Thursday, January 19, 2012

" Hi Folks, I'm Home "

I made it home yesterday, gosh I don't even remember what time it was now. I know it was in the afternoon and I know that every noise was really getting on my nerves!

I went up to bed very early and angry. Katie's friends were over as they were all going to church last night, and the noise was just too much for me.

I am very swollen and bruised. Not much pain though but a bit of soreness. I was finally able to get some sleep last night. Didn't get but maybe three hours in the hospital.

The surgeon got the plaque filled section of artery from my neck. So once healed things should be better.

For now I am really tired as she said I would be so I intend on just taking it easy for the rest of the week. I have a follow up appointment for Tuesday next week.

I'm not sure when I'll be back here, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm home and alright just tired and sore.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and well wishes.
Have a great weekend!

Love Di ♥


Rebecca said...

THANK YOU for making the effort to let us know. I hope you will have some peace and quiet today to get the kind of rest you need.

I've VERY thankful you were able to get this procedure done and that it is behind you.

I'm guessing you'll be surprised with how much energy you have once you are past the immediate effects of the surgery.

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, thanks so much for posting, it's SO GOOD to hear from you. Not so good to hear that it will take awhile for recovery, but just take advantage of feeling so tired and listen to your body ~ it's telling you to rest!

And a big thank you to Jake for posting post-op for us. That was really sweet.

I've been thinking about you so much, and I was just at another blog and was so happy to see a post from you pop up on my sidebar when I got back from visiting.

BIG THANK YOU to God! Big thank you to your surgeon! Big thank you to your husband.
BIG LOVE to you!
Love and Prayers,

Need A Latte Mom said...

So happy that everything went well.
Now hunker down in your blanket and watch mindless tv guilt free!
Hugs to you my friend,

Lois Evensen said...

Welcome Home! There is no place like home for getting well. Rest well and we look forward to seeing you here when you feel like it. :)

Wanda..... said...

Take it easy and pamper yourself all winter, Di... you'll then be better than ever, come spring!

Gail said...

HI DI - glad you are home, Rest and take the time you need to heal. Sending prayers and good thoughts
Love Gail

Anvilcloud said...

You are certainly having your generous share of trials and tribulations. I'm pretty sure that you will feel a little better every day though. Hope so.

Jackie said...

Welcome home, Di!! are "da Mama"....and you deserve peace and quiet, especially as you recuperate.
Take care of YOU!!!
Love you much,

Geoff Maritz said...

Welcome home Di, good to hear you are OK. Jake published a very nice post yesterday, just for us, so we could have our minds set at rest, it was very kind of him.
Hang in there girl and just rest in the company of God, he'll sort the kids out for you, he's very near to you right now and will comfort you when things get a bit much, so don't stress, just chill, Geoff.
Sleep well, Geoff.

Barb said...

So good to know you're home. It got to 44 degrees here today after minus wind chills earlier in the week. Soon enough it will be spring, and you can take some walks outside, Di - test driving your new knees and your cleaned artery! In the meantime, REST!

Sharon said...

So glad you are home and taking it easy. Maybe have someone give you some ear-plugs. Wishing you fast healing!


Unknown said...

Dear Di and Dear Jake! I am soooo happy to hear that all went well! I re-read how your surgery was done from a previous post of yours and it is so interesting what they can do now a days! I am so glad that you will be climbing mountains again! New KNEES and unclogged artery what more can a gal ask for! A great hubby to pamper you and awesome family to make you soup! I LOVE that you are going to feel better and HAPPY you are such a trooper and so brave! YOU GO GIRL! love and lots of hugs....linda

Lynilu said...

I'm glad you're just grumpy and not hurting! hee hee hee! Seriously, I happy to hear you're home and not in a lot of pain. It always takes me several days to get back to a decent level of tolerance after having anesthetic. Take it easy and get lots of rest. :)

quieten said...

So glad you are home and all is well. I know you are exhausted - no one ever sleeps in a hospital! Now you can recover in the comfort of your own home...once it gets quiet again :-). Hang in there, girl- this will all be over soon and you'll be back riding the bike, gardening and decorating in no time. Huggz<3

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad you are home and on the road to recovery. Get lots of rest so you'll be ready for spring. It will be here soon. Sending positive thoughts your way...

Bernie said...

Every day you will feel better and stronger I'm sure. I am so glad you are home and it is okay to be grumpy, gosh with all you have been through. I'm sure Katie and Jake will take very good care of you, you so deserve it. Sending big hugs and prayers....:-)

Tamara said...

Welcome home! There is no place like home, as Dorothy said from Oz. Rest is just what you need to complete the healing process, so do that. Your Hubs did wonderful in keeping us updated.

Hugz & prayers!

Eileen said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! 'Hope your weekend finds you recovering quickly from your surgery.

Go visit Wanda's ~ a walk around her Wonderland is always a miracle worker for me!

Love you lots, E

Maria said...

Hi Diana! Oh I'm so glad you are now home, in your own home... surrounded by your own coziness.
I hope you can get the rest you need and that healing will come gently and sweetly.
God bless you, Diana!
I hope you are getting some GOOD PAMPERING!
♥ Maria

Sandi said...

What a relief to read your post tonight . . . I lost a day! So glad the surgery went well, and you are now on the road to complete healing.
Let your family take care of you, and rest easy. Don't push yourself!

Big hugs and love and continued prayers for quick recovery!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Di, so happy you are back home now and all went well. My mom had this same surgery a year or so ago (and she is spunky in her 80's). The blockage was only picked up by accident and her doctor told her the same thing...that she won't ever have to worry about it again! It is truly amazing what the medical field can do for us these days. Give yourself permission to rest and recover...sending love and get well wishes!

The Bookworm said...

Poor Diana, I am sure you were very tired and sore. You are such a trooper.