Monday, January 16, 2012

" Pre-op Jitters "

Hi folks, this is somewhat of a test post. I am showing my husband how to post on my blog so that he can let you know how the surgery goes tomorrow.

Was I surprised to see that when you use Google Chrome, posting is completely different so this is an experiment for me as well!

I am feeling a bit anxious today, understandably. I went for my pre-op visit today and I guess that's when the nerves settled in.

But for now I am doing fine and hope to be back visiting all of my friends soon.

Be nice to my husband please. He's never done this before!!

Love To all of you.

Love Di ♥


Gail said...

HI DI - praying for you and the doctors hands that are doing the procedure. I so understand your jitters. breathe.........

And Jake will be great too!

Love to you

Bernie said...

Jake will do just fine, as will you my friend. Big hugs, many prayers and all good thoughts going to you......:-)

Need A Latte Mom said...

Everything will go wonderfully. Praying for wisdom for your surgeon and peace for your family and calm nerves for you.
I will be looking for an update tomorrow!
Blessings to you my friend.

Rebecca said...

We'll take good care of Jake! I can understand being a little nervous....You will be in good hands - human AND Divine. Many prayers are being said for you tonight & tomorrow. Can't wait to hear it has gone well and you are well on your way to improved health.

Lynilu said...

Awww, shoot. OK, since you asked, I'll be nice. sighhhh.


Welcome, dear-husand-who-takes-excellent-care-of-our-dear-friend! Please give her a hug from me.

Eileen said...

GOOD on Jake! He's one of the good ones, Di! And thank you, Jake, for doing this for us! We'll all be anxiously awaiting news.

I use Chrome now too, Di, and it's helped with my blog problems a lot, although I'm still trying to get used to posting and loading pictures and downloading. I'm not good with change.

Thinking about you so much! And wishing all the best!

Sandi said...

What a sweetheart your husband is to be willing to post your blog, especially as we will be wanting to hear about your successful surgery asap!!

I'll be praying for you, for your surgeon and everyone involved. Take care of yourself tonight and breathe deep whenever you start to get jittery!

Love, hugs and prayers to you!

Tamara said...

Lots of hugz and lots of prayers are being sent your direction.

Andrea said...

Storming the heavens in prayer with you! My husband will be having a biopsy tomorrow, too. So much to pray about all around. LOVE YOU!!

Jackie said...

Good on ya, Jake!!!
Di, I know that you will be in the best hands on Tuesday. And, you know that I'll be praying for you.
Much love to you, my friend....

Barb said...

Came by to say Good Luck, Di! That's great for Jake to post. Tell him we love him. Be calm tomorrow - all will go well.

Sharon said...

New page! I know everything will go well and your husband will do fine too!

Rob-bear said...

Glad you survived the pre-op stuff. That could be worse than the real thing. Hope it all goes well.

And we'll have your hubby turned into a veteran blogger before you know it.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Jackie said...

Hi Di. It's Tuesday morning, and I know that today is the day for your surgery. I'm praying...and will continue to do that. Warmest hugs to you, my friend.
Love you,

Rebecca said...

OK, Jake, I'm w-a-i-t-i-n-g! Sure do hope everything went as hoped for....