it happened. Why? I don't know...but through it all, I see that my sweet friend has NOT lost her sense of humor and has the BEST way of sharing a story!
I found myself praying for the older gentleman...hoping that he was able to get to see the doctor soon and that God would be with him through whatever it is that he is going through. I also find myself inspired by your courage to 'wait on the Lord' through all of this...your knee surgery, your neck surgery, your recoveries...such patience it takes. You are a dear friend, Di., and I want you to know that this blog reaffirms what I already surmised about you: you are a wonderfully strong lady with a patient spirit and the best sense of humor. One needs patience and humor to get through life.
I hope that you will feel rested and that you will feel better very soon. Please, let us know about the results of your doppler tomorrow.
Love you, my friend.

Bernie said...

Oh Di I broke into laughter as I read about you laughing in the doctor's office. I almost felt myself right there with you.
Now please do what the doctor tells you okay, we want you healthy and happy. Good Luck tomorrow, will be waiting to hear how you make out. Sending many prayers and big hugs....:-)

DeanO said...

A laughing fit you say? I think I would pay top dollar to see that :)

Rebecca said...

I would have PAYED (or is it "paid"?) to see your laughing fit, too, Di! I would NOT have STAYED 2 hours to see it though...Bless your ♥!

We're going to have to come up with SOMEthing to keep you "busy" for another month. Do you do jigsaw puzzles?

Are you able to keep flexing your knees? Are they fully rehabbed? You're not going "backwards" with them, are you?

Wanda..... said...

Your sense of humor and loss of control made a funny post, Di. Just glad the other 15 in the waiting room didn't inquire what was so funny! Gee...another month of resting!!! Well just don't lose that sense of humor...use it!

Need A Latte Mom said...

That is pretty funny. I can just see the others looking at you like...hmmm, wonder what she is here for. Must be on the wrong floor.

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, I can commiserate because I get those laughing fits at the MOST INOPPORTUNE times too! Always so ill-timed! You poor thing!
And if you at least had someone with you it wouldn't have been so bad, but when you're all alone like that you can really look like a loon (unless there happens to be a fellow hysterical laugher among the bunch who will understand your antics)!

My last fit was at a Sweet Sixteen during the candle lighting ceremony. The girl's grandmother got up to light a candle and speak (in another language) and she was talking on and on for a long time when Ray leaned over to one of his co-workers who was sitting at our table and asked him to translate. His co-worker says "She said, 'Happy Birthday'. Well, this struck my funny bone, I could not stop laughing, tears streaming down my face. So, of course it looks like I'm laughing at the poor old lady, and all the other tables are staring at us. And the whole rest of the night I just kept thinking about it and laughing, and spitting drinks out from laughing so hard! It was very embarrassing but I just could not stop!
All the time, these stupid, idiotic little things will strike me as funny and then it's out of my control.

I actually think your laughing fit was a gift from Heaven. You needed a little comic relief!

Stay strong, Di. And, listen to your doctor. REST! As much as you can anyway.

'Loved this post!

Gail said...

HI DI - love the laughing fit - wish I could have been there. :-) Keep getting better, k?
Love you

Anvilcloud said...

That was a ridiculous wait. There is no reasonable excuse for doctors not being able to do better. My GP is always on time. My specialist not so much.

Barb said...

Di - You have me laughing here in CO - Bob just called down from the loft, "What's wrong?" Perhaps laughter IS the best medicine. Thanks for that! Listen to your surgeon - keep resting. Also, I left a lengthy comment on your last post but I don't see it. I wonder if it didn't go through?

Diana said...

I didn't see it either Barb. I'm sure the comment is floating around somewhere in Cyberspace!
Love Di ♥

Sharon said...

Well, you said yourself, that you know not to 'plan'...

You should have had the laughing jag much earlier, might have moved things along or got you into the back and away from that 'smelly, old man'.


Cindy said...

Oh Di I just laughed so hard I had about ten Cataplexy episodes one after the other. I love how certain things will hit us as funny and then you just can't stop. A good thing I was not with you in the waiting room, I would have been on the floor and the more you would laugh I would never be able to get up....we could get into a lot of trouble you and I together I think. lol. I Hope everything is okay, and the month of rest will go by in no time. sending you a big hug. c

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Obviously God knew ya needed a good laugh right then and there to overcome your frustration. Yep, your right...He has the biggest since of humor of all!

Take care and feel better sweetie.

God bless and have a joyous day!!! :o)

Unknown said...

Yes you are so right, the Lord does have a great sense of humor and the JOKES ON US! It was like you were taking the words out of my mouth! LOL I am LOL and have to go potty...thank you very much! LOL

Sandi said...

With all you've been through the past few months, I can only imagine sitting in that darn waiting room, next to noisy ole stinky breath probably just put you over the edge. Laughter was definitely better than crying! How funny, though!

Oh, and I'm sure that you gave God a good chuckle, too!

Now, follow doctors orders and quit running around fixing things and rest!

Geoff Maritz said...

Laughing certainly beats crying hands down. Sounds almost like you were stoned ha, ha, ha. Just kidding.
Blessings from another old man, Geoff.