Tuesday, January 24, 2012

" I'm Stuck ! "

I am stuck. I have been playing Angry Birds during my recovery. I played it after my knee surgery as well. Those sleepless nights. There were quite a few of those then.

So here I sit once again playing this game which I think I enjoy. Although at times it can get frustrating. But it helps keep ones mind off of other stuff.

I've also been crocheting a lot this past week. I've made myself a pair of fingerless gloves to wear around the house. My hands and feet are always cold. So I made something for myself, which is rare.

Katie didn't want a pair but when her BF, Natasha saw them, well I had to make another pair. She has this Gray and Black sweater that she likes to wear so I made her a Gray and Black pair.

I think she likes them !

I have been a very good girl during my recovery. Today was the first day that I woke feeling good and not so tired. I went for my follow up visit today also. Things are going well and I have to go back next week.

The doctor said that I could work at church as long as I didn't feel too tired. As for house cleaning, not for a few weeks.

I couldn't decide weather or not to post this photo. And believe it or not, I look way better than I did a few days ago. My whole neck was swollen then and dark purple and red. Pretty colors!

But it's much better now. If I put a scarf around my neck, no one can tell. So there I am folks in all of my beautiful glory!!

The real me. Well at least for now. I'm sure it will look better everyday. 

Now, back to that Angry Birds game....


Tamara said...

Oh Di, my blogging buddy! I'm glad you didn't post pix earlier, but think of all the fashionable scarves you can wear! I wear them all the time, love them, in fact. However, I believe people thing I'm "Maude" (Bea Arthur).

So glad to hear you're coming along.

Love you & Hugz ♥♥♥

Jackie said...

The name "Angry Birds" should be changed...It's not the birds who are angry (when I play.) It's me!! I get so angry at myself for getting so hooked on playing that game!!!
Di...I didn't realize that you would be swollen. I guess I just wasn't thinking. Of course, you would have to be! Surgery on your neck would cause swelling, but it's just not something that I thought about. As you don your scarves and enjoy feeling better, know that I'm thinking about you. I was looking at my address book today...and of course, you are in it. I smiled as I saw "Di" 's name. Continue to take care of yourself, my sweet friend.
P.S. I love the fingerless gloves. Natasha looks like she is happy with them!!
Hugs and love,

Anvilcloud said...

Glad your getting better and also finding things to do while you recuperate. All the best.

Rebecca said...

It's SO good to see you and hear that you're feeling better.

Angry birds? I've never tried it. Just heard a lot about it. It must really be fun.

Barb said...

Glad you posted, Di - I was wondering how you're doing. That neck still looks a bit swollen. Glad the DR is prescribing rest and taking it easy. I hope you're listening. Can't believe you whipped up two pairs of those gloves in such a short time. You're a wonder!

quieten said...

Love the gloves!!!! Even when your not feeling well you're still accomplishing things! Happy to see the swelling going down-but you do look a bit like you are just sooo tired of all the medical business. You are a true wonder-woman, though! I so understand the angry birds addiction-that darn game kept me awake for nights on end!!!
Feel better soon - Huggz to you my friend.<3

Wanda..... said...

I've never seen the after effects of carotid artery surgery. There is no such thing as 'simple surgery' is there, Di...you've had your share recently. It will all be worth it come spring,especially with those new knees!

Eileen said...

My goodness, Di, from top to bottom you've had your share of medical issues!
'So hate the thought of all the pain you've been through, but I'm glad to read that you are healing. 'Can't wait for all this to be a distant memory for you.

'Love the fingerless gloves, and so sweet of you to make a pair for Katie's friend too!

I never did get the hang of Angry Birds, Jayden has been trying to give me tips but I am hopeless! I think I'll stick to Virus Buster.

Thanks, Di, for all your kind comments to me. It means the world. And I feel the same way! A special bond where distance plays no part in kindred spirits.

Love and Prayers,

jake said...

I love you sweetheart

Diana said...

Awww, I love you too! Thank you for taking such good care of me even when I was VERY CRANKY!!!

Sandi said...

Oh my gosh, Di, I'm glad the swelling is down, but oh, my! You poor thing! I know it's hard for you, but take it easy. You want the swelling to do down as soon as possible, and I bet you need to take your time and not do much.

You are a hard worker and so brave! Take care of yourself and follow doctors orders!

Rob-bear said...

You're up. You're mobile. You're getting things done. You're looking good.

What's not to like?

Ginnie said...

PLEASE take it easy. You have been through so much and I'm glad you can share it with us. I pray that it will be all up hill from now on.

Sandi said...

I had to pop back and respond to your comments! Thanks for your ideas. Last night I did take a melatonin, and had a cup of chamomile tea before bed. I only read for about 20 minutes before I dozed off. It was not even 10:00! So, I turned off the light and slept for several hours before the "bathroom call"! It was reassuring to discover that so many other people have the same sleep problems!

Hope your swelling is continuing to go down daily!
Big hugs!

Unknown said...

AHHHH you are beautiful! OUCH! isn't medicine amazing and arn't doctors amazing!? I mean really, who would ever think you could clean out an artery? YOU ARE SO BLESSED! Thank goodness your life was spared! I just love coming to your blog and reading your adventures....except it makes me feel like such a silly ball-baby! I am picking my aches and pains back out of the pile....they are mine I tell you...all mine....and I don't want to trade with anyone! not any more! YOU ARE WOMAN! hugs and speedy recovery!

Talin's Corner said...

Games are so addicting. I always have to play a few games of Spider Solitaire. All my friends play Angry Birds, but I try to stay away from it. I love those fingerless gloves.

Rest, rest, rest, and play a few games in between resting.

The Bookworm said...

awww...you are beautiful!
And I am addicted to Angry Birds myself...lol.

The fingerless gloves are nice, I like that yarn color.